Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

012 – Roxanne


I’ve finished everything I needed to do in Vale.

Now I feel free.

I also feel a bit lost now that I have nothing to do.

It’s good having something to do, though doing nothing for a while probably isn’t bad.

I have left the merchant, and now I don’t know anyone.

When I think of that I suddenly feel lonely.

Nobody knows me in this world.

I am alone.

I’m worried.

I feel uneasy about it.

Wait, was there one person?

A slave trader. He is probably waiting.

Though I don’t especially want him to wait.

I should do some information gathering.

That is necessary before entering a labyrinth.

I have leather armor, and leather shoes. I hide in the shade of a nearby building.

I put the leather armor over the top of my cloths, and place the leather shoes into my rucksack.

The copper sword and scimitar are both hanging at my waist. I feel like a samurai.

I check to make sure nobody can see me, and then open the bag with my reward money.

There are 16 gold coins, and a large number of silver coins.

Is this 160,000 nars?

Also, I have too many silver coins.

I find the currency in this world inconvenient, going up every 100 coins when I’m used to having 5 & 10 yen coins.

The reward the village chief gave me was 15 gold coins.

I don’t understand the value, but is it a similar amount to the bounty?

I now have 33 gold coins, a lot of silver, and a lot of copper.

I put just the gold coins back into the drawstring bag.

I close the rucksack, and hang it over my shoulder.

I head back out onto the road.

There are a lot of people bustling about.

I even see races that are not human.

There is a beast man, I child with a tail, and a woman with pointed ears.

Oh, she’s an elf.

I look around secretly while pretending to examine a product because I didn’t want to stare too much.

Jerika Hatoma: 37 year old female swordsman Lv46

Checking status shows ♂ & ♀ for men & women. (TN: I’m just going to type male/female).

She has an extremely beautiful face, and her chest is beautiful too. Even though her age is 37 she still looks to be in her 20’s.

The merchant who owns the shop I’m at comes out.

I run away before I’m caught.

There are a lot of humans, but other races are becoming familiar and seem to fit in well.

As expected of another world.

I walked around looking at things in the city.

I want to check out market prices, but they don’t put price tags on things.

I tried listening to conversations between the merchants and customers, but I could not understand the language.

The fruit that looked like a carrot is being sold, but I don’t understand the price.

I make my way through the city to the slave dealers place.


“Oh, the guy from earlier.”

The young man who appears to be an apprentice comes out.

“I’d like to meet with Alan.”

“Ok, could you wait inside for a minute?”

I enter the building, and am guided to a room near the entrance.

The reception is different from last time.

Maybe service differs in the case of sales?

A carpet is spread in the room, an expensive looking picture is on the wall. There is no couch, but instead there is a high quality looking chair & table.

It feels like a waiting room for a good customer.

“Michio, thanks for waiting.”

The slave dealer came straight away.

I hadn’t even sat down yet.


“Please come with me.”

The slave dealer guides me.

He leads me to the same room as last time.

“Where is the labyrinth you were telling me about?”

Before getting to business with the slave dealer, I chat about something I wanted to know.

“Just in the forest to the west of town.”

“The west should be the opposite side to where I came from.”

Since I came to town with the sun behind me, I should have entered Vale from the east.

I sit on the couch, and an employee brings a drink to the slave dealer and me.

Is it an employee? Or maybe a maid?

Roxanne: 16 year old female. Beast soldier Lv6

slave harem 1a

She is wearing a white apron over a dark blue dress.

It’s maid cloths. There seems to be maids in this world.

The face,

She’s beautiful.

She’s a stunningly beautiful woman.

Even idols are not this beautiful.

This is great, the beauty of women in this world is above earth.

Enchanting reddish brown eyes, magnificent lips, thick chestnut brown hair. She is wearing a triangular white hat.

“Here you are.”

The beauty puts a cup in front of me.

Her chest bounces as she places it.

Too amazing.

“Thank you.”

I answer plainly.

There seems to be a lot of comfortable loose fitting cloths in this world. The size of a woman’s chest isn’t easy to figure out.

The apron and maid cloths here are loose also.

