So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 25 - Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 1

Chapter 25: Could you get any more repulsive than this? Part 1

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Song Chuyi’s face went completely black.

Didn’t she see I was being cold and distant towards Daiyuan when we were having dinner? Song Chuyi thought to himself.

Realizing her mistake, Changqing wanted to give herself a slap on her mouth. She apologized in a feeble tone. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. You can choose not to talk about it if you’re not comfortable doing so.”

“Given a personality like yours, it’s truly a miracle that you’re still working at the TV station now and that the others have yet to succeed in making you resign from your job through their bullying.” Song Chuyi ridiculed her sarcastically while pressing the space between his eyebrows with his finger.

Changqing disagreed with his criticism. “I only act like this exclusively when it comes to dealing with you, okay? That’s the response you get when you put such a scary look on your face constantly.”

Song Chuyi couldn’t be bothered to argue with her anymore. Finally, when the car reached the Yan family’s doorstep, and before Changqing could step out of the car, he warned her confidentially: “Yan Changqing, I don’t care how you acted in the past, but now that you’re married, you should pay more attention to your own actions. I don’t wish to ever see your messy scandals appearing on the news.”

Changqing was fuming after she heard his warning. She thought Song Chuyi truly believed in her during her confrontation with Song Chulang earlier as he stood by her side. It never crossed her mind that… “Fine. You can rest assured. If there ever comes a day when I get kidnapped by criminals, I’d rather kill myself like a brave warrior than suffer humiliation from them. Doing so would protect the honor of your Song family as well.”

After Changqing rebutted him, she slammed the car door and left after she stepped out from the car. While pressing the place between his eyebrows, Song Chuyi was slightly regretting his decision to marry a public figure.

When Changqing returned home, Yan Lei came over to her as expected and pulled her to one side to inquire about the events that transpired while she was with the Song family. When he saw that Changqing brought back the red envelopes and jewelry, he nodded with satisfaction. ” I can rest assured now. I was initially worried that because we needed their help, and coupled with the fact that you applied for a marriage certificate in such a hurry, they’d mistreat you and look down on you.”

Looking at Yan Lei’s pleased look, Changqing had a sudden realization that Song Chuyi was quite a considerate person because he understood well what the elderly, like her father, were concerned about. This quality of Song Chuyi’s was sufficient in making her feel content about him. She couldn’t possibly expect him to do anymore than this for her family.


The next day, Changqing applied for a leave of absence specifically for the purpose of moving into Song Chuyi’s apartment.

At around 9 o’clock in the morning, Song Chuyi came over to help her move her luggage to his apartment. The place he was living in was a lake-facing apartment in the most affluent neighborhood located in the immediate vicinity of Bo Han Hospital.

While opening the door to his apartment, Song Chuyi said to Changqing, “Remember the password I’m about to key in.”

After a few beeping sounds that came with the keying of a few buttons, Changqing promptly grasped the password. A strange feeling arose in her heart, and she asked, “Why’s my birthday the password?”

Song Chuyi’s eyes flickered with a faint sign of dislike when Changqing asked him the question. “Your father mentioned that you have a poor memory. I was afraid you’d have trouble memorizing it, so I changed the password yesterday.”

Changqing: “…”

“Oh, and one more thing…” But before Song Chuyi could finish his sentence, the apartment door was slammed open abruptly by a force from within, and a beige Labrador Retriever pounced onto Song Chuyi with its thick, furry tail shaking passionately. When the dog noticed Changqing, its jet black eyes suddenly brightened up, and it shifted its pounce towards Changqing instead.

Initially, Changqing jumped from the shock, but when the dog pounced on her waist and began to paw at her waist hard, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore, and she hugged the dog along with some kissing and patting. “What a cute dog. Are you the one raising it?”

Seeing the situation unfold, Song Chuyi was astonished for a while before he began to explain. “I wanted to tell you that I actually had a dog in the house just now. A patient of mine who passed away two years ago entrusted the dog to my care. Hope you don’t mind that there’s a dog in the house.”

“Of course I don’t. In fact, I’ve always wanted to have a dog since I was little. However, my dad didn’t allow it,” Changqing replied. Her heart had melted from the cuteness of the dog. “Didn’t that patient of yours have any other family members? Why did the patient entrust the dog to your care?”

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