Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

029 – Double

Chapter 29 – Double

“Well then, I look forward to serving you next time.”

I was seen off by the slave trader and left the trade company with Roxanne.

Roxanne is holding a big case with both hands.

That looks like all her belongings.

I glance at Roxanne frequently.

I should be able to look at her more confidently, but I’m strangely embarrassed.

Roxanne looks even more beautiful when seen under the sunlight.

Her white skin seems to shine.

The tunic is pretty loose, but, as expected, her chest is huge.

That’s a considerable bulge.

Yes, I’m looking forward to it.

While thinking about it, can’t I look at them brazenly?

“Is that not heavy?”

I point at the case and ask.

It feels uncomfortable seeing a woman carry luggage.

“Y-yes. It is fine”

“Let me see it for a bit”

“Y-yes. Here you are”

I stretch out my right hand to take it.

While confirming its weight, there’s another thing I want to do.

I hold Durandal with my left hand and with my right hand I hold the case by the handle.

It was a good idea to take out Durandal, but I didn’t have the opportunity to erase it at the trading company.

While confirming the weight, Durandal is concealed by the case.

I cast [Character Reset] and Durandal is erased.

“Certainly, it is not heavy.”

I say while presenting the case to Roxanne.

At first I was going to carry the case, but then changed my mind.

On one hand as it should normally be a slave’s work to carry the luggage, I would look strange doing so.

On the other, there’s the sword.

Since I’m carrying the case, if a situation arises, it would be hard to deal with it.

As Roxanne does not have a sword, I would have to deal with it.

I think that’s precisely where modern society has changed: from the notion of carrying a sword in downtown to that of a man carrying things like luggage.

Perhaps, violence in downtown in this world is considered possible.

By carrying Roxanne’s luggage, it may be seen as me valuing her. However in reality, it will put Roxanne in danger.

I should be able to pull out the sword anytime.

The attendant has the luggage and the master has a sword.

It may be common sense in this world.

I return the case to Roxanne, open the [Item Box] and take out the scimitar.

When I was giving the handle, our fingers touch and my heart throbs.

They were white, slender and soft. They were a woman’s fingers.

Even if I say so, I don’t know what I’m feeling. I wonder what it is.

Are such things fine?

“F-for now let’s get lodging at Vale pavilion. Exit on the next street and straight to the roundabout. Follow me.”

“Y-yes. Certainly.”

I put the scimitar on my waist and start walking.

Roxanne follows me.

I am being accompanied behind me by a woman with luggage.

It is slightly uncomfortable.

From a little while ago, Roxanne also seemed to start being tense. [1]

“By the way, can you read Kanji?”

“Kanji is?”

When I ask, I look back. Roxanne tilts her head out of curiosity.

Her face is beautiful.

No, that’s not it. [2]

Yes. I found out immediately that kanji can’t be read.

It is because the word kanji was not converted to Brahim language.

Because there is no concept of kanji, kanji was not changed from a foreign language.

“Well….could you read the intelligence card?”


“In what language is the intelligence card?”

“It is the Brahim language…….oh. Well… Intelligence cards work directly on the consciousness of the person who is reading. That person will see characters they can read.”

I see. I get it.

It’s not written in kanji, I just see characters that I can understand.

What does a person who can’t read see?

“I see. Can Roxanne read Brahim words?”

“Ye-yes. To a small degree”

I incidentally got a person capable of reading the Brahim language.

“Because I am hopeless at reading and writing Brahim language, I want you to teach me”

“Ye-yes. I will within my range of understanding”

“Thank you. Please take care of me.”

I go past the explorer guild.

Next time I will not need a reading proxy.

“Because you came in 10 days like promised, I have not learned much yet”

“Hmm? You studied at the trading company?”

“Yes. Being able to speak it is definitely an advantage, so I learned the Brahim language.”

So the slave dealer had such a service.

No, is it because being able to speak the Brahim language had a higher value?

I wouldn’t say it is an arbitrary service.

“That is the Vale pavilion”


Because we have luggage, we pass through the city without stopping and head directly for the Inn.

Some men passing by are staring at Roxanne.

I feel a bit superior.

However, I wanted to tell them “Don’t look at my Roxanne.”

Even I have not looked at her directly yet.

We enter Vale pavilion.

“Is it ok to transfer to a double room?”

