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Chapter 24 House

Chapter 24: House

It has been two days since the incident in the bathroom.

Neither of them said anything regarding the matter and decided to keep it secret. Both of their relationsh.i.p.s didn't change and they were still normal friends.

Haru wasn't sure but he felt that she kept glancing at his pants but when he checked it he saw her looking at her phone. He thought maybe it was an illusion or he was just thinking too much about that incident.

Kato was still unable to forget that incident two days ago. She had come to study together with Sora. She didn't show any change and she didn't even feel nervous anymore but right now she was curious about something. She still remembers the beast hiding inside his pants. She wanted to see it again but she knew that it was very hard to do that.

Haru still hadn't gone to Yuri Nakamura since he was waiting for his aunt to help him to buy a house. Both of them had made a promise to meet each other in the coffee shop and went to the property agency to meet the middle-aged-man together. He wanted to buy the house first before he visited her.

Haru was in the coffee shop while drinking americano. He could see a lot of cute girls who kept glancing at him. He wanted to go there and greeted them but he knew that he couldn't do it since his aunt was just too violent. He looked out the window and saw a red Mazda RX-5 parked in front of the coffee shop. He saw a beautiful woman in a suit coming out of the car.

The woman entered the coffee shop and looked around until she found him drinking a coffee leisurely there.

"Oi, Haru," the woman waved her hand.

"Aunt," Haru nodded.

The woman suddenly had a tick mark and went toward him. She hit his head and said, "Don't call me an aunt! Call me Shizuka-Nee!"

Haru felt that her punch was quite hurt. He shook his head and said, "Alright, Shizuka-Nee, do you want to order something? I will treat you."

"Sure, get me some espresso," Shizuka nodded.

Shizuka Hiratsuka is his father's little sister. She is a high school teacher in Chiba. She is a fairly tall and busty woman with long, black hair that reaches her shins, sticks out at her neck and falls over her shoulders and purple eyes.

Haru ordered an espresso and some sandwiches for both of them.

Both of them talked to each other.

"Do you have something to do here?" Haru asked.

Shizuka nodded, "Yeah, I will change my job."

"Hmm, isn't your high school in Chiba quite good?" Haru asked.

Shizuka nodded and said, "Yeah, but you don't need to know that much, anyway, let's talk about your matter, you want to buy a house right?"

Haru nodded, "Yeah, help me to become my guarantor."

"Why do you want to buy a house? Do you want to move?" Shizuka asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "I want to open a cafe."

"Cafe? Are you sure?" Shizuka asked.

"Yes, I have a friend that teaches me about management and cooking," Haru answered.

Shizuka nodded, "Well, I won't stop you from opening a cafe or something." She looked at him and asked, "How is Sora?"

"She is good, she is in the apartment now, probably studying," Haru answered.

Shizuka looked at him for a bit and asked, "You don't touch her right?"

"What?" Haru had a dumbfounded expression.

"You didn't cross the line right?" Shizuka asked.

"What do you mean?" Haru tried to hold his twitching lips. He thought this woman was a bit crazy since she had been single for a long time.

"It seems, you're not," Shizuka sighed in relief.

"Of course not! What do you think of me?" Haru felt insulted.

"Hey, don't be angry, let's go to the property agency," Shizuka said.

Haru snorted at this woman, "Have you found a husband?"

Shizuka suddenly became gloomy when she heard this question, "Shut up! Don't mention this kind of thing!"

Haru felt quite happy when he saw her expression, "Anyway, you're beautiful, if you fix your personality, I'm sure a lot of men will be interested in you."

"Really?" Shizuka asked.

Haru nodded, "Of course, you're my older sister, there is no way that you're not beautiful."

Shizuka smiled, "You really know how to make me happy."

"If you can meet someone how about marrying me?" Haru joked.

Shizuka snorted, "Hmph, you're still young."

Haru smiled, "Then please wait, I can grow older from now on."

Shizuka smiled and flicked his forehead, "Don't joke around, let's go."

"Sure," Haru nodded.

Both of them went out of the coffee shop and entered her car.

Everyone in the coffee shop thought that he was a toy boy or hosts and the older woman earlier was his client.

"I wonder where his shop is?"

Haru and Shizuka would puke their blood when they heard their conversation.

Haru and Shizuka had arrived at the property agency and bought the house there. He didn't really want to have this house as soon as possible since he had exorcized the ghost inside that house.

Shizuka was a bit taken aback when she saw the price of this house. She thought it was a scam but she heard that this house was haunted. She looked at her nephew with a weird expression.

"It is okay," Haru waved his hand and didn't really care about a haunted house.

They had cleared the procedure and the house had become his own.

Haru could start to go to the older sister of those ghosts to make them have no regrets in this world.

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