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Chapter 2204: Kuroneko's World

Chapter 2204: Kuroneko's World

Many years had passed in the world of Kuroneko.

Kuroneko had always been wary of her love story, especially in her world, since she was rejected and became the loser who was thrown out by the main protagonist in her world. However, there was no need to worry since even though she might be acquainted with the main protagonist in her world, considering she was the friend of the little sister of the main protagonist, she didn't fall for that guy.

Kuroneko's relationship with Kyousuke Kousaka was simply average.

They were neither close nor far.

It might seem weird, but it wasn't totally weird since there was an existence of one person that disturbed the entire harem of Kyousuke Kousaka.

Kyousuke Kousaka couldn't get the hearts of most of the heroines simply because most of them had fallen for another person.


"Haru-nii, how many times are you going to make Ruri-nee pregnant?" Hinata Gokou looked at her brother-in-law, who was playing with his first and second children in the living room. Still, no matter how many times she saw it, she felt that Haru was really a good father, considering how skillfully he was in taking care of his children.

Neither of his children cried, and they simply slept in his arms.

"You asked me that?" Haru looked at his little sister-in-law helplessly and said, "Why don't you ask your older sister?"

"Eh? Was it Ruri-nee who wanted so many children?" Hinata was dumbfounded.

"What were you talking about me?" Kuroneko, whose real name was Ruri Gokou, walked toward her husband and her little sister curiously. After her marriage to Haru, she changed her family name and became Kasugano Ruri.

It might be surprising since Kuroneko decided to marry Haru, who was known as a scumbag, as her husband, but personally, she didn't date him and even loved him, especially when she often drew a BL manga with his character in the book.

If Kuroneko didn't watch him so much, there was no way for her to be able to produce such a perfect copy of her book.

Kuroneko also knew that Haru was a good father and also a beast husband, especially at night, so she often subconsciously asked him to let it out inside her, asking him for a child again, even though her first and second son was in his second and first years.

In other words, their speed of making children was so much since they made one every year.

Kuroneko's parents loved their grandparents, considering they were all male, but her little sisters had mixed feelings.

"If it's children, then you don't need to worry. This is going to be our last child," Kuroneko said with a smile as she caressed her stomach. She was pregnant again, and this time, they were going to have a daughter.

"I see..." Hinata nodded and looked at the two of them thoughtfully.

While staying in this world, as expected, Haru couldn't control his lower body, and he also reached his hands on the other heroines that should fall for the main protagonist in this world.

Not only Kuroneko but Haru also got his hands on Saori Makishima, Setsuna Fate Iori, Ayase Aragaki, Kirino Kousaka, and many other heroines, especially when there were many other heroines from the story of Eromanga in this world.

Haru was greedy for their bodies, so he just ate them all.

Still, there was no way for him to talk about this matter in front of his sister-in-law. He suddenly felt his second son, and it seemed, wanted to pee. "This little guy needs to pee. I'll help him first." He gave his first son to Kuroneko before he went to the toilet.

Kuroneko held her son subconsciously and then patted this little guy. She looked at this little guy and wondered whether this guy would become a harem protagonist in the future. She then looked at her little sister and said, "No."

"...I didn't say anything." Hinata was speechless.

"I can tell what you want to do, but it feels awkward if I let my little sister become his woman too." It was a different matter than the other women, but if it was his little sister, then it was a different matter. After her little sister, then Haru might get his other little sister, and probably her mother too?

How could Kuroneko allow that?

Still, Kuroneko also understood how the feelings of her little sister were, considering there were no better men than her husband in this world, and whenever they saw the other man aside from Haru, they would feel that man was dull. However, it was an enviable matter since her husband was the most handsome man in the universe.

As for his skill in that area, there was no need to say it, right?

Not only Kuroneko but the other women in other worlds were also crazy about him.

Kuroneko knew that Haru might not be loyal to one woman, but she felt that was okay since that way, it gave him a sense of imperfections. Still, she also heard that he was quite the perfect husband in another world, especially when he only had one wife in that world, but she didn't overthink since she was satisfied with her life.

If there was something that Kuroneko felt unsatisfied with, then probably because she wasn't strong enough, but it didn't really matter anymore since her husband was strong.

While Kuroneko and Hinata talked to each other, Haru returned with his second child before they heard the sound of a bell.

Haru and Kuroneko came to the house, but Hinata didn't know.

"I'll go and open the door," Hinata said and left.

Haru sat next to his wife and said, "It feels weird when you talk about whether your little sister will be mine or not."

Kuroneko squinted her eyes and grabbed her husband's phallus. "Should I use the Sticky Finger to part your phallus with your body? I'll keep that phallus with me for a week."

".........." Haru's lips twitched, and he thought that his wife was merciless.

While they talked about Hinata, the girl that they were talking about returning, and her expression was quite complicated when she left, several women came to his house, and similarly to Kuroneko, each of them had a life on their stomach.

'Good grief...'

Haru thought that he was really a scumbag, but while his life in this world was satisfying, there was one thing that he needed to do in his original world.

'It's time.'

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