Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 888

Chapter 888: Compensation

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Cheng Yi said bluntly, “She’s a member of the Yin family. She has the Yin family’s way of dealing with things. Different people have different paths. I owe her a lot, but I can only repay her with material things. Even if I want to give her love, do you think she wants it?”

Zhuang Ning could not refute Cheng Yi’s words. It was clear that money and power were the important things to Yin Jia.

Cheng Yi sighed softly. “Something happened in the Ye family yesterday. I heard that Ye Xin got into a crazy argument with Ye Cheng and set the house on fire. The house is rather remote. When the firemen arrived, the house had already burned down. The family of four didn’t survive…”

Zhuang Ning stopped in her tracks briefly, but she did not speak.

Cheng Yi did not speak anymore.


In this world, there was retribution. Debts had to be repaid.

Everyone gathered at the hospital.

Jiang Jin was fine, but Sister Yu sprained her ankle.

Song Ning and Jiahui would not let the two old women leave the hospital yet. They wanted the duo to be monitored for another two more days. Hence, everyone came to the hospital to visit them.

Cheng Yi looked at Jiang Jin, who wore a relaxed expression on her face, and sighed softly. “In the end, I still lost to my heart.”

Jiang Jin looked at Cheng Yi and said, “It’s already good enough. If it were another person, they might not have been able to do what you did, and they wouldn’t have been able to do what you did and not care about money at all.”

Cheng Che was still not familiar with his biological grandmother and was quite taciturn.

Fortunately, Cheng Yi was very open-minded and did not take it to heart. She praised Jiahui, her granddaughter-in-law, looking very happy. However, strangely, she seemed to treat Zhuang Ning very differently. She kept reaching out to hold Zhuang Ning’s hand.

Even Jiang Jin found it strange.

At this time, Song Ning tentatively asked the question in her heart, “Grandma Cheng, the embroidery manual you gave Zhuang Ning… I’ve never heard my mother speak about that embroidery manual… Can you tell me about it?”

Cheng Yi looked at Song Ning and the others who were looking at her curiously. She sighed seemingly in relief before she said, “It seems like this matter can no longer be hidden. Let me tell you a story.”

As it turned out, the Zhuang family’s embroidery manual was divided into two. The two books were independent of each other, but when combined, it would be like the icing on the cake.

The Zhuang family had two daughters. The eldest daughter was lively and cheerful while the youngest daughter was quiet and demure. With different personalities, they naturally had different styles when it came to embroidery.

Unexpectedly, when the eldest daughter was of age, she fell in love with a poor boy. The two eloped and only returned to the Zhuang family after giving birth to a daughter.

Mother Zhuang was so angry that she fell ill. However, they were family, after all. After a while, she finally accepted what she thought was an unequal marriage.

Later on, the youngest daughter married the only son of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine.

The eldest daughter could not help but envy her younger sister. Life had worn away her love. Her jealousy grew when she saw her younger sister and brother-in-law’s life. In the end, she ran away with another man.

After the eldest daughter abandoned her husband and ran away with another man, Mother Zhuang did not recover from her illness. In the end, the eldest daughter’s name was removed from the family register.

As for the eldest daughter, she married the other man. With her support, her husband made a name for himself within a few years. Her days were prosperous, and she could finally vent her dissatisfaction and show off in front of her younger sister. Alas, who would have expected that the man would cheat on her with a woman who was inferior to her in every way?

In the end, she ran away from home in a fit of anger with her daughter-in-law to seek refuge with her good friend. She was too prideful and embarrassed to go home. In the end, her daughter-in-law died after giving birth to her grandson. She felt that her sins had implicated her family so she entrusted her grandson to her good friend before she ran away again.

In order to wash away her sins, she returned to the Zhuang family. However, she found out that she had angered her mother to death. Her younger sister and brother-in-law had already become famous due to their respective embroidery and medical skills so she was too ashamed to look for them. In the end, she decided to look for her ex-husband and her daughter.

Her ex-husband was an prideful man. After she left, he took their daughter away. He refused to accept help from the Zhuang family and severed his ties with the Zhuang family.

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