Spending My Retirement In A Game

Chapter 452 - Dungeon Golems

"Michael? Why do you want me to get him here?" Tony asked confused, "Does all of this have something to do with him?" He inquired, looking at his father with worry and confusion in his voice, and the old man just shook his head.

"Not directly... I just want to confirm something... I'll use that chance to make sure he never comes back here again as well..." Benjamin replied, slowly pushing his body up again with the help of the capsule.

"I'm going to explain everything to you when I know what to actually explain..." He muttered quietly, so Tony just silently nodded as he walked to the door again, although he stopped and turned back around toward his father before leaving.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital..? I mean-"

"If anything is wrong, we'll know tomorrow. The doctor is coming again anyway." Benjamin pointed out, so Tony just turned back around with a slow nod and closed the door behind him, while the old man got back into the capsule and closed it down. He really did know what he had to do now.

Things were becoming clearer, but as they were, each issue that Benjamin thought he already figured out was shown to be made of numerous other issues to form something that was very different to what he thought. But he was sure about one thing, something that was finally confirmed. He wasn't imagining it. And for some reason, that calmed this old man's mind down incredibly.


Soon, Eisen found himself back in his other body, standing there in the middle of his room in the Inn, where the others were already gathered around him nervously.

"Morning." The old man then said with a smile on his face as he looked at them, and Sky crossed his arms with a frown. "Were you too drunk to even make it to your bed?" The boy asked, but Eisen just shook his head with a laugh.

"I don't think so, but who knows what I was thinking? Well, either way... For now I think I'll be heading out." Eisen pointed out as he looked out of the window, seeing the town already being quite busy, and the others around him looked at him surprised.

"You want to set the stall up already?" Sky asked, but Eisen shook his head. "With 'heading out', I mean heading toward the next Dragon. I'm taking the kids with me to have them level up on the way, something that I'm going to be doing as well, but I would apprectiate it if you guys could hold the base up here." The old man pointed out, and Bree looked up at him shocked.

"What? You want to go without us?" She asked with a slight pout already building up on her face, and Eisen just looked down at her. That was his plan, at least. He wanted to just move without stopping, but as Sky and Bree slept last night... They wouldn't need any more sleep for a couple of days. The route to the place the Dragon was supposed to be didn't have any towns on the way, so he at least wanted Sigurd and Fafnir to stay here to level up while Eisen was gone... And since his apprentices should be arriving relatively soon, he wanted someone to be here to pick them up.

"You sure you two want to come along?" The old man asked, just to make sure, and the Fey-Kin siblings immediately nodded their heads. "Of course we do! We know you keep saying it might be dangerous facing a Dragon without taking thier trial, but I doubt they'll do anything when they find out who you are to them, right?" Sky pointed out, and Eisen raised his brows and sighed with a slow nod.

"Fair enough. Well, the route I want to take is a bit rough, and there probably won't be space for the Carriage there, so we'll have to go on foot. There should also be some climbing, and probably some leaping. Still fine with it?" The old man pointed out, and while Sky was a bit more hesitant, Bree immediately nodded her head.

"Yup, of course we are!" She exclaimed, speaking for her brother at the same time, so Eisen just sighed and smirked at them.

"Got it. Then let's go grab some provisions for the trip. Sigurd, you and Fafnir will be fine just having the Dungeon up for a while, right?" Eisen asked as he turned toward the Dragon, and the Core Guardian swiftly appeared in a cloud of mist.

"Mhm, don't worry about that. I wanted to have it up for a couple of days in a row anyway, to actually give more people a chance to get to the last floor." It explained, "But Before then-"

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry, I'll assemble the Dungeon Golems first." Eisen interrupted, and Sigurd smiled back. "Thanks!"

"Alright then... Sky, Bree, could you go take care of provisions then? Oh, and Bree, please open up enough space inside of your backpack, we'll be facing a bunch of monsters, so we might need it." Eisen pointed out, and the young Carrier quickly nodded her head. "Will do~!"

"Thank you. Then I'm going to take care of the Dungeon Golems and let the others know about Rouge and Parc. I told them to come to the Inn once they get here, so I'll pay for a room for them in advance and ask Gralmar to pass on a message." The old man explained, slowly stepping up to the Gate that was currently appearing behind him to get into the Dungeon and finish everything up real quick.

