Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 669 - Are You Nuts

Chapter 669: Are You Nuts

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“No need.” Lu Shu waved his hand and put his trident back into his Seal of Lands. “It’s too dangerous. You may die there.”

Zhao Yongchen was silent for a long moment. “Thank you.”

The job of an intelligence agent was always risky. They knew they might lay down their lives for their country any day if the mission called for it. But who wanted to die, really?

Zhao Yongchen and others were always concerned about who would assume the role of the person in charge of overseas matters. What if it would be someone who did not care about their lives at all? At the very least, this man in front of him right now was not that kind of person. It made Zhao Yongchen realize that to this man, he was not a dispensable pawn, but a living person.

“Sir, are you the ninth Heavenly King?” Zhao Yongchen suddenly asked.

Lu Shu stopped when he was about to push open the door. “No.”

“I hope you are. Take care.” With that, Zhao Yongchen continued watching his drama. His hearty laughter resumed, but Lu Shu could sense a trace of expectation in it.

Lu Shu walked out of the store. The game was on. Together, they would overthrow the EO’s leadership, which would draw new Africans here to take charge of the mineral reserves. Then, the Heavenly Network would work with them.

That was the Heavenly Network’s real plan. They truly needed a buffer between the other organizations and themselves, but it had to be their own people. Meanwhile, Bennett might not even know who he was or whom he served. Before the Spirit Qi era, as the leader of the EO mercenaries, he had once slaughtered a Chinese factory. This incident had long since been forgotten by the masses, but Nie Ting had always remembered it by heart.

Pressured by the Department of Faith Theory, Bennett was forced to play with fire. But never had he expected that two Class B’s, including himself, would only be a hindrance to other organizations, because it was an open secret that the two of them would never pledge their allegiance to anyone.

The next noon, Bennett held a meeting in the mansion they now used as their new headquarters regarding their potential business partner. The atmosphere was pleasant. The other Class B said with a laugh, “It’s unexpected that the Department of Faith Theory and the Phoenix Society actually had a fight. As expected, Bennett’s judgment was right. We’ll be the final winner, given the many conflicts among large organizations.”

Bennett smiled confidently. “Now, the only one we need to watch out for is the Heavenly Network. But their attitude towards foreign practitioner organizations has always been one of friendliness. They should not be a big threat to us.”

“Indeed. We should drag on for one or two months so that we can transfer away some of our assets. In that case, we’ll be able to handle the situation more freely even if an emergency arises. We are mercenaries, and we can survive on any piece of land,” another person commented.

In fact, they had long since been planning to transfer their assets elsewhere. They used to be interested in the mineral reserves for their potential lucrativeness, but afterwards they understood that they did not have enough bargaining chips against large organizations.

As a relatively large-scale organization, EO could easily relocate to other places if the current environment was no longer safe for their development.

At this moment, a man suddenly rushed into the conference room and shouted, “Two unknown masters spotted 500 meters away! Coming towards us!”

Everyone jumped to their feet at once. “Which organization?”

“Probably Heavenly Network. They look Asian,” a subordinate reported.

Outside, Li Yixiao and Nalan Que were running at top speed, holding a giant stone pillar each. No one knew where they took them from.

As they accelerated, their footsteps became audible, like the beating of a war drum!

500 meters was nothing to two Class B’s. They closed the distance in the blink of an eye! It was already too late when Bennett received the message!

Li Yixiao and Nalan Que’s movements were in perfect synchronization. Nalan Que roared, “GO!”

Under the immense momentum, the two stone pillars flew out, piercing the atmosphere apart. Bennett suddenly saw that it went dark outside their window. In the next instant, the conference room had been reduced to rubble by the stone pillars!

Bennett and the other Class B made a quick dodge, but their subordinates were not as lucky. The two pillars punctured a whopping ten walls before they slowed down to a stop!

Li Yixiao and Nalan Que bent their knees slightly and leaped into the conference room from the floor. At this moment, the mansion was teeming with the wailing of the injured.

When Li Yixiao and Nalan Que dashed into the room like two missiles, Bennett and the other Class B were ready to attack. To their dismay, though, the intruders did not seem to care about their counterattack at all. They were prepared to roll over them with brute force and an indestructible defense!

At this moment, as the EO soldiers ran out of the building, Lu Shu entered the premise against the flow of the crowd. He was dressed in the EO military uniform. He glanced around casually, as though he was at home.

Bennett’s Class B colleague was not equipped with invisible storage equipment. Hence, Bennett did not store all the resources in his own storage, as a show of his generosity and fairness.

Besides, Bennett’s invisible storage equipment was not a relic, meaning its capacity was very limited.

It was information provided to Lu Shu by Zhao Yongchen. Therefore, Lu Shu’s task today was to take advantage of the chaos and bring out all the resources kept in their safe vault. As a matter of fact, it was not difficult for Li Yixiao and Nalan Que to defeat Bennett, given their seamless cooperation. After that, they could take away all the resources as they pleased.

But it was not Bennett that Lu Shu and Li Yixiao had to watch out for. It was Nalan Que…

Lu Shu came to the safe vault. But the door opened before he could lay his hands on it. Stunned, Lu Shu saw a few soldiers dashing out with some bags on their shoulders. They actually wanted to steal the money and escape, probably behind Bennett’s back!

They too were shocked upon seeing Lu Shu. One of them shouted fiercely, “Get out of our way! Or we will kill you!”

They did not suspect Lu Shu’s identity at all, because there were many Asian mercenaries in EO’s team too.

Lu Shu’s heart throbbed in pain. “Do you know the consequence of stealing my money?”

The leader of the gang was confused. “It’s not money in there.”

As though to convince Lu Shu, he opened his bag. Lu Shu felt even more miserable after checking his bag. “Are you nuts?! Why do you keep essential balms in your safe vault?!”

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