Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1294 - Li Heitan, Get Out!

Chapter 1294: Li Heitan, Get Out!

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers!

Lu Shu spoke clearly and confidently. The masters even felt as if these words rang beside their ears, never to disappear!

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers was a special name. Although names like the Black Feather Army and the Dragon Flame Army sounded ferocious, they were simply ordinary armies to everyone else. But when it came to the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, it was as if these soldiers dressed in black armor had become imperial troops.

In the past, people did not understand why the Wei Wu Army was so strong, and why their average strength was so high. These people had risen in a short span of one year. This violated the rules of training.

How could an ordinary person advance so many levels in a span of one year? Those from the Azure Dragon Village were only Rank Five or Rank Six. Liu Yizhao’s Qing Sai Army was only Rank Four or Rank Five. How did all of them advance to Rank Two and beyond within one year?

The wealthy families from the palace were kept awake at night by this question. They could not figure out why!

But when they heard the name “the Imperial Dragon Soldiers”, it was as if they understood everything. So they were the Imperial Dragon Soldiers!

It was as if the name “Imperial Dragon Soldiers” represented the mysterious power for a miraculous transformation. The previous Imperial Dragon Soldiers were even more dazzling!

So they were the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. This sentence repeated itself to the masters of the wealthy families.

Now, Lu Shu had practically admitted his own identity. Although everyone felt that there was something wrong with the palace of the King of Gods, they were not involved in the highest leveled battles. Thus, they did not understand the truth.

Although this reality was slightly difficult to accept, Lu Shu was now in front of them. Even if they did not believe this, they had to!

But unlike Sun Xunwen, they did not experience joy after finding out the truth. They were terrified.

The wealthy families present had all participated in the battle against the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Although it seemed as if the Imperial Dragon Soldiers would forgive the wealthy families if they stood in their position, the problem was, if the Imperial Dragon Soldiers entered the palace of the King of Gods, the wealthy families would be replaced in the long run.

Which of them would tolerate any existence that betrayed their own wealthy family? Even if they did not care, the people around them would be worried.

In the past, when Duanmu Huangqi was in the West Region, a government official accidentally crashed a carriage as he was not careful.

Back then, Duanmu Huangqi was not as violent as he was now. He did not take it to heart either. But his patron killed the official and his entire family. This was power! Power was the most dangerous thing in this world!

Thus, the masters in the Peach Blossom Association trembled with fear. They were afraid!

Lu Shu was someone who could rival the old King of Gods. This was the obvious truth. But at this moment, the King’s Studies scholars thought differently from the wealthy families. Since Lu Shu was the subject of the King’s Studies, why did he give out these books…

Furthermore, since Lu Shu was the King of Gods, then the reality of these books…

It was frightening to think about it…

At this moment, a King’s Studies scholar suddenly knelt down and shouted, “The King of Gods was able to confess that he plagiarised. He is the embodiment of courage. Which ordinary person would dare to admit their own faults? But King of Gods, not only did you dare to confess, you have even announced your fault to the world. You are a wise leader!”

Lu Shu looked at him. He was dumbfounded. “What in the world…”

He had underestimated the ability of these scholars to curry favor. They did not even care that their beliefs had been destroyed. They had to suck up to him as much as possible!

If they were to announce this to the outside world, the Luniverse would sing praises of him, right? Why did Lu Shu give them books? Was it to admit that he had copied the poems?

No! He wanted these King’s Studies scholars to scold him!

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. “I hate people who curry favor with me.”

The Peach Blossom Association was silent. Everyone was going to suck up to him, but when Lu Shu said this, they did not know what to do.

Amidst this silence, Li Heitan suddenly muttered, “Don’t you like it when people praise you…”

Lu Shu said, “… Li Heitan, get out!”

At this moment, the King’s Studies scholars’ eyes lit up. The Great Lord had simply made a claim. The strong man beside him was evidently Lu Shu’s trusted subordinate. Would his thoughts be fake?

Everyone understood this. People from the upper classes sometimes did not mean what they said. If you trusted what they said, you were foolish! After all, Lu Shu could not admit that he liked being praised by others. Who would confess to this?

Thus, the King’s Studies scholars fell to the ground. “Great Lord, you are such a wise leader!”

The King’s Studies scholars had wanted to condemn Lu Shu, but now, they were on the verge of writing “the desire to live” on their foreheads.

Lu Shu wanted to kill Li Heitan there and then. He felt that Li Heitan was very lucky to have survived until now!

Suddenly, Lu Xiaoyu said, “Lock all of them up. Then, pass the books to the civilians. Although the news will spread more slowly without the King’s Studies scholars, it is better then letting them curry favor.”

Although Lu Xiaoyu did not understand why Lu Shu was doing this, since Lu Shu wanted to do it, she would help him.

After ten minutes, the top King’s Studies scholars disappeared. But their disappearance did not seem to have much impact on the Luniverse. The civilians continued to eat and sleep.

Lu Shu stood in the Peach Blossom Association and looked at the masters of the wealthy families in front of him. They had been crawling on the ground for the past ten minutes. They did not even have the confidence to raise their heads.

Two of the masters were the same age as Sun Xunwen’s father. Their trembling bodies made it seem as if new masters were required. But they did not kneel. They probably did not even need to change the masters of their families. The families had to be changed.

Lu Shu calmly said, “Do you know what happened 23 and 18 years ago?”

The master of the Song family bitterly said, “We didn’t have the right to participate in that…”

Lu Shu had casually asked this. Indeed, these people did not have the right to participate. He did not expect to obtain any answers from them either.

Lu Shu left. The Imperial Dragon Soldiers immediately mobilized. There was the cold clanging sound of their armor. The masters continued to crawl on the ground. They did not dare to move.

After the footsteps grew distant, they finally dared to raise their heads. They had the joy of survivors. “Are we free now?”

“How could we be free?” The master of the Song family laughed bitterly. “Why do you think he left us here? Back then, we were cannon fodder. Isn’t it the same now?”

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