Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 2267: One Hidden And Another In The Open

An Kasyapa attacked as fast as the wind, but the vegetation transformed even faster. The plants agitated with the vigor of hot-blooded youngsters, as if a curse had breathed life into them.

His longsword danced in the air. Whether attack or defense, his form was perfect.

Yet, no matter the destruction he wrought, the enemy remained staunch, obstinately emerging one after another. They revived endlessly, no matter how he chopped them down.

His attack and defense almost reached an unprecedented state, but even so, he was under ever-growing pressure.

The enemy’s numbers were simply too great. The green legion was a boundless ocean that one could never hope to see the end of.

However, he remained calm and steady. He was surrounded, but his consciousness still wandered, continuing its search. He’d been looking all around for the core in order to carve a path to victory.

But no matter where his consciousness probed inside this green ocean, he could only perceive the same uniform rhythm. In other words, the roots of the green invasion were too well hidden.

He couldn’t hone in on its location despite his formidable abilities. It was a depressing turn of events. He’d expected the fight to be long and arduous, but not to such an impossible degree.

If he couldn’t find the core and destroy it, then it was impossible for him to break out of this green siege. Put another way, there was no hope for him to attain his goal in this clash.

Anxiousness slowly started to gnaw at him. Against this endless green onslaught, it was only a matter of time before he suffered wounds.

After all, no matter how outstanding his attack and defense, he was still made of flesh and blood. He would tire sooner or later, unlike his floral enemies that seemed to possess infinite stamina. Their momentum hadn’t diminished in the slightest. On the contrary they seemed even more ferocious as time went by.

He could still hold on at first, but as the fight dragged on, he clearly felt himself under increasingly greater strain. He simply couldn’t cut down them all.

“It seems it’s my loss this time.” Although reluctant to yield, his fighting spirit was finally shaken.

The moment he felt his determination waver, he knew it was time for him to leave.

He slashed across and swept away at the demonic shrubs in front of him, then clutched the Divine Veluriyam Talisman, ready to activate it. However, a transmission reached his ears at this precise moment. “Divine Kasyapa, hold on a little longer.”

Appearing without a sign, the message roused his spirits. The very familiar voice impressively belonged to the young lord.

“Jiang Chen?” He transmitted, taking care not to make a sound.

“I’ve been hunting for this wood demon forefather and looking for the core. Hold on a little longer while I pinpoint his location,” Jiang Chen urged again.

Overjoyed, An Kasyapa could confirm that the voice had come from the young lord. He stowed away the talisman, all thoughts of leaving evaporated.

“It seems you demon thugs are nothing but clowns in the end. Other than these shameful tricks, do you have the guts to come and fight me in the open? Are all demon spineless buffoons like you?” He swore his head off in an attempt to provoke the demon forefather.

The one manipulating the plants was certainly a leading figure of the wood demon tribe, and had to be hidden nearby.

The demon must be using outstanding manipulation to merge his body into the greenery, making his position impossible to discover.

But, though An Kasyapa couldn’t find him, that didn’t mean Jiang Chen was equally powerless.

From the sound of it, the young lord had arrived long ago. He’d simply concealed his tracks, staying in the dark while he waited for a mistake from the demon.

This heartening conclusion immediately restored Divine Kasyapa’s confidence. His fighting spirit also soared thanks to the young lord’s presence, a sudden change that secretly astonished Forefather Ghostbranch.

The one behind the demonic vegetation was naturally Forefather Ghostbranch. He didn’t have Kingspot’s talent with parasites, but when it came to plants, his level of mastery exceeded the latter’s.

This time, he hadn’t hesitated to employ his strongest arts to set up a fearsome demonic plant formation, even at the risk of injury to his very essence of existence.

The formation leveraged his arts and abilities to demonize ordinary plants, bestow life upon them, and orchestrate their movements. Full of hostility like evil spirits, the vegetation attacked with strange, ever-varying methods.

However, most fearsome of all was their incredible resilience. As long as their roots lived on, they could revive in a short time even after being destroyed.

In some aspects, these wood demon plants resembled Jiang Chen’s Bewitching Lotuses of Fire and Ice. Both possessed outstanding regeneration abilities.

Of course, the lotuses were ancient treasures of the heavenly planes, not something that trivial demonized grass or shrubs could compare to. But in some respects, both achieved the same results through different means.

Ghostbranch strongest ability was to fuse his body and consciousness inside this floral formation, integrating himself with the plants and completely hiding his existence amidst a vast, green ocean.

Such hiding skills were truly fearsome, so much so that even Jiang Chen couldn’t locate him in the short term, to say nothing of An Kasyapa.

In fact, the young lord had arrived earlier than An Kasyapa. He’d simply endured in silence and remained still, refraining from any action. He knew with the latter’s arrival that an opportunity presented itself.

Letting his senior fight was the only opportunity to amplify the minute fluctuations of power and allow him to glean a clue.

It was truly an exercise in patience, but his efforts finally bore fruit!

Against the full might of An Kasyapa’s abilities, Forefather Ghostbranch was also forced to resort to his strongest cards.

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