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Chapter 1845: Ceremony or Concert?

Chapter 1845: Ceremony or Concert?

After the end of the Monolith Code, it was time for the ceremony.

As the champion of the Nine Schools Competition, the First High became the center of attention.

As for the other high schools, they could only sigh and become the support characters, even the background characters in this Nine Schools Competition, but it was normal since they weren't the winner.

As for the Third High, who took 2nd place, even though it wasn't a bad position, they couldn't feel happy. After all, they didn't win the championship.

First High won three consecutive championships, and everyone was full of happiness.

As for Haru, his feelings were quite complicated. He should be happy that he had gotten a lot of money, his school had won the championship, and he also had finished his quest, but he also needed to say goodbye for a while.

Haru would return, but it would take a while.

"What's wrong?" Suzune asked in worry since she could see that Haru's expression was a bit strange. She wasn't sure why, but there was this trepidation feeling that she suddenly felt inside her heart. She wasn't sure what this feeling was, but she knew that she wanted to stay on his side at that moment.

All participants of the First High that won the event in the Nine Schools Competition would be called to the stage, of course, that included Haru.

Suzune knew Haru's personality. It was impossible for him to get nervous, so something must have happened, or rather, she felt that something must have happened.

Haru looked at Suzune and knew that sometimes girls had this sixth sense that came out of nowhere. This sixth sense was quite weird, but it was always right on the mark. He smiled and said, "Well, I will probably go back quickly after the party." He patted her shoulder lightly. He was thinking of bringing her back to his world later.

"Then I'll come with you," Suzune said without hesitation.

Haru looked at Suzune for a bit, then nodded. "Well, you can follow me later."

Suzune smiled and somehow felt relief when she heard his words. She leaned on his chest slightly, so she could feel him right nearby.

"Shh!" Mayumi and Mari quickly told Haru and Suzune to shut their mouths since they were a bit loud.

Haru raised his hand and made a sorry gesture.

Mayumi and Mari looked at Suzune, who moved closer to Haru, only raising their eyebrows, but they didn't say much.


Airi, who was standing along with the members of the Third High, glanced at Har and saw him, standing next to Suzune. She wondered what the relationship was between the two, but then she didn't think too much. She thought about tonight's dance party and wondered whether she could dance with him.

'No, it should be him who invites me!'

Airi was a girl, after all, so there was no way for her to take the initiative, and it should be a man's job to do it, right?

Anyway, Airi really anticipated tonight's dance party.

As for the other members of the Third High, even though they were depressed, there was nothing that they could do anyway, and what they could do was to look forward and become better so next year they would be able to win the championship of the Nine Schools Competition.

Masaki, on the other hand, stared at Miyuki and had to admit how lovely she was, but then he noticed her gaze toward someone. He followed that gaze and started to frown when he saw her looking at Haru.

Masaki's feeling toward Haru was complicated, especially when he had lost against him so easily. He knew that he was attacked by sound-based magic that made him sleepy.

'Lullaby, huh?'

Masaki thought about the name of Haru's spell, but then he quickly threw away that thought and remembered something. 'Wait!' He looked at Miyuki, who stared at Haru and somehow felt complex at that moment. 'Does she have feelings for him?' He wasn't sure, but one thing for sure, he remembered that tonight there was a dance party and he was going to invite Miyuki no matter what!


Miyuki didn't know what Masaki was thinking, nor did she care much about it. She looked in Haru's direction, and somehow, she had a feeling that something might happen soon. She didn't know what it was, but she had a feeling that it should have something to do with him.

Miyuki wondered what her aunt thought when her aunt decided to get pregnant with this bastard, but she had to admit that even though he was such a bastard, this guy wasn't bad. In the future, she knew that she might be separated from her brother and she would marry someone, then who would she marry?

The thought of other men other than her brother touching her body caused her to shudder, but when she thought about Haru, she didn't feel that feeling, but it was quite impossible for her to marry Haru, considering his relationship with her aunt.

'Wait, might that be possible?'

Miyuki quickly shook her head and erased the weird thought on her mind since her name was called by the committee to receive her medal as the winner of both Mirage Bat and Ice Pillar Break.

After Miyuki's turn, it was Haru's turn since he had won the Battle Board when it was time for the rookie division of the Monolith Code, Mikihiko and Morisaki also moved forward, but strangely the expression of Mikihiko and Morisaki was quite weird even though both of them received a medal.


"What the hell is that guy thinking?" Erika looked at Mikihiko, who had such a strange expression on the screen with a snort. She then looked at Haru and Miyuki. Somehow, she felt jealous at that moment.

If possible, Erika wanted to have a talent as a Magician like Miyuki, or Honoka, or Shizuku, or rather, she wanted to be at the level where she could represent her school in this competition. She wanted to stand on the stage and not sit on the audience seat.

When Erika thought that way, Tatsuya might also feel the same. Even though his emotion had been stolen, he felt weird when he thought that he wanted to stand alongside everyone on the stage at that moment, but he knew that with his power, it might be a bit impossible.

'But what about engineering?' Tatsuya thought.


After all of that, it was time for the end of the ceremony. Juumonji received the last medal and trophy as the sign that the First High had won the championship of the Nine Schools Competition.

Everyone clapped their hands loudly, feeling happy that they could see this moment, but when they thought the ceremony would end, they were dumbfounded when they heard that there was a concert.


Not only was the audience but all the contestants of the Nine Schools Competitions were dumbfounded since it was the first time for something like this to happen, but when they heard who would perform at this concert, they were full of enthusiasm since they knew that they would be able to see him again!

When everyone had cleared up the stage, suddenly the stage transformed by itself and there was a huge firework that was shot in the sky, even though it was still bright, regardless it was so beautiful, then several figures appeared on the stage, playing the musical instruments together, which caused everyone to scream in excitement.


Haru looked at his temporary band members, who had been caught on the momentum, and when his temporary band members saw his smile, they knew that they needed to have fun at this moment!

It had been a while since Haru sang in public, so he would give the best performance since he was going to go back soon.

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