Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 667 - My Character Was Destroyed Just Like That?!

Chapter 667: My Character Was Destroyed Just Like That?!

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As Lu Shu looked at the fire phoenix sleeping in the Wutong wood, he suddenly realized that it was like Chaos. He could communicate with it through telepathy.

But there was another similarity between the fire phoenix and Chaos. Once they went to sleep, Lu Shu could not wake them up…

Now that he had both the fire phoenix and Chaos, why could he not enjoy them?! Furthermore, even the white flame had gone to sleep. Lu Shu suddenly felt that on the surface, it did not affect his combat power much. After all, he had not possessed some of these weapons in the past. But he felt as if something was missing.

After all, the white flame did not try to assert its presence. But for some reason, Lu Shu could feel a sense of security. No matter whether it was the day he awakened and got hit by a car, or the time Liang Che tried to kill him, or the time he faced Howard, this white flame had never let him down. At least it allowed him to suppress other flames.

Now, there were a bunch of indecent things in the Seal of Lands. Lu Shu did not know which genius would be able to make use of them.

Lu Shu kept the Wutong wood in the Seal of Lands. Since the phoenix had become his pet, Lu Shu decided that he could not call it its English name. What if one day, he disguised himself as Chen Baili, shouted “Phoenix” and then died?

What should he call it? Lu Shu thought about it for two seconds and decided to name it Firework. Chaos and Firework. The names sounded nice. They were his twins.

As he kept the Wutong wood, the Cheng Ying sword and the head-twisting gourd mysteriously gathered around the Wutong wood. They were like relatives outside the delivery room looking at the new member of their family…

The head-twisting gourd even spat fire on the Wutong wood, but there was no movement…

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. You were typically not very reliable. Now, was it appropriate for you to be an onlooker? You really have a lot of curiosity!

The head-twisting gourd was very indifferent towards Lu Shu. Ever since Lu Shu had used it to block himself from the divine punishment, this was Lu Shu’s first time seeing it so active.

Lu Shu once again took on Li Teng’s appearance and headed back. It was midnight, but the lights in the villa were still on. It seemed as if no one was asleep.

Lu Shu gathered up the items in Howard’s space ring. He suddenly realized that the cash Howard had stored were all in 20 dollar notes!

20 dollar notes?! You were the person in charge of foreign affairs in a large organization! And all you had were 20 dollar notes? Were you crazy?

One could not blame Lu Shu for his shock. He had never been to the United States, thus he did not know. In the eyes of the Chinese, 20 dollars was as good as pocket money. But overseas, only the Chinese would carry 100 dollar notes. The locals usually only used 20 dollar notes.

If you withdrew 500 dollars from the ATM machine, the ATM machine would dispense 25, 20 dollar notes, not five 100 dollar notes.

If you passed a cashier a 100 dollar note in a restaurant, the cashier would be shocked as it was very rare.

But Lu Shu did not know this. Lu Shu looked down on Howard. Very few people gave 20 dollars during the New Year! What kind of organization was this!

Suddenly, Lu Shu smelled the strong scent of instant noodles from the villa. But the instant noodles tasted weird.

Two years ago, Lu Shu ate instant noodles often. Back then, they were very poor. Lu Xiaoyu loved eating instant noodles, as it was tasty.

Lu Shu suddenly remembered that on the night of his awakening, he had gone out to buy instant noodles for Lu Xiaoyu. To the two of them, being able to eat a bowl of instant noodles was like celebrating the New Year.

Thinking about the past, Lu Shu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He did not know where Lu Xiaoyu was now. He had tried to summon a clone, but Lu Xiaoyu always rejected him.

This method was very strange. Both Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had to agree in order for it to work. If one of them refused, the clone would not be summoned…

Lu Shu had an unpleasant premonition. Now, there were many weird names and character’s recorded on Lu Xiaoyu’s page of distress points. English names were not common. Lu Shu could not read the names either. He tried to search online, but he could not find anything.

Only God knows where Lu Xiaoyu went…

Lu Shu came to the hall and saw a group of people gathered together. Everyone had a bowl of instant noodles. Liu Fan smiled and said, “Although these instant noodles don’t taste right and may be fake, but we are really lucky to be able to eat instant noodles in Africa. Take this as a treat from me. If you guys still want to eat more, I can buy some more. But I can’t buy them tomorrow. The boss said that I had cleared all their stock. They have to restock their instant noodles!”

Lu Shu looked at the words on the packets of instant noodles. Ha ha, it was certainly fake…

But the problem was, he had wandered around this city before. The only shop selling instant noodles here was Zhao Yongchen’s shop…

So are you telling me that the person in charge of intelligence in Africa is selling fake instant noodles?! Is this appropriate?! Could the Heavenly Network deploy more decent people overseas?!

When Liu Fan saw Lu Shu walk out of his room, he smiled and said, “Sorry Li Teng. There were only enough packets for all of us here. There’s none left for you.”

Lu Shu did not speak. He returned to his room and brought out two bowls of instant noodles. One bowl had pickled Chinese cabbage, while the other had pieces of beef. After all, they did not know what exactly was in his bag.

When the smell of pickled Chinese cabbage wafted throughout the room, Lu Shu started to earn distress points.

Li Yixiao looked at the bowl of fake instant noodles in his hands. He smacked his lips. “Brother, can you give me a bowl?”

Lu Shu laughed buoyantly and rejected him tactfully. “Nope.”

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +166!”

Li Yixiao was unhappy. He was a Heavenly King. What could you do if he wanted a bowl of instant noodles? “Brother, you have two bowls of noodles.”

“I just like eating hotpot. Anything wrong with that?” Lu Shu said cheerily.

Liu Fan looked at the two bowls Lu Shu was holding. What hotpot were you talking about? Most importantly, he was holding two bowls of authentic instant noodles, not the fake noodles that they had been eating. The difference in taste was significant.

Their soup was flavorful, but their noodles were tasteless…

As Lu Shu finished speaking, Li Yixiao suddenly dragged Lu Shu into his room. He locked the door and said, “Lu Shu? Lu Shu, is that you?! Help me earn some money! I am very poor now! Do you know how strict Nalan Que is? My savings at home were dug up by you and Lu Xiaoyu. You have to take responsibility!”

As Li Yixiao spoke, he knew that he had guessed correctly. From the start, he was very certain that the person in front of him was Lu Shu…

Lu Shu was silent. “You can uncover my identity just like that?!”

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