Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1285 - Collapsed Spies

Chapter 1285: Collapsed Spies

Xiao Mingze had complex feelings. But no matter what, he knew that his decision was right.

“That’s right. Has anything happened recently in the palace?” Lu Shu asked as he took a piece of meat.

Xiao Mingze hesitated for a while. “What are you looking for? Does the fact that the King’s Studies scholars are holding a ceremony tomorrow count?”

Lu Shu’s eyes lit up. “Of course!”

Xiao Mingze suddenly started to silently mourn for the King’s Studies scholars… that night, Yi Qian silently came to the courtyard where Lu Shu was. Then, he hurriedly left. Xiao Mingze also left the courtyard for the first time after hiding there for a long time. They all had their own missions.

The wealthy families in the palace were busy with their own affairs. They had to be careful with any signs of disturbance in the palace to ensure that they had enough time to react.

Yesterday, information came that the Wei Wu Army was traveling at full speed. They would be able to arrive at the palace very quickly.

But even the spies in the palace did not know when exactly the Wei Wu Army would arrive. Firstly, no one dared to approach the Wei Wu Army. After all, too many spies had mysteriously disappeared. This caused the spies to have a strange fear of the Wei Wu Army. They did not know how the Wei Wu Army had defeated all the spies around them.

Everyone had been very cautious, but as long as anyone tried to approach the Wei Wu Army within a 100 kilometer radius, they would mysteriously disappear. Even their corpses could not be found.

Someone finally realized that there was something wrong with the mice that appeared around the Wei Wu Army. But Little Fury hid well. The spies only felt that something was wrong, but never discovered where the problem was.

Thus, the information that the wealthy families had on the Wei Wu Army was lacking. They did not want to see this, but they had no choice.

Later on, something even more awkward happened. The battle at the West Capital had attracted a group of spies and when the Wei Wu Army headed towards the palace, the spies followed behind.

Eventually, they realized that… the Wei Wu Army was traveling too quickly. They could not catch up!

This was their first time experiencing this. Which ordinary army had fast spies. After all, a majority of armies had an average strength that was lower than their spies. Furthermore, the speed that armies traveled at was determined by the lower limit. If the lower limit was Rank Six, their traveling speed would be Rank Six.

The spies were able to become spies as they were stronger than the others. It was like the selection of the special forces. Those who were not Rank Three or Rank Four could not even think of becoming spies.

But when it came to the Wei Wu Army, typical spies did not even come close to the average strength of the Wei Wu Army.

In the Wei Wu Army, everyone was at least a Rank Two!

This made everyone fall into despair. This was the first time the spies had lost their target because they could not catch up…

They had no choice. The wealthy families from the palace could only move their family members, who were making their way to the palace, to a sentry post and observe the speed of the Wei Wu Army. These people were originally there to conduct business, but they had suddenly become spies.

But the Wei Wu Army did not only travel by the main road. Before the spies lost track of them, they realized that the Wei Wu Army was very annoying. Others traveled by the main road, as it was the most convenient.

But the Wei Wu Army was different. They traveled in a straight line…

It was the shortest distance between two points. When Li Liang received the orders to travel at full speed, he did not plan to go by the main road.

Building roads would not lead to a straight path. After all, when one encountered mountains and rivers, they had to take a detour. If not, you would never be able to build the road.

But mountains and rivers were nothing to the Wei Wu Army. All they had to do was to flatten them. Back then, when they were still the Azure Dragon Village bandits, they had scaled mountains and crossed rivers. This was nothing.

Furthermore, the Wei Wu Army was in high spirits. The fact that Li Heitan could wear the Armor that Shook Mountains sparked the spirit of healthy competition. There were limited sets of the Armor that Shook Mountains. Over 5000 people were competing for over 40 sets. It was a very difficult struggle. Whoever first advanced to Rank One would be able to wear it and those who were left behind had nothing left for them.

At this moment, all the soldiers in the Imperial Dragon Soldiers who had not advanced to Rank One wanted to devote themselves fully. This way, they would be able to reconstruct their vital channels.

They were not worried that there would be problems with their vital channels. They knew that there were extra ingredients in their food. This was the mysterious formula that their Great Lord had personally given to Manager Xiaoyu.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers did not know exactly what was added to their food. It was fine as long as they could fully devote themselves and not get injured…

At first, Li Liang was worried that the high intensity travel would create problems. After all, even if the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were very powerful, they would not be able to stand such a long distance.

But he realized that he had been overly anxious. Ever since they became inspired by Li Heitan, they were upset when Li Liang made them rest. In the past, they crossed over mountain after mountain to travel quickly. Now, they were unhappy with traveling on the main road. They wanted to climb mountains.

Typically, Li Liang only forced the Imperial Dragon Soldiers to stop and rest when he felt that they absolutely could not continue, or their operations would be affected.

Although this used up the refresher fruits more quickly, Lu Xiaoyu did not skimp on this on behalf of Lu Shu.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers were an army that could not be understood with common sense. It was also the easiest army for Li Liang to lead. He did not need to be worried about many things. He did not need to worry about their abilities and morale. He did not need to be worried about anything. He only had to make the most accurate decision at the most appropriate timing.

A large group of people rushed straight through the mountains in high spirits. The spies behind were all going crazy. What kind of army could travel like this?

They stood at a distant mountain and observed. They heard the loud and disorganized shouts. Then, they watched as Li Heitan and the rest crossed mountains and traveled further away…

On the other hand, the wealthy families were forced to come together and deploy their spies in the mountains and on the main road. But there was a problem. For typical armies, you could secretly deploy them where the army would definitely travel. But when facing the Imperial Dragon Soldiers led by Li Liang, who could determine where they would definitely go?

They did not even go by the main road…

They had no choice. The group of spies brought together by the wealthy families from the palace could only advance into the mountains. But as they were hiding in the forest and waiting for the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, they heard people shouting as they came.

At this moment, they could not run, even if they wanted to. They were much slower than the Imperial Dragon Soldiers! They had just heard their shouts when they saw the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. These amateur spies did not dare to run. They could only crawl on the floor.

It was as if these amateur spies had been trampled by a herd of wild cows. The Imperial Dragon Soldiers did not deliberately target them, but they stepped on their faces and heads while they traveled…

Then, the spies had to face the Mice Army that followed closely behind the Imperial Dragon Soldiers…

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers were like a massive bulldozer. Wherever they went, the ground was flattened, stones were smashed, and spies were killed…

Li Liang had thought that according to his plan, they would take 18 days to reach the palace. But from the look of things now, they did not need such a long time.

Before that, the wealthy families in the palace decided to hold a meeting in seven days. Now, everyone was panicking. The meeting was brought forward by two days. Some people even suggested to just hold the meeting right away. After all, what were they waiting for? If they continued to wait, they would no longer have to hold a meeting.

But the wealthy families from the palace had their own interests and requests. They needed time to rotate their core members and wealth! They definitely had to discuss, but before that, they had to reduce their losses as much as possible!

At this moment, no one noticed that the Imperial Palace Soldiers were no longer among the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.

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