I ask the innkeeper who was trying to prepare the key.

“Certainly…….double is good?”

“Yes. And add dinner for two”

“A double room is 380 Nars. With dinner, ermm… since you’ve stayed long term, with special service it is 350 Nars.”

Mysteriously the [30% Discount] works when a meal is attached and it becomes cheaper.

Won’t he have any questions?

However because he said service, there seems to be some awareness of the discount.

“Understood. That is 350.”

Anyway, he sounded grateful, so I had to accept it.

From the pouch inside the rucksack, I pull out 3 silver coins and 50 copper coins and place them on the counter.

“Then both of you take out your arms.”

Come to think of it, is this an intelligence card check?

He will know Roxanne is a slave.

As it can’t be helped, I extend my left hand.

“Roxanne, you too.”


For some reason Roxanne took out her hand while looking befuddled.

“The double is on the 5th floor. I will guide you to take your luggage from the previous room and then to the new room.”

The Innkeeper didn’t say anything in particular after seeing the intelligence card.

Does he not meddle in customer privacy?

He takes 2 keys and quickly climbs the stairs.

“Lend me your luggage”

I receive the case from Roxanne and follow after.

Inside the Inn, I don’t need to give preference to the sword.

“Th-thank you”

Roxanne also follows.

We climb the stairs.

“First, please take all your belongings from the room”

Innkeeper unlocks room 311.

I pass the case to Roxanne and enter the room.

I carry the cloak in my left arm. Then I jam the rope, laundry and the remaining luggage into the wooden bucket. I take the jersey from the closet.

I also take out the leather shoes from the bottom closet shelf.

“That is all.”

“Then, let’s go to 5th floor.”

The innkeeper locks 311 and leads the way.

“Errm, I can carry it for you.”

“No, it’s all right.”

I stop Roxanne who wanted to carry my luggage even though she’s already carrying her case. [1]

We climb the stairs.

3rd floor is no problem. However for the 5th floor, I want an elevator, but there is no such thing. [1]

“Double rooms are only on the 5th floor, and you are the only double room customer.”

The innkeeper seems to have read my dissatisfaction and explains.

He doesn’t know the reason.


“This is the room.”

The man unlocks the room.

“I see.”

I enter it.

There was one big bed and on the inner side, a desk. Ware there 2 chairs because it’s a double room?

I put the luggage on the desk.

The size of the room compared to room 311 has not changed much.

It was bigger by a slight extent. Perhaps this was a large room?

Did it feel more spacious because there is no closet?

“There is a closet on the right. The bottom shelf here is self-locking, so please don’t leave valuables outside”

Said the innkeeper and opens the sliding door wall to reveal an equipment closet.

The closet was larger than the one in 311.

Afterwards he repeats the same thing as when I first entered room 311, then hands me the key and leaves.

I sit on the only bed.

The softness is about the same as in the 3rd floor room.

I look around while Roxanne is standing near the entrance with nothing to do.

“Come in and sit on the chair”


Roxanne goes past nervously.

More than being nervous, I’ve the impression that she’s a bit frightened.

“Well. Is this number 5?”

I show the key to Roxanne.

This room number is 517. Because I know 1, the number on the left side should be 5.

“Ye-yes, that is so.”

“And, this is 7?”


Umm. The conversation does not continue.

Roxanne’s fright is visible.

Along the way I feel like we were able to have a little more conversation, but once we returned to the hotel, it finished.

Even if I plan to, I would not suddenly push her down in the daytime.

Well when there are only 2 people in a hotel room, it can’t be helped.

Additionally there is only one bed.

“Errr … …. Can I touch your ears?”

Anyhow, I try to ask that request.

If she’s gonna be frightened after all, I feel like I could behave more wildly.

Perhaps. Probably. Maybe.


“Then, come here.”

Roxanne is summoned.

Reluctantly. It is just skinship, skinship.

Skinship is important.

If she’s frightened of being assaulted, I should convince her I’m not scary before I end up impatiently putting my hands on her.

Surely. Probably. Certainly.

I want to jump at the beauty in front of my eyes, but I endure it.

I am a rational person.

A person of reason is a saying in English, but I don’t know.

Worldly desires disappearing. Break down delusions.



Roxanne who tried to sit on the floor is invited to sit beside me on bed.

I would not sit on the floor.

