Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1332 (END) - Long Time No See

Chapter 1332: Long Time No See

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Office of Field Work, Luo City Heavenly Network Headquarters.

“Have you heard about the concert last month?” Someone furrowed their eyebrows and asked as they looked at the file they had just received.

“Yes. I heard that the appeal at the concert venue was particularly strong. I suspect that the lady called Wang Shuli is a rare sound-type Metahuman.” A member of the Heavenly Network gulped and said, “Someone asked Old Zhong whether we need to go to the field. After all, the scale of concerts like this is too big. Its effects are vast as well. We can’t allow this young lady to continue singing and bewitching others.”

“Then what did Old Zhong say?” The person who had started this conversation looked over curiously. Zhong Yutang was now the manager of the entire Heavenly Network. Typically, decisions made by him would be the final decision. Heavenly King Nie was busy with other affairs. He had not appeared for a long time.

Along with Heavenly King Nie, the most well-known Ninth Heavenly King had also disappeared.

“Old Zhong said that we don’t have to care about her singing. Heavenly King Lu is an old friend of hers. He knew that she would hold concerts in other countries.” An expert in the Heavenly Network laughed. “This was probably Heavenly King Lu’s plan to harm other countries, as long as our territory is not affected.”

“That’s right. Where did Heavenly King Lu and Heavenly King Nie go to? We haven’t seen them in half a month.” Someone asked.

“Apparently some trouble occurred at the pathway between the two worlds that Little Fury is in charge of. Heavenly King Lu was there, but disappeared after that. Maybe something that required his attention happened overseas?”

“Let’s be real. Does he really need to be concerned with overseas affairs. Just leave it to the overseas Practitioner organizations, right…”

“Ha ha ha, then it has nothing to do with us!”

In the outskirts of Luo City, a new car drove clumsily on an empty street.

There were no more ordinary residents in Luo City. Many residents had left because of the battle. After the two worlds started to trade, Luo City grew more popular.

Everyone had accepted the reality that the two worlds could not be completely separated. Even Lu Shu could not completely close the pathway, unless he lit up the seventh level, or the realm of the King of Gods.

At first, Nie Ting had planned to send guards, but Lu Shu did not agree. He had to support the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. He wanted to start trade between the worlds. He would earn a lot of money by managing the trade, right?!

The road that the car was traveling on had been newly built. Chen Zuan sat on the passenger seat. He was flustered. “Straighten the steering wheel! Why are you always turning it?”

“Step on the accelerator!”

“Step on the brakes!”

“Turn left, turn left, turn left! Damn! Brake!”

The car slowly came to a stop. Chen Zuan poked his head of the car and looked at the greenery they had brushed past. He turned and angrily looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. “Don’t you know how pigs die?!”

Cheng Qiuqiao looked at Chen Zuan. “They were so angry that they died?”

Chen Zuan was dumbstruck.

Cheng Qiuqiao slowly said, “It’s a trivial matter. Driving has to be learned slowly. Why are you panicking?”

“I promised Brother Lu that I would teach you how to drive before he comes back.” Chen Zuan alighted and lit a cigarette. He stepped on the greenery. “If Brother Lu comes back and realizes that you still cannot drive, he will think that I am a bad teacher.”

Cheng Qiuqiao thought about it for a while. Suddenly, he said, “Do you think that Brother Lu will be successful this time?”

“I don’t know. After all, this has never happened before. Who knows?” Chen Zuan finished smoking his cigarette in two breaths and put it out. “But I hope that he will succeed. You must know that you were able to survive because of him.”

Cheng Qiuqiao paused for a while. Then, he said, “I hope that everything is successful.”

The Ring of Fire is an area surrounding the Pacific Ocean, where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur. It stretches over 40,000 kilometers in a horseshoe shape. There are trenches, islands, and volcanoes along the Ring of Fire. The tectonic plate movement is violent. There are 512 active volcanoes along the Ring of Fire, making up 80% of the active volcanoes in the world. It is situated in between the Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate. Crust activity frequently occurs.

Lu Shu and Nie Ting stood on the surface of the water. Nie Ting asked, “Is this the place? Are you confident?”

Then, Nie Ting turned and looked at the phoenix egg in Lu Shu’s hand. There were strong flames in the egg. It was constantly jumping around, like a heart.

Every time the heart jumped, the phoenix egg would grow brighter. It was like a pearl that constantly gave off light.

Lu Shu smiled. “I would be lying if I told you that I was 100% confident. But I believe that in the end, it will turn out well. If not, it means that it is not yet the end.”

Nie Ting looked at Lu Shu with a serious expression on his face. “I’m counting on you.”

“No worries. This is what I should do.” Lu Shu smiled. The young man looked much more mature. “Luckily, he sacrificed himself for the sake of others. If not, there is only one phoenix egg. I don’t know how I would bring back so many people.”

Lu Shu weighed the phoenix egg in his hand. “He broke a pearl. Today, I will return one to him.”

Nie Ting looked calmly at Lu Shu. “Hold it properly. Don’t do that.”

Then, Nie Ting did not move. Lu Shu dove into the water with a burst of strength. His water-type abilities formed a massive whirlpool, sending them into the deep ocean!

The deep ocean was dark. No one knew when this trench had been formed. It was so deep that he could not see the bottom.

There was supposed to be a massive volcanic belt underwater. Furthermore, it was unusually active!

Lu Shu looked at the phoenix egg in his hands. Back then, it had fallen into his hands after killing Howard of the Phoenix Society and Lu Shu had not expected it to be this important in the future.

In some countries, the Chinese phoenix and the phoenix were two different animals. The Chinese phoenix could not revive, but the phoenix could.

But Lu Shu felt that this was because of a difference in countries and cultures. They had probably seen the same creature.

The seabed turned darker and darker. In the end, Lu Shu saw a line of fire in the deep sea. The line of fire, that was bursting forth with magma, stretched for hundreds of kilometers. It was magnificent.

Who would have thought that volcanoes and magma existed underwater before the advancement of science?

In the end, Lu Shu looked at the phoenix egg. His success would be decided today.

Then, he let go of the phoenix egg and threw it into the magma.

No matter whether it was Nie Ting on the surface of the water, or Lu Shu at the bottom of the sea, they both waited quietly. Suddenly, Lu Shu realized that there was a sudden flash below the line of fire.

Closely after, the fish underwater started to escape. It was as if this place had turned into a danger zone!

The line of fire underwater instantly turned dark. It was as if something was rapidly absorbing the heat from the magma and assembling itself!

The bottom of the ocean grew brighter and brighter. It shone with radiance!

Lu Shu stood in the magnificent seabed and looked at the light. Suddenly, his heart felt fresh and clear, like air after the rain. He felt very peaceful.

He broke into a smile. Heavenly King Shi, long time no see.

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