So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 3 - It's an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 1)

Chapter 3: It’s an Honor For You To Let Him Examine You (Part 1)

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“Anyone will do as long as they can be counted on,” Changqing replied as her nether regions were quite itchy, and she just wanted the area to be treated soon.

“Are you Dr. Yan?”

Right then, a tall refined figure wearing a white overcoat entered from outside. Under the pale white light, as if drawn by a pen, the contours of the man’s face looked cold and desolate. The puffiness of his lower eyelids made him appear tired yet sexy at the same time.

The first thing that entered Changqing’s mind was— isn’t this person Guan Ying’s boyfriend who was at the clubhouse yesterday? The second thing that entered her mind was —is the person who will be conducting the check-up this… male doctor?

When she saw the two words “Song Chuyi” on his chest, she began to panic outright. “Sis, don’t tell me this person here is… the Dr. Song you mentioned earlier.”

Zhangrui’s lips widened and she smiled apologetically at her.

Seeing her sister’s reaction, Changqing almost went crazy. If one could kill just by staring, Zhangrui would already be dead at least a thousand times over.

“You must be Dr. Yan’s sister. Where are you feeling uncomfortable?” Song Chuyi asked as he sat down on the chair that was beside the office table. In a quiet hospital like this, his voice was a rarity among most men as it sounded clean and clear.

However, Changqing couldn’t keep her composure at that very moment. She forcefully dragged Zhangrui out of the consultation room and with an agitated face, she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me Mr. Song was a man?”

Zhangrui hurriedly patted her shoulders and consoled her. “Listen to me, the gender of a doctor shouldn’t matter when you’re dealing with a disease. Furthermore, although Mr. Song is male, he’s much more skilled than other doctors in charge of gynecology. With him as the consulting doctor, I guarantee you’ll be cured in no time.”

Changqing went insane. “No matter how good his skills are, having a man as a doctor for this kind of issue is still unacceptable! Sis, don’t forget that you assured me earlier that you wouldn’t ever let a man examine me. Usually, I’m fine with you being fickle-minded, but could you not do this to me at this point in time?”

“Honestly, if he was some other man, your sister obviously wouldn’t agree to it. However, Dr. Song is really a cut above the rest. He’s a Chinese ethnically and he’s a genius who graduated from Stanford University. While in an American medical school, he had won quite a few major awards. There was a scramble for him to stay and practice his profession from a hospital in America. He’s young and handsome. Furthermore, he isn’t only the idol of the entire hospital but the entire medical profession as well. It’s an honor for you to let him examine you. Hurry and go back in. It’s not a loss to you anyway for your ‘little Changqing’ to be examined by such a handsome guy.” Zhangrui pushed Changqing into the room immediately after she finished explaining then she forcefully closed the door shut.

Looking at Zhangrui’s actions, Changqing had serious doubts whether Zhangrui was her blood-related sister.

“Your name?” Keeping his cool, Song Chuyi asked a different question as if he hadn’t noticed the conflict between her eyebrows.

“… Yan… first letter is Y, and the rest is ‘AN’ from ‘angel’…”

Changqing lowered her head and observed his writing hand. Similar to his face, his hand was attractive, clean, and very pale as well. The pen in his hand hovered above the paper for a second before he elegantly wrote down the word “Yan” and continued to ask, “Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

As she was inevitably asked the same question again, Yan Changqing’s face became flushed red. It was fortunate she was wearing a mask and her face couldn’t be seen clearly. She could only answer with a dry and choked voice. “It started last week, a while after I remained under some cold and dirty water for quite a long time due to the recording of a show. Then… my body down there felt a constant but slight discomfort afterward…”

It was only after hearing Changqing’s answer that Song Chuyi raised his head and looked at her in the eyes seriously. A slight overcast flashed in an unnoticeable way across his eyes, underneath his dense and curled up eyelashes. Yan Changqing’s heart was rapidly pounding as she dreaded the possibility of being recognized as Guan Ying’s friend and that he might unleash his fury of being cuckolded onto her.

But presently, she truly believed Guan Ying’s words about him having issues regarding that kind of stuff.

She felt that had to be the case. A man that excels in obstetrics and gynecology must be facing women’s reproductive organs daily. After looking at them for a while, it’s completely normal for a man to have abnormalities regarding that aspect or feel no reaction at all. It’d be lucky just to not end up sick in the head.

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