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Chapter 30 Debut 1

Chapter 30: Debut 1

Today is the day of Utaha's debut novel.

Haru had promised to become her bodyguard during her sign book event. He decided to wear a black suit and black sunglasses.

"Where are you going?" Sora asked curiously.

"Work," Haru answered.

"Working? What kind of job?" Sora asked.

"Bodyguard," Haru answered.

"Bodyguard??? For whom???' Sora didn't expect him to become a bodyguard. She knew that he was quite good at fighting and had a strong body but for him to become bodyguard suddenly, "Do we need that much money?"

Haru shook his head, "No, I have quite a lot of money, you don't worry that much about money." His novel was quite good and he had received quite a sum of money in his bank account. He wasn't going to worry about the money for their education until college. He thought he should become a doctor in the future since it was a good profession.

Sora nodded and asked, "You still haven't answered me, who will you be working for?"

"Utaha," Haru answered again.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"This is her first debut as a novelist, she will hold a book sign event today and ask me to become his bodyguard to guard her through the event," Haru said. He had also done it in the past when he was only a newcomer. Though he didn't really like it since it was very tiring to sign a book while talking to his fans.

Sora felt a bit complicated but she decided to let him go. She had known Utaha for quite a long time since she was his brother's classmate in the past. She had also heard how hard the book signing event was from him. She also knew that Utaha was quite beautiful and was worried too that there would do something to her.

"Alright, you need to call me when you come back late," Sora asked. She was quite lonely when he left her. She decided to call Kato to play in the apartment after this.

Haru nodded, "I will." He walked toward the door and said, "I will bring you a cake later."

Sora nodded, "Be safe."

Haru nodded and went to the station. He was only a minor and he wasn't 17 years old yet. He wanted to buy a car or motorcycle to make it easier for him to go anywhere.

In the past few days, he had done quite a lot of things. He had asked the renovation company to renovate his house.

According to them, his house will be completed in two months. Even though the shape of the house was quite good, he wanted to totally renovate it. He knew that it was quite a long time but he also asked them to make the first floor become a cafe. He was glad that this company had a lot of experience renovating a restaurant in the past.

He had also trained at Flat Magic and thought it wasn't that successful. He knew to use magic he needed an affinity with that magic that he wanted to learn. He could use Flat Magic but he needed a long time to learn it. He knew this magic was quite strange and he still couldn't control his body when he became as thin as a paper.

Even though he knew that he still trained Flat Magic since he knew the possibility of this magic. He knew this magic could help him to escape from a small space and made something more convenient. He could fold something hard and saved it in the small space. He was also still trained to do partial flatness on his fingers.

Flat Magic could change his fingers into a sharp weapon that wouldn't lose to a sword or anything sharp in the world. Though he still needed to learn more before he could use it.

His light magic made a lot of progress and he became a very proficient healer on the battlefield. He didn't focus on the attack magic since he couldn't train it on his home. He also couldn't train this magic in the neighborhood since it would cause a lot of trouble.

But that didn't mean that he didn't have the magic that was used for an attack. He has made them but he can't demonstrate it right now.

He also focused on his swordsmanship and believed that he wouldn't lose to any high school student in terms of swordsmanship.

What he lacked was the battle experience, he wasn't sure where he could get that kind of things since this world was very peaceful. He didn't mean peace was bad and it was very good. But he was kind of bored and wanted to go to another world.

The only thing that cured him of his boredom was probably his meeting with Akane, or chatting with Yuri or Utaha. Sometimes it was Kato since both of them played video games.


Haru opened his phone and saw a message from her.

'Don't be late.'

Haru replied, "Don't worry, I'm on my way." He had learned that her book sign event would be held on the 3rd floor of quite a famous bookstore in the city. His mood was quite good since he would meet her soon. He entered the bookstore and saw his identity to process to the 3rd floor.

"Machida-San," Haru called.

"Haru," Machida smiled.

"Where is she?" Haru asked.

"She is in the changing room, you should talk to her, she is a bit nervous," Machida said.

"Nervous? Really?" Haru was a bit surprised to hear that girl was nervous.

Machida smiled, "She is very cute, you should try to make her your girlfriend."

Haru decided to ignore it, "I will visit her."

Machida shook her head and continued to prepare for the book sign event.

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