Because she was next to me, I wanted to embrace her spontaneously, but I endure.

Would that be why she did not come beside me?

Dispersing worldly desires. Extinguish passion.

I place my hand on Roxanne’s head.

From her side, Roxanne is also beautiful.

Her hair smoothly glides through my hand.

It’s soft and luxurious.

Indeed, it looked nice and similarly felt nice.

Do-don’t, don’t. I just want to push her down.

Of course, patience is the only way to endure it.

Worldly desires disappearing. Evil thoughts removed.

After enjoying touching her hair to satisfaction, I touch her dog ears.

The ears are large and soft while dangling powerlessly.

The thickness is 1 or 2 centimeters.

Because they’re lop ears, they don’t have hard parts? Somehow they feel puffed up. [3]

Fluffy and soft.

Not good. It’s becoming a habit.

Yes. Why do I need to hold back? I touch them with both hands.

“Although Roxanne is a beauty, your ears are cute.”

Roxanne is a beauty yet does not give a cold impression. I think her lop ears are having a big effect.

Her big ears bring out a friendly feeling.

“Eh…….Th-thank you very much.”

I meet Roxanne’s eyes.

Roxanne looks down embarrassed.

I have no choice but to do it soon.

I suppress such impolite thoughts.

Evil desires dispersing. Brutal heart, calm down.

I stroke her ear.

I innocently stroke her ear.

Worldly desires dispersing. Obsession crushed.

I pat her ears and Roxanne calms down a little.

But my worldly desires do not calm down.

I watch Roxanne’s appearance from the side.

There is nothing to dislike.

Even if I don’t like something, I want to put up with it.

Skinship is important.

After all, looking from the side, Roxanne’s chest is big.

No, not that. Don’t think about that.

I want to check, but endure it.

Worldly desires dispersing. Lust smashed.

“Well, once again, please take care of me.”

“Yes, please take care of me too.”

Roxanne lowers her head without minding me touching her ears.

I catch the back of the head that came up.

“These ears are pleasant.”

“That …”


“May I call you master?”


I want someone to praise me for not throwing myself on Roxanne.

Worldly desires dispersing. Suppressing animal nature.

Is this the result of skinship? Our conversation had continued a little.

If I throw myself at her, we will be back to the beginning of her being frightened.

“That’s right. You can call me so.”

“Yes. Master.”


That was dangerous now.

I almost embraced her unconsciously.

Proper mind. Proper mind.

Worldly desires disappearing, sexual desires suppressed.

“Which reminds me, there is only one bed”

I spoke while touching her ears.

No, wait.

Is such a topic all right?



Just as expected, Roxanne asks again.

That seemed a little different? I wonder what?

“Well. It is master’s order.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yes. You asked for a double room”



Double is one bed, so 2 beds is a Twin?

Certainly when he asked if a double was OK, I nodded.

That innkeeper, he did it on purpose.

Good job.

“You did not know?”

Is this why Roxanne was frightened once we come to the inn?

Well, even if I realized it now, we still have one bed.

“First, there is something I want to say.”


“Roxanne, listen. I have come from an unbelievably far-away place.”

I straighten my back and tell Roxanne while touching her ears. Skinship is important. [1]

I didn’t tell the truth, but if a lie is found out later it will be troublesome.

Therefore I only told a half-truth.

“When you say it is a far-away place, is it further than Kasshim?”

“I don’t know where Kasshim is, but probably. Roxanne can think of it as further away.”

“Is that so.”

Roxanne ponders on something.

It is further than the place Roxanne thought of.

That is a good expression. [4]

“I was also in the countryside. Since I don’t understand common sense of this place, Roxanne will have to teach me various things like common sense”


“Even if I may know something like this or that, I’ll be glad if you explain absolutely everything to me.”

Maybe double room and twin room was also common sense on earth.

Maybe I was deceived somehow.

“Later, as you may have heard, Roxanne will enter the Labyrinth with me. That is my intention.”

“Yes. I think I can be useful in battle. Please leave it to me”

When speaking about the Labyrinth, Roxanne looks honest to me.

Those eyes shine mysteriously.


[1] [ED Note: Merged lines for clarity]

[2] [TL Note: he’s referring to his train of thought derailing]

[3] [ED Note: Think bunny ears that stay down /)_/)]

[4] [ED Note: Probably referring to her face……creeper level: MAX]

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