Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 2350: A Godking’s Suspicions

Han Shuang’s disclosure was an immense relief for Jiang Chen. Not only would she not jeopardize his own plans, her operations might be hugely beneficial for him instead. It was more than he’d bargained for, especially if her efforts could come to fruition.

Talk about opportune timing!

He no longer needed to worry about his father’s rescue. He could leave that to her group while he tackled the rest. At the appointed time, he’d settle the score at the godking conference together with his father.

He felt a sudden surge of confidence. Behind Han Shuang’s arrangements, there were godkings pulling the strings.

It would seem that many looked fondly on Taiyuan’s days of glory and strove to secretly improve their lot!

Once his father was freed, he wouldn’t lack for popular support. With the masses behind him, the impossible would be possible.

Why had he been overthrown back in the day? Because his subjects had turned their backs on him after refining the Sun Moon Pill. They felt he’d gone against heaven’s will.

A little incitement had been all the push needed to convince them such an outrage against the heavens couldn’t go unpunished. Propaganda spiralled out of control and ultimately gave birth to the mayhem of today.

One man alone couldn’t fight against the tide. That sort of momentum was impossible to stop.

But the dynamics had changed since then. Celestial Emperor Taiyuan had been punished for a long, long time. Had his realm taken a turn for the better? No, far from it.

Perceptive people had begun to wonder whether they’d erred. Perhaps the coup had been a giant misunderstanding or even mistake.

The tide of public opinion slowly changed its tune.

Many moons later, everyone could easily weigh the greater world’s current misery against its past self. Without question, they were now at least ten times worse off in every aspect.

Strength, environment, general security, and fortunes... the contrast was painfully obvious.

Everything was relative. A side by side comparison made it all the more obvious which was better and which was worse.

In comparison, Celestial Emperor Taiyuan’s reign had simply been heaven on earth!

In hindsight, what were his shortcomings? Refining the Sun Moon Pill? So that might have been a little questionable, what else?

Though he had his own convictions and own approach to things, no one could deny he’d developed the plane’s strength and wealth. The awe he inspired extended all the way to nearby territories, dissuading visits from planar raiders. No neighboring celestial emperor dared trifle with him.

As a result, the voices favoring him became increasingly loud.

It was the sort of era that had spawned Han Shuang and her compatriots, driving them to change their destinies with their own hands.

Armed with Jiang Chen’s promise, the sectmistress abided by her oath and stopped nosing around the lake’s forbidden grounds.

Why would she, when he’d assured her he’d divert attention away from her and help her easily sneak inside the lake’s secret realm?

She didn’t know what secret method Elder Zhen Junior was hiding, but this unfathomably deep man would certainly make good on his promise.

One day, she came to tell him, “Elder Zhen Junior, I think Godking Crimsonwaters is keeping an eye on me.”

For the young lord, the news was a bolt from the blue.

“How so?” he asked, a little perturbed.

“He sent for me today and asked many questions. I think he was testing me.”

“What did you tell him?”

“Nothing, I kept up my pretense. But I have the nagging feeling I might have slipped somewhere.”

“People say he’s a fair ruler who wants to do right by his subjects. Even if he’s noticed something, shouldn’t he continue to look the other way? Unless he’s related to the villain, or is the villain himself.”

“That seems improbable,” replied Han Shuang.

“Well, how many godkings know about the secret of the five foundations?”

“To be honest, His Majesty Taiyuan used to be the only one. Then he once mentioned it to a godking on purpose. That’s why this senior is trying to engineer his rescue. No one else should be aware of it,” Han Shuang asserted with utter confidence.

The celestial emperor surely would’ve picked a trustworthy figure to confide in. Such an existence was bound to be formidable.

After all, not even his own son had been privy to the information. The emperor had kept it under wraps, only clueing in those he’d absolutely needed to. The less in the know, the safer his secrets.

The meticulousness of his arrangements was truly exquisite.

Jiang Chen murmured, “Well, if only one godking is in the know, there’s no need to be overly cautious. Lord Crimsonwaters might suspect you of plotting something, but he won’t know the specifics.”

His advice alleviated Han Shuang’s fears. As an impartial bystander, he had a broader and more level-headed perspective.

“You’re right, my anxiety is groundless. It’s fortunate I kept my wits about me and wasn’t thrown too much off my game.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “But you should be careful nonetheless. Don’t go near the lake unless it’s necessary. I told you, I’ll get you into the secret realm. Trust me, I can do it. There will be no complications.”

Seeing his sincerity and his gravitas, the sectmistress agreed with a nod. “I’ll believe you this once. For the next few decades, I’ll lie low and stick to cultivation.”

A voice outside suddenly interrupted them.

“Is Fiendstar’s Elder Zhen Junior present? You’re hereby summoned by Lord Crimsonwaters. Please report to the godking mansion as soon as possible!”

Jiang Chen and Han Shuang looked at one another, a little aghast.

A summons?

Han Shuang grimaced, but the young lord remained unflappable. “It’s fine. I’ll go, it’s a good opportunity to see where he stands!”

At his current level, he wasn’t afraid of the godking. In fact, with the assistance of the four sacred beasts, he might have the upper hand in strength, so he ventured fearlessly into the belly of the beast.

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