Sis-Con With Dimensional Chat Group

Chapter 9 Flirt

Haruka wanted to know the name of this maid since she was really cute but she decided not to do it since he could feel her gaze was piercing on him. He knew who this maid was since he had seen this girl in the anime that he had seen in the past.

"My name is Minalinsky, can I take your order?" Minalinsky asked.

"Minalinsky?" Utaha looked at her.

"Do you know her?" Haruka asked.

"I have heard that she is a legendary maid or something," Utaha said.

"N - no, I'm not that legendary maid!!" Minalinsky said while waving her hands around. She was very embarrassed when someone called her a legendary maid. She was working in this place to get better with her communication skills only suddenly she had become a legendary maid without she noticed it.

"Do you have any recommendations in this place?" Haruka didn't really care about the legendary maid or anything. He was hungry since his metabolism was faster than normal people. He thought it was normal since there were a lot of people in the world that could eat so much food without getting fat.

"I recommend our Omurice," Minalinsky said with a smile.

Haruka nodded, "I will order that and a cup of coffee."

"I'm going to have a cake with a cup of coffee," Utaha said.

She nodded at both of them, "I will prepare your order right away, please wait for a while." She bowed and went to the kitchen to tell the staff about their order. She looked back at both a girl and a boy. She felt quite envious since she didn't have a chance to communicate with a boy in her school since her school was only for girls.

Utaha also looked at the maid and looked at him again, "How was the maid earlier?"

"Cute?" Haruka answered unsurely.

"Really?" Utaha looked at him while crossing her arms.

"But you're cuter," Haruka said with a defeated manner.

Utaha nodded at him and felt quite satisfied with his answer, "Good."

"How come you suddenly write a novel?" Haruka asked.

"Hmm, I have been interested in a while and I think I have the talent to be one," Utaha said with confidence.

"Yeah, I think your writing is good," Haruka said.

Utaha raised her eyebrow and said, "You haven't read it, how can you be so sure?"

"I don't know but I have gotten the feeling that your novel must be good," Haruka said. He knew she would become a very popular light novel author that had sold 500,000 books since he had seen her in the anime before he reincarnated.

He didn't only see characters from the Yosuga no Sora but he also someone from other anime as well. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry in this situation but he was happy that he met such a beautiful girl.

They were talking to each other until their order had come.

"Thank's for waiting! This is your order!" She brought their order and placed it in front of them. She took a bottle of ketchup and said, "Do you want me to write something on your Omurice?"

Before he said what he wanted on his food, Utaha answered it for her.

"Can I be the one who writes it on his food?" Utaha asked the maid.

"Ah, of course, please," she said and gave her a bottle of ketchup.

Haruka was quite curious what kind of thing that she would write for him. He waited for a while and twitched his lips.

"Please, eat it, dear," Utaha said with a smile.

"You know, even if you call me with that kind of sweet voice but you wrote something terrible about my food," Haruka looked at his food with 'BASTARD' words written there.

Utaha smiled, "Really? You should eat it first, I think it tastes better when it is hot."

"I will burn my tongue!!" Haruka shook his head at this girl.

Minalinsky felt that she had eaten dog food when she saw them flirting with each other in front of her. She was also being ignored again and she got teary eyes looking at them.

"H - hey, don't cry, here is your ketchup," Utaha said nervously. She didn't expect this maid to cry.

"N - no, it is my fault, you guys continue to flirt with each other," she bowed her head and left them.

Utaha still looked in shock until she heard his voice.

"Aaah, you make her cry," Haruka took a spoon of Omurice and wanted to eat it only his hand was stopped by her. He saw her eat his food suddenly.

"It was delicious," the Utaha looked quite surprised.

Haruka thought the guy who would have her as his girlfriend would have too much trouble. He shook his head and continued to eat until he saw her looked very red.

"What's wrong?" Haruka asked.

"Nothing, bastard," Utaha blushed and looked away. She thought this guy was dumb or deliberately teasing him since both of them had just done an indirect kiss.

"True, it is delicious," Haruka thought. He was wondering whether he could get the recipe since he wanted to make it in his home.

'This guy doesn't notice it?' Utaha felt that she was nervous for nothing looking at him eating food without care.

"What is it? Do you want more?" Haruka asked her.

Utaha blushed again. She really felt it that this guy was trying deliberately teasing him. She snorted and showed him who was the boss, "Aaaah."

Haruka moved the spoon toward her slowly.

Utaha became nervous suddenly when she saw him wanting to feed her. She closed her eyes and ate the food that he had fed her. She chewed it slowly on her mouth.

"How is it?" Haruka asked.

"It is good, can I ask more?" Utaha asked.

"You should buy it yourself, you know," Haruka sighed.

"No, I want it from you," Utaha said.

"What a selfish girl, open your mouth," Haruka said.


Everyone in the store looked at them and felt damaged because of their actions, "Please, can you flirt in the outside??????'

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