Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Training

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“This kind of website surely has to be banned,” stated someone from within the class.

“It must be, those videos from before were all deleted. Only now did I realize that this year, there were quite a few who had awakened to their power. As such, I have a strong feeling that someone from our class could already have been a Metahuman… …”

“Who do you think it could be? The class monitor? I feel that the class monitor has a decent build.”

“I do think you have the chance!”

“Haha, really? I’ll go talk to my parents and instigate them to get a divorce. That way, I’ll get some stressful stimulation and perhaps I could awaken to my powers too.”

“You’re hopeless… …”

This group of people was going on and on about it the whole day. One moment they would be talking about someone who seemed like he could awaken, and at another moment it was another person who seemed as such.

Suddenly, someone asked if whether there was a possibility that Lu Shu would awaken to his powers and everyone went silent. No one would dare to openly offend another, considering that Lu Shu was in the group.

Everyone felt that there was zero chance it could be Lu Shu. Without even considering his qualifications and looking at his physical condition, he definitely did not look like someone who could awaken to his powers.

However, the more pressing issue was that other than the sorcerer who was exposed, the others all underwent stressful stimulations before awakening. Since Lu Shu was an orphan, he probably had gone through numerous amount of stressful situations and still did not awaken, how could he possibly have any more chance in the future?

It was impossible.

Subconsciously, everyone had seemed to unanimously agree with The Golden Foundation’s acknowledgment of the Metahumans and that there were indeed people in this world who had supernatural powers.

As for them, they were still mostly clueless about all these incidents, unsure how to awaken to their own powers nor did they know the extent of these awakened powers and what changes it would bring upon to this world.

Thus, they were here blindly discussing the matter, all harboring some form of hope that they could realize their powers one day.

As Lu Shu’s name was mentioned, everyone had stopped their discussion… more like they could not carry on their discussion.

All of a sudden, someone mentioned, “Lu Shu has to work every day but still maintains his grades in his class as one of the top 5. How does he manage to do that.”

This was the changing point of the conversation’s topic. Since everyone felt that Lu Shu would not even have a chance even if the whole class had awakened, they had decided to stop discussing the previous topic.

With Lu Shu’s physical standards, there was no way he would be able to be one of the Metahumans right?

“Haha, perhaps he has been working really hard at home and could have been burning the midnight oil last night. While you guys were playing, he has been revising all these while,” yet another replied the group.

Indeed, Lu Shu’s grades had always been consistently good, considering he was someone who had always slept during classes.

Could he perhaps be one of those rumored people who appeared to be slacking in front of everyone but was working extremely hard behind the scenes?

Lu Shu was pouting as he saw the messages. As he thought of how his class was the largest supplier of his distress points, he decided to send another message, “Some may seem very carefree in the forefront but what you don’t know is that deep down, he is actually… even more carefree…”

The class chat went silent again. The many mediocre students who tried their best every day but yet could not match up to Lu Shu’s grades started feeling annoyed.

“Damn you, would you just shut up for once… ”

“From Zhou Fang’s distress, +77… ”

“From Liu Yang’s distress, +81… ”

Within this short period of time, Lu Shu’s distress points had gone up by another 500. He planned to use 3000 of it and still had 800 to spare.

Lu Shu felt that the road to riches was dependant on this bunch of adorable classmates of his!

However, Lu Shu was not lying. He was always sleeping during the day’s classes as he had stayed up late the previous night, never for the sake of studying but rather, watching the television and catching up on the drama series together with Lu Xiaoyu.

The reason that his grades were good was that he had an above-average intelligence and he had to admit that such people do exist in this world.

Obtaining grades was one way to guarantee a future for him but if he were to reconsider his future plans, Lu Shu sort of guessed that he needed to put in more effort into practicing his abilities.

He wanted to find out the speed of his ability without relying on the effects of the Celestial Fruit.

Then he would have to sing that lame old lullaby…

Lu Shu tried singing it without following the original lyrics and as expected, there was no effect at all.

“So you mean to tell me that it would not work even if I sang one word incorrectly?”

What if he was tone-deaf, wouldn’t he be screwed? You can’t possibly be discriminating against these tone-deaf people right?!

Of course, it did cross his mind that due to its rhythmic lyrics and tune, on top of his spiritual recovery powers, that it was able to exhibit such magical effects.

Or was it because of the ashes which had infused itself within him? The tree-like symbol on his palm was initially dull and colored black, but now it had changed to white.

Lu Shu raised up his hand and took a look at it. To his surprise, he found out that the once bare tree had unexpectedly three new leaves growing on its branches.

Was it due to the three lighted up stars in him?

Lu Shu sensed that what he had gone through these few days were rather magical… … but for him to sing a lullaby in order for him to activate his powers, still seemed a bit too awkward no?

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky

When the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon

He could not see which way to go if you did not twinkle so”

After finishing the lullaby, the distant stars seemed like it had built a connection them and Lu Shu all over again. The radiant starlight which only he could see rained down on him as if it were delicate silver snowflakes descending. Through the clouds and rooftops, all of it reached Lu Shu in warm waves from every direction as they headed towards and resonated within his heart.

If one was to consider the Celestial Fruit’s effect as a gushing current, this current would automatically rush towards the map and gather there. His powers would continue to trickle and Lu Shu needed to guide his powers to flow in a certain direction or it would go all over the place. Although its effects were slow, they were long-lasting.

The celestial fruit was not necessarily always available but its powers were long-lived. Lu Shu calculated the speed of which he could light up the third star on the map and estimated that in about half a month of practicing his powers could he then attain another Celestial Fruit.

He wondered if the speed he could light up the stars was related to his bone structure at all? Having already eaten two Refresher Fruits, what if he was to consume a few more?

Lu Shu reckoned this method was worth trying!

Everything he knew was just scratching the tip of the iceberg. Lu Shu did not know the rate at which others leveled up their powers nor did he know what was the most efficient method for him to power up his abilities and all he could do was to experiment through trial and error.

All of a sudden, a daring idea popped into his head: Continue on with the lottery, and one day he would reach a point where the Refresher Fruit would not have any more effect on him.

The better his skeletal foundation, the better his physical foundation would be. One day, he would be able to travel further and fast. This simple reasoning was something even Lu Shu could understand.

Since there was the existence of the Refresher Fruit, Lu Shu felt that the more of it he ate, the more it would benefit him.

But he still needed distress points!

Lu Shu gawked at the class’ group chat but could not find a suitable opportunity.

And so, he disappointedly reopened ‘Message in a Bottle’….

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