"Alrightly, we'll be back here later!" Bree exclaimed as she grabbed her brother's hand and pulled him out of the Inn room, while Eisen stepped into the Dungeon. As Sigurd hooked up the entrance to the place where the Golem Parts were, he could instantly get to work.

He really was nearly done already, and would just need to make the Golem Cores, the Dungeon-Rock base, and then place the Dungeon-Steel Armor on them. He would just give them weapons he made for practice before for now and make Dungeon-Material weapons later when he was back and had more time.

There were even some Crystal Structures that could be made with the Dungeon, according to Sigurd, so Eisen wanted to look into whether or not those could be used to replace parts of the 'Golem Core' recipe with, to make even those more resilient, so that just in case the Golem was actually somehow destroyed, it might just set itself back together.

"Could you fill that space up with some more rock?" Eisen asked as he placed the six golem Cores he made for now down onto the ground, and Sigurd quickly did as asked and the wall of rock next to Eisen just got closer to him, so the old man quickly stood up started to destroy the rock in certain placed to give him a rough base, and then used the chisel-mode of his multitool to properly give it a proper shape, and repeated that six times as well.

Then, Eisen just placed the armor tightly onto the rock and filled out any gap there was with even more rock, to make it fit tightly, and then quickly moved his element inbetween the rock and the metal, heating it up as much as possible to make both soften up a little, using the chance to just make them melt together tightly. And that was done with every part of the six Golems, so it took a bit longer than it usually would have.

The only thing that was left to do then was to activate the Golem Cores that Eisen placed into the center of the Golems' chests, but that wasn't anything that Eisen himself would do.

"Now, try to manipulate the Dungeon's mana to go into the Golem Core to activate it." The old man suggested as he looked over toward Sigurd, although it just looked back confused.

"Wait, you're not going to activate them?" It asked, and Eisen shook his head. "They're supposed to be Dungeon Golems. Not like I can take them out there anyway, and since I'm the Dungeon Master, I should be able to command them anyway, right?" Eisen said with a slight shrug, and Sigurd just nodded its head.

"Fair enough... Then I'll just try." The Core Guardian said with a nervous expression, pressing its hand against the chest of the first golem to try and channel the Dungeon's mana through its body into the Golem's core.

Soon, Eisen could hear the sound of rocks and metal shifting as the Golem Core took control over its new body.

"Ooh! It works!" Sigurd exclaimed excitedly, and Eisen nodded his head in reply as he took out his Sword. "Mhm, it does... Let me just test it out for a moment. Golem, stretch out your arm to the side. And Sigurd, make it so that the Dungeon doesn't let me 'Edit' it for a moment, and then go ahead and keep going." He said with a smile as the Dungeon Golem obeyed the old man's command and held its arm away from its body, while Sigurd concentrated on fulfilling the rest of Eisen's request.

And after wrapping the blade in his element turned toward rock, to give it more strength and durability, Eisen swung it down onto the metal armor, immediately feeling strong resistance. It seemed like he really wasn't able to 'edit' the Dungeon right now.

So, after pushing a bit harder, Eisen soon pulled the Demonic Blade back and took a look at the Golem's arm. The metal of the armor had just a small dent, although that soon fixed itself and returned to its regular state, so Eisen nodded his head with satisfaction.

"Perfect. These should be good to go then." The old man said with a smile on his lips, swiftly looking over toward Sigurd who nodded its head excitedly.

"Mhm! That's actually really nice. And we did get the option of making 'Guardian Golems' now... Seems like they're only going to be able to use materials that we can construct with, so for now Brick, Rock, Ore, and things like that." Sigurd explained, so Eisen slowly nodded his head.

"Perfect. That means we really won't have to worry. These guys will be the main force in the front here, and if there's something troublesome anywhere else in the Dungeon, you could create them there and take care of it, right?" Eisen suggested, making Sigurd immediately smirk brightly.

"Yup! Basically, it's a security system, hehe~!" The Core Guardian said with a laugh, and Eisen just smiled as he opened the option menu and created the Dungeon Exit behind him.

"Sounds good. Then I'll be back in a bit, yeah? I'll help look for a good spot for them, I'm just going to speak to the others first."

"Coolio, see you later!" Sigurd replied, so Eisen just nodded and left the Dungeon with a light smile on his lips.

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