However, it bounces.

It definitely bounces.

My eyes watched the jiggle of the breasts.

The volume must be considerable with this much bouncing.

“The entrance to it was only found two days ago, so it will still be a while before it’s cleared.”


I’m not listening to the slave dealer.

It’s because of the breasts on the beautiful woman.

Her height is similar to mine, maybe a little over 160cm?

The cloths don’t expose much, but judging by the face & hands she doesn’t have any extra weight.

But, that bouncing…

Roxanne is a race that is not human.

I can’t see her ears because of her hat & hair.

Roxanne puts a cup in front of the slave dealer.

“Please drink.”

“Thank you.”

I look to the cup now.

At the slave traders suggestion, I pick up the cup.

I think it’s something like a herbal tea.

I put it slowly to my mouth.

Roxanne bows and leaves the room.

“You seem to like it.”


I nearly spit back into the cup.

“It’s a great thing.”

“…Um, the drink is good.”

“I mean the girl.”

Oh, is that it?


“It’s the slave I recommend the most.”


This is how it is.

The slave dealer won’t use a regular employee with a customer in a business meeting.

So that’s how it is?

Roxanne is a slave?

“…So, it’s fine for an adventurer to buy a slave?”

The conversation was a trick.

I can buy Roxanne.

Such a beautiful woman.

“Yes, where should I explain it from? Maybe you are interested in starting a party Michio?”

“Ah, yes.”

I hadn’t thought about it, but I answer naturally.

Can this beautiful woman be bought?

The blood is rushing to my head.

Is my face red now?

Oh no. Calm down.

Even though it’s a slave, it’s not free.

“If you start a party, you can hunt more efficiently. Though some people solo, or work in a group, it’s best to make a group of six people.”

“Is that so?”

So a party consists of six people.

Though if we are together for 24 hours.

It would be better to share a bed.

Sleeping with Roxanne….

“However, there is a problem with six people. You can make a fortune in a Labyrinth. What happens with dividing it? If a white gold coin drops. Or if a demon drops a valuable item?”

Is there a white gold coin as well as a gold coin?

If such a thing appeared, naturally I would buy Roxanne.

Though if there is a valuable item, a guy who wants it always appears.

“Then we have problems?”

“If it’s valuable, criminals will also appear.”


I can buy that beautiful Roxanne.

This is bad.

My head is full of it.

She is such a beautiful woman.

I haven’t seen anyone so beautiful before.

If I buy her, then she will be mine. My heart is going crazy.

“Needless to say, party members should be people you trust greatly. Though in your case, if there is a great difference in ability then some problems can be prevented. However in many cases problems will still occur in a party.”

I try to push thoughts of Roxanne to the corner of my head.

Even if trouble happens in parties in a game, it doesn’t become a serious matter.

Byt that’s a game character. It’s possible that the system will handle things in a net game between human players.

But what about reality?

Party members are other people after all. You have to meet them, and go into a Labyrinth together. And what happens if you throw valuable loot in after that.

“Someone might stab you in the back in the Labyrinth?”

“It’s possible.”

So that’s how it is.

Should I buy Roxanne?

“I see.”

“But if the party members are slaves, then all the items belong to the master.”

If it’s a slave, there isn’t problems.

The slave is mine. Mine is mine.

I want to make Roxanne mine.

“What is a slave stabs you in the back?”

“That doesn’t happen. If the owner dies, the slave follows the owner to the grave.”

“They… They die?”

If Roxanne is bought by someone and they die, Roxanne dies?

“Well, you can make a will for your slaves too and select someone to inherit them, and some people choose to set them free if they have worked well.”

“I see.”

If I die, I would free Roxanne.

“But there isn’t any time to prepare a will if you get killed in a Labyrinth, so you shouldn’t need to worry about being attacked by a slave.”

“If they can’t kill you, can they just run away?”

“They could, but their chances of having a better life after running away are quite slim. Since they are slaves, their masters are obligated to provide food and a place to sleep, so their lives are well taken care of.

I want to provide food and a place to sleep to Roxanne.

Especially a place to sleep.


