Soldier King's Love Story in the City

Chapter C300

Hearing his boss's speech, ninja team started to shout with great killing intent. The creator of this team didn't cower in the face of nearly half of the casualties. Instead, a soaring fighting spirit exploded from him.

Zhang Chun looked at the people around him, and his gaze also became resolute, "Fine, we'll use Dekang Xinyi's head to pay tribute to our fallen brothers!"

As the commander, Zhang Chun knew that this decision signified his death, but since everyone had high fighting spirit, he could only straighten his chest and charge forward.

After experiencing the tragic defeat just now, Zhang Chun no longer dared to look down on his enemy, and was even more cautious in his following actions.

Everyone carefully headed towards the base. Unknowingly, half an hour had passed and they had already reached the last mountain peak of enemy base. According to the surviving villagers, as long as they could cross this mountain, they would be able to see the entire valley where enemy base was.

Everyone took a break on the spot to recover their physical strength for the upcoming battle. Zhen Tianyuzi once again prepared to explore the path ahead by herself, so she held out her hand to stop her. " This place is close to the enemy's base camp, and the enemy knows our goal, so I'm afraid that there will be an enemy ambush here. It's too dangerous for you to go alone, I'll go with you. "

"But we still need your command here."

"Leave the command to your father, he knows how to arrange the tactics now."

Seeing how determined Zhang Chun was, Zhen Tianyuzi could only accept Zhang Chun's good intentions.

The two of them maintained a certain distance as they began to advance towards the mountain slope.

The back of the mountain was completely bare, without any weeds. Ash covered the ground, and there were even small sparks.

"Looks like the enemy set fire to the mountain." Zhen Tianyuzi's expression became heavy. She had thought that the enemy had used a move that could clear the wall!

After all, it had rained heavily last night. There were still some trees with luxuriant branches that managed to escape disaster and they could be considered as a few places to hide on the hillside.

Zhang Chun promptly hid himself behind a large tree. After hiding himself well, the two carefully sized up the area in front of them. The whole place immediately quieted down. There were only a few wild rabbits running around.

He suddenly felt a little unnatural, as if someone was secretly observing him! Zhang Chun immediately looked around, but to no avail.

"Did you find anything?" In order to avoid any unusual noises from happening, Zhen Tianyuzi asked Zhang Chun while gesturing with her hand.

Zhang Chun didn't answer in a hurry and started searching again. After all, Zhang Chun's intuition far exceeded that of an ordinary person's.

Even though he did not manage to obtain anything, Zhang Chun could not help but become annoyed, and even the bird cries seemed to mock him.

Wait a minute, this place has the cry of a bird! Even if the giant tree was not harmed, the birds would definitely escape in the thick smoke, and would never return again!

There must be something strange going on. The bird's nest must be the biggest suspect!

Zhang Chun started to size up the birds and their nests. He hesitated for a moment and took the risk of being discovered by the enemies to shoot at the birds' nests.

After the bullet landed, Zhang Chun was shocked to find that there was blood inside the bird's nest! It seemed like there was a ninja hidden there.

Who would have thought that they would stumble upon an enemy! Zhang Chun immediately dodged to the other side of the tree, to prevent the hidden enemies from finding him.

"What's going on?" Zhen Tianyuzi could not care about being lonely anymore, and anxiously asked via the ear microphone. She did not see the previous scene because of the angle.

"There are enemies hidden around here, I think it should be Dekang Xinyi!" Zhang Chun replied through the ear microphone. Who would have thought that their biggest target would actually dare to take the initiative to attack! Alright, let's think of a way to kill it here.

He actually did not know if Dekang Xinyi had died in that shot just now, but he was definitely injured! As time went by and Zhang Chun joined up with Zhen Tianyuzi, it wasn't impossible for them to kill him.

Logically speaking, under such circumstances, Dekang Xinyi should have escaped back to the base. This guy was not hiding anymore, he was charging towards Zhang Chun!

Zhen Tianyuzi did not reveal her location, but wholeheartedly threw herself at Zhang Chun, who quickly dashed out of the tree, and shot out all of the bullets in a few seconds!

As for the bullets that struck Dekang Xinyi's body, they only ignited a little bit of light, and did not cause any harm!

"This guy is wearing bulletproof vest!" Zhang Chun exclaimed.

It seemed that Dekang Xinyi had put on his special alloy bulletproof vest this time, the ordinary firearms in his and Zhen Tianyuzi's hands naturally no longer had any effect on him.

Lu Chuan quickly dodged to another location. As for Dekang Xinyi, he slowly turned around, and regarded Zhen Tianyuzi as her first target. His black eyes flashed with a wild beast like fierceness, and an aura that seemed to come from within, overwhelmed Zhen Tianyuzi, causing her to be unable to breathe.

After all, the last time Zhen Tianyuzi and Zhang Chun defeated the strongest ninja, Zhen Tianyuzi's hatred in the city wasn't lower than Zhang Chun's!

"Run!" Seeing this, Zhang Chun immediately shouted.

Zhen Tianyuzi did not listen to Zhang Chun's instructions and dodged. Zhen Tianyuzi held her head high and stuck out her chest, without a single trace of fear on her face. She calmly took out a new magazine and quickly equipped it, attacking the berserking Dekang Xinyi once again.

Zhang Chun was well aware that he was injured. Facing the beast-like enemies, Zhen Tianyuzi had treated herself as bait. Only by doing this would Dekang Xinyi be able to expose himself and give Zhang Chun the strength to strike him.

Zhang Chun also quickly flew towards Zhen Tianyuzi. She had great strength, every muscle was spasming, and every bone was making sounds. She was also extremely flustered in her heart. Seeing Dekang Xinyi's actions, it was obvious that the shot that struck him did not cause him enough damage, nor did his fighting strength suffer any substantial damage!

Unlike Zhen Tianyuzi, she was a little exhausted from the continuous battles. Furthermore, she did not have any weapon on her that could cause fatal damage to Dekang Xinyi!

Dekang Xinyi was approaching Zhen Tianyuzi at a high speed. He was no longer dodging, and was moving straight ahead, moving agilely and nimbly through the forest. It seemed that no one could stop him from jumping towards Zhen Tianyuzi. Dekang Xinyi was now like a heavy tank on a highway, any obstacle could be easily crushed by him.

At this moment, the only thing Zhen Tianyuzi could rely on was the trees behind her. Zhen Tianyuzi quickly climbed to the top of the tree. Regarding Dekang Xinyi's previous performance, he was also able to quickly climb the tree. This distance was enough for Zhang Chun to rush over.

This way, Zhen Tianyuzi could attack Zhang Chun from top to bottom!

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