So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1620 - Acting (A)

Chapter 1620: Acting (A)

“Boss, did you call for a tow truck? I’m from the Niu Lao San Auto Repair Center!” The skull-vest guy walked over with a smile and said to Little Wang.

Before Little Wang could speak, Fan Jinzhe came over quickly, “It’s me. I made the call. Our tires were punctured by nails. Can you fix them?”

“No problem! Isn’t this just a trivial matter?” The skull-vest guy smiled, “Can both of you drive the cars onto the tow truck please?”

Although the car tires were punctured, it was not like a balloon which deflated immediately after being punctured. After the tires were punctured, it would still take a while for them to deflate even if there was a leak. It would not be a problem to drive the car forward a bit.

So it was possible to drive the car onto the tow truck.

Little Wang and Fan Jinzhe drove their cars onto the tow truck, and the skull-vest guy rubbed his hands and looked at Yang Ming and the others, “You all can also get in the truck, but there is not enough space in the passenger seats. You can only endure and get on the tow truck, but we will arrive soon. It’s not far ahead!”

The skull-vest guy pointed his finger not far away and said.

“Let’s go.” Yang Ming nodded and got onto the tow truck.

The nails on the road were likely scattered by the people from the Niu Lao San Auto Repair Center. Although Yang Ming had no evidence, he could tell from the looks of it. But Yang Ming was in a hurry and had no time to argue with these people. So he just spent money to avoid the hassle.

Shortly after, the tow truck entered a repair shop by the roadside. The repair shop’s yard was very spacious, but there were only a few scrapped vehicles in it. There was not even one car that was being repaired there.

But it was expected as this repair shop was opened in such a secluded place. It would be weird if there were cars to repair here. Who would send their car for repair here? How could they go back when the car was left here? Would they walk back from the expressway? Obviously, it was impossible.

So the only way to generate revenue was to repair broken down vehicles along the way, but this kind of business was really rare. Most people will check their car’s overall performance before taking the expressway. Moreover, there were very few vehicles that would break down suddenly. They would most probably only repair the tires and pump air!

Most vehicles had spare tires, and many people could simply replace the tire by the road if it was just one punctured tire. There was no need to repair the tire immediately. Therefore, if the repair shop wanted to generate income, they could only spread some nails on the road to puncture more than one tires of the passing cars on the road.

Looking at the deserted and quiet repair shop, Zhao Ying and Little Wang apparently thought of this too. There was certainly something wrong with this Niu Lao San Auto Repair Center. It was not a standard repair center.

“Brother Yang… I think the nails on the road were most probably scattered by them. No one will come here to repair their car. If the repair shop doesn’t use some means, they will suffer great losses!” said Little Wang.

“Hehe, that’s true.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Brother Yang, should I…” Little Wang was obviously very upset. He was Ming Yang Entertainment’s Security Department Manager, yet he was deceived by a few gangsters. He was definitely displeased.

Wasn’t it easy to eliminate this small auto repair center with the means of Ming Yang Entertainment? So Little Wang waited for Yang Ming to say a word. As long as Yang Ming agreed, Little Wang would call someone to destroy this place!

“Forget it. We have no evidence, and we are in a hurry.” Yang Ming shook his head and stopped Little Wang’s actions, “Anyway, somebody is paying now, and we don’t have to pay for it!”

Yang Ming was referring to Fan Jinzhe. Since this guy had offered to pay the repair fee voluntarily, why should Yang Ming look for troubles? Fan Jinzhe should be the one to look for trouble!

“Okay…” Little Wang nodded helplessly as he gave up the plan to teach these people a lesson. Yang Ming was right. Since Fan Jinzhe was paying for it, why should he be concerned? It was just that Little Wang felt annoyed in his heart.

The tow truck stopped in the yard of the repair shop. The skull-vest guy jumped off the truck and shouted towards the repair shop, “Little Qian and Pu Zi, let’s get to work!”

After a while, several young men with dyed white hair with red and green streaks ran out of the repair shop to the side of the tow truck. They dropped the tools in their hands on the ground first, then drove the cars off the tow truck. They were ready to work.

“Bosses, it’s hot outside. Would you like to go inside and rest for a while in the lounge?” The skull-vest guy smiled while saying to Yang Ming and Fan Jinzhe, “There is a TV, air-conditioning and drinks inside the house!”

“Okay, that’s great!” Fan Jinzhe nodded and rushed in immediately.

The skull-vest guy saw Yang Ming and the others did not move, so he asked again, “Aren’t you going in?”

“Let’s go in and sit down then.” Yang Ming nodded lightly and started to walk in. He wanted to see what kind of plan Fan Jinzhe had concocted. He suspected that Fan Jinzhe was allied with the repair shop personnel. But Yang Ming thought that Fan Jinzhe would not be so low in IQ to trick them here just to earn some repair fees.

The lounge’s environment was not bad. There were large sofas and a fifty plus inch LCD TV. The skull-vest guy helped them turn on the TV diligently, and then pointed to the water dispenser next to the sofa while saying, “There is iced Coke and fruit juice in there. Please help yourself if you want to drink it. There are disposable paper cups underneath.”

“Okay! We’ll help ourselves. You go ahead with your business!” Fan Jinzhe waved his hand casually and said to the skull-vest guy.

“Okay.” The skull-vest guy nodded and turned around to leave, “If there’s anything, call me anytime. My name is Little Ma!”

The TV was playing a classical martial arts movie. It seemed like an old movie, and there were some unknown movie stars in it. Yang Ming watched it casually while Zhao Ying watched it bored.

However, Fan Jinzhe seemed to be enjoying himself. He was grinning all the time!

No doubt, Fan Jinzhe was not happy because the movie on the TV was interesting. He was happy because of the good things that were about to happen!

It didn’t take long before the skull-vest guy, Little Ma, turned around and walked back to the lounge, “Bosses, please pay the repair fee first. This is the bill!”

“Oh, how much is it!” Fan Jinzhe signaled Little Ma to hand over the bill.

“Boss, it’s very cheap, only ten thousand yuan!” Little Ma said with a smile.

“What? Ten thousand yuan? Did you make a mistake! Ten thousand yuan to repair tires?” Fan Jinzhe suddenly opened his eyes wide and glared at Little Ma, “Did you calculate wrongly and bring someone else’s bill? I shouldn’t need ten thousand yuan to buy a tire! ”

“Nothing is wrong!” Little Ma said with a smile, “Boss, we charge at the market price and do fair trading. We are repairing the tires quickly. Our good service and high-quality materials ensure you can drive fast and be safe on the expressway!”

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