Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 2109 - In A Better Place

Chapter 2109 - In A Better Place

When Haru returned to the original world, as usual, he introduced Aya Tokoyogi to everyone again and they didn't feel surprised, but at the same time, they were wondering whether Haru's taste had changed, no, it should be that their change had never changed much since as long as they were beautiful girls whether they were older, similar age, any other, he loved all of them. He had never discriminated against them and loved them all.

But of course, even though Haru might have eaten all of them, he would say no to a loli or a married woman or someone who had a partner. He had never been the type of person who would steal someone else's lover or woman.

As for the heroines of the protagonists that Haru had seen during his mission, he didn't think that he had stolen the heroines, after all, the relationship between the protagonist and the heroines had always been ambiguous. The relationship between the protagonist and the heroines wasn't a lover, so there was no need to hesitate, right?

Haru knew that the fate of the heroines on the harem protagonist was quite cruel, especially when the protagonist was indecisive, single-minded, and a chicken. In the story, everyone was happy together, but as the story progressed those protagonists were given a chance whether they would choose one girl or get all the girls. If they chose one girl, then the rest would be unhappy, and they might not marry in their entire lives. If they chose a lot of girls, it wouldn't be hard since the hearts of all the heroines had been taken by the protagonist, but the problem was that the protagonist usually had a low-esteem so even if they realized their feelings, they might not dare to take a step forward since they were afraid to hurt the girls.

Haru felt that this problem had become an endless paradox, so it was better for him to take care of those heroines since he believed that he could make all of them happy with his power.

Still, Haru also had to admit that leaving them for a period of time might not be a good thing since if they had trouble, he couldn't help them. He had thought of several solutions to this problem and the first solution was to improve the ability of his Group Chat to change the time ratio when he transferred to another world.

It was possible to stop the time when Haru was on the quest, so should it be possible to improve the ability of his Group Chat so he could stop the time when he went to another world, right?

Haru thought that whenever he stayed in one world, he should stop the time in the various worlds so they wouldn't think that he would leave them. It was a great method, but at the same time, there was a big problem with this method.

The problem was that it would mess up the time, especially when it would also cause the world where everyone stayed would also stop.

If he was the only one who owned this Group Chat, then it would be alright, but he had a lot of friends and there were also a lot of members of the Group Chat. Even though he might be the leader now, it didn't mean that he was the one who owned this Group Chat.

'Still, I wonder who has made this Group Chat?'

Haru was curious, but he knew that it might take time to know all of that, considering, there was no trace of the creator of this all-mighty Group Chat. He was wondering if the owner of this Group Chat was someone the main character from the author's previous novel, but enough of that since he was thinking about explaining the second method.

Unlike the first method which would trouble his interpersonal relationship with everyone on the Group Chat.

The second method was safer, and it might be better since there was no need to stop the time in the other world other than the world where he stayed would be stopped. Instead, the world could pass normally without any trouble, but it was difficult.

The second method that he mentioned was to use the power of "Kiss" to make his double so he could stay in another world at the same time. This method was good, it was like a "Kage Bunshin" in the world of Naruto, but instead of copying, it was like his doppelganger and he was the one who controlled this double unlike "Kage Bunshin" whose personalities were random.

His "Kiss" had been enhanced and this power had become stronger. Before he couldn't make a double for himself, but now, he could do it. However, there was a huge hurdle if he wanted to use this power.

The first hurdle was that it took a lot of his energy.

After all, Haru made a double, not a "Bunshin". If it was Bunshin, he could create them to fill the entire world, but if it was double, depending on how much power that he wanted to give his double, he might only be able to create two or three.

Also, there was a second hurdle and that was a distance.

Haru knew that he would place his double in another world.

The distance between his world and the other world wasn't something that could be described as a mere far away. It was so far that it was almost impossible to reach two worlds by his speed alone. Even if he could put his double in another world, the connection might be broken since the distance between the two worlds was so far and even if his double didn't disappear, he was afraid that his double might have a personality of his own.

Haru didn't want his own double to have a personality of his own and everything needed to be controlled by his own since no one really knew what kind of random quirks that his double might have if his double had a personality.

Still, even though the second method was troublesome, he had found a method to solve this problem, but it might take a while to do it.

So before that, Haru was going to take Aya for a walk around his world, and at the same time, he was going to help Erina on her preparation for the Moon Banquet Festival was about to start. While he was thinking about what kind of dish Erina wanted to create, he suddenly heard a familiar scream that made him smile.

"Haru! Help me taste a dish!"

Leaping from a great distance, Alice was caught by Haru and rubbed her face on his chest directly.

Looking at this cute and annoying girl, Haru somehow had an urge to throw her away.. Not to the throw her to the ground, but threw her to the bed so she could use her scream in a better place.

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