Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 854

Chapter 854: Persuasion

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How could Yin Yi accept her mother’s words? She retorted, “How am I not great? I’m the legal Second Young Miss of the Yin family. Only the chairman of Mu Group is worthy of me! How can a young brat like Ning Dong be worthy of me? Only Mu Chen is worthy of me! You’re my mother! Not only did you not help me or stand on my side, but you even belittled me! Are you my biological mother? Was I also abandoned by my real mother like my eldest sister?”


Another slap landed on the other side of Yin Yi’s face.

“You’re so clear-headed now? Why didn’t you think of this before climbing into Ning Dong’s bed?”

“I didn’t! I was set up! It must be Ning Dong who set me up! I was sure I entered Mu Chen’s room! I wanted to climb into Mu Chen’s bed, not Ning Dong!” Yin Yi said, clearly not understanding anything.

Guan Ning was so angry that her body trembled, and for a moment, she could not speak as well.

Seeing that her mother was not speaking, Yin Yi cried loudly again. “I don’t care! I won’t marry Ning Dong! I want to marry Mu Chen! I want to marry Mu Chen!”

Guan Ning forced herself to calm down before she said in a raised voice, “Mu Chen has a wife and a son. How are you going to marry him? If he has any feelings for you, perhaps, you can still be his lover. However, he doesn’t even spare a glance for you! Now that you and Ning Dong had done such a thing, and Ning Dong has the evidence in hand, do you still think you can marry Mu Chen? Who do you think you are?”

Yin Yi’s eyes flashed viciously as she said through gritted teeth, “I’m going to kill Song Ning! I’ll make her disappear from this world! Without her, Mu Chen will naturally marry again. At that time, I’ll have a chance! In terms of status, who is more suitable than me? Even if there’s someone suitable, I’ll get rid of her!”

Guan Ning looked at her crazy daughter and could not help but feel slightly terrified. She asked, “Just like what you did to Bai Yu?”

It took a moment for Yin Yi to remember who Bai Yu was. A cruel smile appeared on her face as she said, “That girl? Ha! She won’t be able to compete with me in this life ever again! Isn’t that pretty good?”

Guan Ning tried to calm herself down again as she said, “Yin Yi, if you don’t want people to know something, don’t do it unless you can do it yourself. You better keep your mouth shut about Bai Yu. If even the slightest hint of it gets out, you won’t be able to survive. If you go to prison, I’ll tell you now that your grandfather won’t even visit you. In fact, he’ll definitely remove you from the family register or get rid of you! The Yin family can’t afford this kind of embarrassment. Do you understand?”

Yin Yi finally fell silent. Her attitude seemed to soften as she said, “Mom, what should I do now? I don’t want to marry Ning Dong! I can’t just accept this! I’m unresigned! Mom, let me out. Okay?”

Seeing that Yin Yi seemed to have calmed down, Guan Ning’s attitude softened as well as she said, “Your eldest sister locked Guan Tang up in Yi Garden, but now, Guan Tang has left.”

Yin Yi was shocked. “How’s that possible?”

Yin Yi was quite familiar with her eldest sister’s methods. Guan Tang’s guts were not small since she dared to escape from Yi Garden.

Guan Ning looked at her daughter and said in a lowered voice, enunciating each word clearly, “She asked me to send a message to Ye Cheng, telling him that she’s pregnant with his child.”

Yin Yi scoffed. “How’s that possible? Will Ye Cheng even acknowledge that child is his?”

Guan Ning looked at her daughter and said, “Ye Cheng has acknowledged it.”

Yin Yi looked at her mother in shock and disbelief.

Guang Ning said, “Guan Tang used the chips in her hands to force Ye Cheng to bring her away from Yi Garden and to acknowledge the child in her belly is his. This is her ability. Yin Yi, what about your ability? Guan Tang’s chips are Zhuang Ji’s embroidery manual. However, do you know that Ning Dong’s father’s first wife, Zhuang Yi, was the owner of Zhuang Ji’s embroidery manual? Shouldn’t you use your brain?”

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