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Chapter 786: The Threat

Chapter 786: The Threat

Eisen slightly adjusted the way that he was sitting. He didn't know whether it was because he simply wasn't used to sitting cross-legged while in a suit, or because he was just made to think about something he hadn't even really considered, but he was feeling incredibly, ridiculously uncomfortable right now. 

Of course, Eisen had tried to think about the fact that he must have done a ridiculous amount of things in the past. Hell, he knew for a fact that he had numerous children in his hundred thousand years of life here. That was something that he had to deal with the moment that Kiron entered his life. But even so, sitting in front of someone that has spent a thousand years away from him, but was still able to recognize Eisen at a single glance... someone that he had such a meaningful impact on, that was something completely different in itself. It was a feeling of such profound guilt that Eisen may not even have found the words to describe it, even if he did have all of his memories right now. 

"Now, let's stop delving on the past, and move onto the future. There is a reason why you're here, right?" Madr asked. From her expression, Eisen knew that she wanted nothing more than to stay in the past, talking for hours, or days, or weeks, about all the things that Eisen and her had done together until he remembered every single second of it. But clearly, this old man himself hadn't been able to keep his feelings from showing on his face all too well, and Madr knew that it was better if they didn't do that. 

Eisen could feel Kirisho's hands rub his shoulders in a comforting manner. She was still there, trying to morally support him, something that succeeded without her having to say even a single word. Soon, Eisen found his composure, and took a deep breath. He placed his hand onto Kirisho's, slowly guiding her to take a seat on the cushion to his left, while Kiron was still seated to his right. 

"Do you know of the Artificials?" Eisen asked, and Madr quickly nodded, "Of course. I don't think anyone exists that hasn't heard at least rumours of them. And knowing what I do... they are the success you sought for so long, right?" 

The old man slowly nodded, "That's right, the Artificials are, as their name suggests, artificial people. The five of us, Brody, Xenia, Jyuuk, Evalin, and of course I, gave up our 'Experience'. And that was used to create the people you see just strolling across the central continent right now." 

"Hmm... and is that reason enough to call on all the clans? What is happening in the central continent that we need to be involved in?" 

"It's not that you need to be involved in it, you already are. There exists a man, Samuel... he is the one who gave me the task of creating artificial people. And, using his power and position that can influence even the gods, he's carefully steering the story of this world into one that is interesting for Artificials. He's doing everything he can just for their entertainment. And that, sadly... includes starting a war with the Giant country." 

A frown quickly formed on Madr's face, "A war for entertainment? What sort of...?" 

"You have to understand, Artificials are practically immortal... Sure, they die, but in exchange for a portion of their experience, they're able to reform just a few days later, ready to storm into a never-ending battle again and again and again," Eisen explained to the elderly woman in front of him. She looked down at the ground, and thought for a few moments, "So... that means that you have a way to prevent the war?" 

Eisen looked at Madr, but didn't know exactly how to respond, "Not... exactly. The thing is that Samuel can only influence the world by possessing certain key-individuals. Through them, he will change policies, and lead the world into one of war. However, luckily, the countries of the central continent aren't ones where a single man has the power over all decisions. Like the giant country, they have... councils, of sort. The highest nobles are allowed a voice in the path of the country, and as such, Samuel can't use a single individual to cause chaos. And trust me... I doubt anyone but Samuel actually wants a war with the Giant country." 

"So... your plan is diplomacy? Make sure that everyone beside the people Samuel can influence is against this war?" 

"Something like that. Or well, rather... exactly that." 

Madr thought for a few moments, "That certainly sounds like a good idea, but... do you truly think you can convince the other council members of opposing this war? Those kingdoms have done nothing but try to antagonize us for years. Many are getting fed up, wanting to storm the central continent and put an end to this themselves, one and for all." 

Eisen nodded, "I know, trust me. You're my last stop on this journey, and I certainly didn't manage to convince every single chieftain. Some of them were immediately on my side, but most, with a few exceptions, seemed as though they would follow along once I show them proof that I am indeed 'the Eisen'." 

Madr looked at the old man, "And do you have such proof? While I know for a fact that you are you, I doubt it would be easy to convince others." 

"Mhm, I do have proof. Rather, not yet, but I have a way to get proof once all the chieftains are together. It's a bit risky, but... it's something that I think I should do. I already made this plan with someone a while ago, so if everything works out, he will come, and that will be more than enough proof that what I'm saying is the truth," Eisen explained, "I'm sorry that I can't explain too much yet, but it will all make sense once we reach the council meeting." 

"I see... In that case, I shall trust that you can do so," Madr said with a smile, as if she didn't doubt Eisen for even a second. It was a face that only caused him more pain than he already felt before. But he was infinitely grateful that he had someone trust him that much from his actions in the past. 

The view that Eisen had of the version of himself from back then was less than just negative. It was absolutely horrendous, as if he was thinking about naught but a villain. But if he managed to influence someone so positively, such a short time ago, at least relatively speaking, then maybe he wasn't all bad after all. At least, that's a hope that Eisen was trying to cling to as much as he possibly could for now. 

He took a deep breath, and waited for a few moments, closing his eyes, "Though, I am incredibly sorry for this, Madr..." 

With those words, something that Eisen would probably regret for a while happened. The half-dragon knights entered the tent, dragging a certain giant along with them. It was Hari, while Tari was trying his best to free his brother from the dragons' grasp. 

Madr looked at Eisen confused, as the old man just stared into the giant's eyes. 

"What is going on? What are you doing with my nephew?" Madr asked, more than just confused, as Eisen looked at Hari, "Do you want to tell her, or should I?" 

"..." Hari looked back at Eisen with an angry glare, "I don't know what you mean, you sham! Aunt, you can't believe him, this man isn't really Eisen, he-" 

"Oh just stop the act, Samuel. You're good, but you're not Evalia-good. Shit, you're not even Benji-good," the old man said with an angry voice that shook everyone in the tent to their core. Immediately, Hari's angry and fearful expression turned annoyed as he picked himself up, patting down his legs, "Worth a try, I guess." 

"Not really. I obviously already knew what was going on." 

"Right, right~!" Samuel, in Hari's body, exclaimed as he dropped down onto one of the cushions, smiling at Madr, "Sorry about this, but Hari is actually an incredibly good match for me. Don't know why, I guess it's a sort of fate, huh?" 

"Cut the crap, and tell us what you're doing here," Eisen practically threatened, and Samuel clicked his tongue. 

"Fine. Eisen, I'm just offering this to you once. But you have a single chance to reconsider what you're about to do," Samuel said in an emotionless tone, as if he wasn't nervous at all. 

"And what if I don't? You already know that you can't do anything to us." 

"I figured you would say that... well... maybe not in this world. But you know, the other one is pretty messed up as well. There are plenty of ways to get rid of someone with just a simple phone-call, especially if they're someone in my position. I figured I'd already give you a bit of a taste." 

Immediately, Eisen's face went pale, and his body turned into a metal statue as he logged out. 

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