Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 239 - The Responsibility As The Eldest? (老大的责任?)

The Responsibility As The Eldest? (老大的责任?)

Jing Yun Zhao words spooked the surrounding people, while Jing Xiu’s head drooped so low she almost buried her head underneath the table. She was grabbing the side of the table and, for some reason, looked frightened.

Jing Ling could only stare blankly. After all, she was still young, hence why she was scared by Jing Yun Zhao’s outburst.

Jing Ming Kai had always been an unreasonable tyrant from a young age; how would he know what fear was? Thus, he continued to speak with a stubborn voice, “You really have no shame, spending my parents’ money wantonly, yet you still dare to shout…”

“Who said I used their money?” Jing Yun Zhao’s eyes had a slight twinkle as she continued saying, “Uncle Jing, Auntie Wang, up to this moment, I’ve never taken advantage of your family at all, right?”

“You’re lying! I clearly remembered my mom spending money to buy a dress for you, and it was more than 100 dollars!” Jing Ming Kai rebutted.

This matter was told to him by Jing Ling.

Because what they were buying was women’s clothing, Wang Xin Fang brought Jing Ling when she was going shopping because she loved to doll up.

“Are you talking about this?” Jing Yun Zhao said as she took the dress out from her bag. It still had the tag on it and anyone could see that it had never been worn before.

“I refused the dress when I received it because, first of all, the style didn’t fit me and, secondly, I knew you were facing some difficulties at home, so you shouldn’t make unnecessary expenses. However Auntie Wang kept forcing it onto me, so I had no choice but to bring it today and return it. Even though those two plush dolls aren’t that expensive, the apples that I gave you couldn’t be bought in the market, so let’s not compare other things alright? Or do you want me to?”

The family of five, all received presents.

Jing Yun Zhao had entertained the thought that the Jing family may favour boys over girls, and as a result, the boys would probably be more naughty and entitled, so when she handed out gifts, to make the husband and wife duo happy, the gift she gave Jing Ming Kai was more expensive compared to others.

Wang Xin Fang never thought that her one request would warrant so much backlash from Jing Yun Zhao, causing her to be shamed in front of her kids.

The paternity test result already came back positive, so shouldn’t Jing Yun Zhao start showing some obedience and respect to us as her parents?

Even now, not only are we still getting called uncle and auntie by her, but we’re also being lectured!

Moreover, my son didn’t even make that big of a request, all he wanted was to see what was inside her bag that is unless she has some things that shouldn’t be seen by others in her bag?

Once she thought of this, Wang Xin Fang’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at Jing Yun Zhao’s extremely beautiful face.

Both Jing Xiu and Jing Ling had above average appearances, but Jing Xiu’s appearance was stiff, while Jing Ling’s facial features were too sharp, unlike Jing Yun Zhao who was perfect with a unique temperament.

“Girl, your little brother just said two sentences towards you; do you need to be so petty?” Wang Xin Fang couldn’t endure anymore as she said with a scheming face.

“Our family only has one boy which is Xiao Ming, obviously we would pamper him a bit, but Xiao Ming is still very sensible. Look at Xiu Er and Ling Er, they normally give in to their little brother too. However previously Xiu Er was the eldest, so her giving in is expected, but now, now that you’re part of our family, you should also take on the responsibility of being the eldest…”

After Wang Xin Fang finished her tirade, Jing Tie Jun hesitated a bit while tugging her hand. However, she stared back at him and continued, “It’s not like we’re speaking towards a stranger, she’s our daughter, what’s there to worry about?”

Although Jing Tie Jun was worried that they would scare Jing Yun Zhao away, after a little thinking, he felt that Wang Xin Fang’s words were right. After all, their blood ties were already proven, there’s nothing to worry about.

Which parents wouldn’t educate their children?

Since Jing Yun Zhao is still ignorant, then she still has to be beaten when she should be beaten, scolded when she should be scolded.

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