My mind is wandering again.

“What about if they run away with a valuable treasure?”

“The fugitive slave becomes a thief. It’s a crime to kill a slave, but it is not to kill a thief. They would have to prepare considerably well to avoid at least getting a beating.”

And this guy will kindly buy your thief.

So thief is lower ranked than slave.

They are below Roxanne.

“So the possibility of running away is small?”

“Yes, so a lot of adventurers like to buy slaves.

“I understand.”

If a party doesn’t have similar interests, it can become a problem.

I’m just one person from earth. I don’t know the common sense of this world, so it might be difficult to find companions.

Will my life become just me shut in alone in a dungeon.

I’ll be a solo player forever if I don’t buy Roxanne.

No, I guess it doesn’t need to be Roxanne.

But it should be a beautiful woman.

“She is a beast soldier, and you will find her useful as a party member straight away.”

The slave dealer recommends Roxanne.

“Beast soldier….”

“You don’t know? She is a wolf person, and beast soldier is a job only those from the wolf family can take.”


Judgement just shows Roxanne as female.

“You’ve never bought a slave?”


“She is a beautiful woman, and one of the best I’m selling at the moment. She’s quite smart, and should make an ideal slave for a first time customer. Also, being a beast soldier from the wolf people is the main reason I can recommend her to you.”

The slave dealer is pushing for a sale.

There must be some downsides.

I should try not to get carried along by the business talk.

No. Roxanne is amazing.

Her arrow has already struck my heart.

“Why are the wolf people recommended?”

“Have you heard that elves have long lives?”


It’s a common story.

So it’s the same in this world?

“It’s just a myth.”


“Elves, humans, and beast people all have similar life spans, and intellect, but the reason people think the elves have long lives is because all of them look youthful.”

“I see.”

The elf woman I saw in town looked to be in her 20’s, yet judgement told me she was 37.

Roxanne is a beautiful woman, but the elf was beautiful too.

But Roxanne has a bigger chest.

“For a person of another race, it is harder to distinguish aging. For example, if you see a two year old dog, and an eight year old dog, you won’t see much difference.”


“At 60-70, beast people age so that even humans can notice, but they still look quite youthful into their 50’s. A girl from the wolf people would look young almost forever.”


So Roxanne will always look young?

Roxanne is a year younger than me.

Will a 51 year old me look young to a 50 year old Roxanne?

“There is another thing about other races that you may think is an advantage.”


“You can’t have a child with females from another race.”


Does that mean I can do whatever I want?

Is there a Kondo Musashi in this world? (TN: Dojinshi writer, I saw yaoi & stopped looking, but I assume he has beast people dojinshi as well by context.)

So Roxanne… would not get pregnant?

“Needless to say, she is a virgin.”

Is that so?


“Is a virgin’s price different?”

“There is no worry about illness if she is a virgin. There is a brothel in this town, but I don’t recommend going there.”

So I shouldn’t consider it.

Is there STD’s in this world?

I guess there is no antibiotics.

I must keep investigating.

“I see.”

“Also, she is a slave that consented to becoming a sex slave.”


Roxanne as a sex slave…

“She has agreed to attending to her owners nightly needs.”


So it’s like that.

My imagination runs off with images of Roxanne.

I don’t need to endure it.

“Though all young female slaves are like that.”

“I see.”

Even in this world, if you buy a young female slave the purpose is the same.

Buying a slave for sex.

“I’m not sure how it will go for a person like you though.”


“Putting your hands on a slave can have an effect on your mind.”

If I have sex with Roxanne, even if there is no resistance, she is a slave.

It would be like doing it by force with money.

“I see.”

“A young person getting a slave for the first time is always like that. And some slaves might try to take advantage of them, like act suggestively and then not permit you to touch their bodies. But a female who has consented to be a sex slave from the beginning isn’t like that.”


“Last of all, she can speak the Brahim language.”


I think all my questions have been answered.

I saw the bouncing and jiggling.

It was great. I’d really like to see it again.

“These are all the reasons why I recommend her to you.”

The business talk with the slave dealer ends.

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