Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 738 - Sen Luo Planet

738 – Sen Luo Planet

The Tang Sect’s spacecraft was indeed much more stable than a civilian spacecraft. The cabin was very comfortable and the seats could be placed flat for laying. Although it wasn’t very spacious, it was much better than a low-class spacecraft.

But the Tang Sect’s spacecraft didn’t have a forging room like the 33 Sky Wings warship, so Lan Xuanyu didn’t have much to do. He just meditated every day. During the time he meditated, he would think about his cultivation situation and what the 33 Sky Wings battle team was going to do next.

He still bore a grudge against the 2v2 match. Although if he and Bai Xiuxiu had gone all out in that match, they would have been able to suppress the other party and win, the other party’s ability to control their emotions still gave him a warning.

He now had the power to control four elements, and Nana thought that his current control over the elements was already quite good. Almost all elemental-type soul skills were useless against him. But the emotional control of the twin swords of sorrow and joy caused him and Bai Xiuxiu to be restrained, and they were almost unable to unleash their own strength. Especially him, he was suppressed to the extent that he had no choice but to use the Dragon God Transformation to resist.

How could he not be influenced by emotions control-type martial souls like the twin swords of sorrow and joy? This was Lan Xuanyu’s question and he asked Xiao Qi for guidance.

Xiao Qi told him the simplest method, which was to increase his spiritual power. Once his spiritual power grew to a certain extent, his control over his own emotions would be much better. Even if his opponent’s spiritual power was equal to his, his emotions would be affected but the impact would not be too big.

Lan Xuanyu’s current spiritual power was already quite strong. At the Spirit Abyss realm, he was second to none in the entire class. Even Tang Yuge’s spiritual power was inferior to his.

Must he break through to the Spirit Domain realm? But breaking through to the Spirit Domain realm was easier said than done. Even if he worked hard to cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes every day, he was still very far from the Spirit Domain realm.

It was said that once one’s spiritual power reached the Spirit Domain realm, they would be able to possess their own Spiritual Domain. Spiritual power would no longer be a supplement, but become a type of fighting power.

Lan Xuanyu was still looking forward to this trip to Sen Luo Planet. The last time they went to another planet, most of the students in the class got a Spirit Soul.

The Sen Luo Planet was a planet that was controlled by humans earlier than the Elven Planet and was given to soul beasts by the Douluo Federation for them to live here.

Although the soul beasts on Sen Luo Planet were different from the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian’s line of soul beasts, they should have a close relationship with the Federation. It was said that they had a close relationship with Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. Otherwise, Shrek Academy’s branch wouldn’t have opened here.


Hopefully, they would gain more from this exchange…


Sen Luo Planet.

“Boom!” A gigantic rhinoceros-type soul beast fell heavily to the ground. A muscular young man grabbed its horn with both hands and used his knee to press it against the side of its neck.

One had to know that in terms of strength, rhinoceros-type and elephant-type soul beasts were the two of the strongest strength types in the world of soul beasts. But at this moment, this gigantic rhinoceros that was over seven meters long and weighed at least 5 tons was actually suppressed to the point of being unable to move.

The young man bounced up and a faint shadow appeared behind him. It was the shadow of a gigantic elephant with six tusks.

The young man’s aura was exuberant. Just by looking at him, one could feel it burning.

The youth patted the rhinoceros on its head and said, “Old Bull, you’re useless, I won’t fight you anymore. You can’t catch up to me.”

“Ao ao——” The rhinoceros got up and snorted in dissatisfaction. It turned around, waved its little tail at the youth, and ran towards the forest with a rumbling sound.

The young man laughed and punched his chest with his right fist. He let out a long and unrestrained roar towards the sky with a blazing light in his eyes. His face that wasn’t too handsome appeared somewhat wild.

Clap clap clap…

Not far away, a lady was looking over with a smile. She was dressed in a gray tracksuit with a ponytail on the back of her head. Her entire body was filled with a strange energy fluctuation, and her big eyes were especially beautiful.

“Kailun you’re awesome, even a Heavy Armored Rhinoceros can’t compare to you!” the lady exclaimed excitedly.

“This is nothing, I’ll find a stronger opponent next time. I’ll apply to the academy later.” The young man walked back with a smile and took the jacket from the lady.

“Let’s go, it’s time to return to the academy. Teacher sent me a message that the sparring match with the main branch is about to begin. I’m looking forward to our opponents this time.” Yan Kailun’s gaze was fervent.

The lady giggled. “We will definitely win. They are nothing special, Kailun, you will definitely get a place there.”

Yan Kailun looked at her deeply and held her hand. “Definitely, I must keep up with you no matter what. Otherwise, how could I be qualified to be your boyfriend? Not only do I have to get into the Inner Court, but I also have to propose to you at the Sea God Fate Match-making Festival.”

“En en.” The lady nodded her head and kept smiling.

Yan Kailun rubbed her head in exasperation. “Who asked you to give me so much pressure? You’re a genius like one we haven’t seen in hundreds of years.”

“Sorry.” The lady hugged his arm and leaned against him.

Yan Kailun smiled. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, this is my motivation. Let’s go back.”



When the Tang Sect spacecraft passed through the atmosphere, Lan Xuanyu woke up from his meditation and looked out of the window.

The spaceship shook and gradually became stable.

The planet before him became clearer. At first glance, this planet left a deep and beautiful impression on Lan Xuanyu.

This was a planet that was filled with green and blue colors. There seemed to be countless lakes and large patches of vegetation on the surface of the gigantic planet. These two colors filled the planet with vitality.

Different from the green cover of the Elven planet, this planet seemed to have more water sources, and sunlight and water represented life.

The spacecraft quickly approached the ground and Lan Xuanyu rubbed his eyes. What was that? He actually saw a city! That’s right, it was a city.

Isn’t this the world of soul beasts?

He had never seen a city on the Elven planet!

It was a huge city. Most of the buildings were made of wood and there were a few that were made of stone. There seemed to be very few metal structures and it didn’t look very modern but it was a city.

Xiao Qi’s voice resounded, “This is Sen Luo City of Sen Luo Planet, and it is also our destination for this journey. Different from the Elven Planet, there are some humans living on Sen Luo Planet. They were sent here by the Federation to provide some help to the soul beasts and are also responsible for communicating with the soul beasts. At the same time, there are also some that are here to train.

“Sen Luo Planet was developed very early, so the degree of development here is much higher than the Elven Planet. Whether it is our Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the War God Temple, or the Spirit Pagoda, all of them have collaborations with the soul beasts of Sen Luo Planet. It is the same for the branch that we are heading to this time. However, there is only one city on Sen Luo Planet.

“All of you must take note that there are not only humans here, but also soul beasts. Any soul beast with high intelligence and no strong desire to attack will be allowed to live in Sen Luo City. The rules here are different from other cities in the Federation.”

Lan Xuanyu blinked and was immediately interested. This was actually a city where soul beasts and humans lived together.

This made Lan Xuanyu recall the Tiger King that had entered his room. After leaving the Elven planet, he had never seen her again. She was the successor of Beast God and was now the Beast King of that line of soul beasts.

He missed her a little. After completing the Sky Fighter missions, he would see if he had a chance to apply to go to the Elven Planet to see her.

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