Spirit Realm

Chapter 1841: A New Era!

Chapter 1841: A New Era!

The Infinite Soul Sea of the Soul Realm quickly dried up, and so did the Origin Sea of Flaming Sun Purgatory.

The Origin Seas of the other seven purgatories had their soul power quickly pulled out.

In the world of Qin Lie's Soul Altar, the memories of his life, his emotions, feelings and consciousness suddenly coalesced into a dot of light!

The tiny speck absorbed the power of the Infinite Soul Sea and the Origin Sea. The soul threads moved swiftly and intersected, forming a most beautiful spirit diagram.

The diagram's ceaseless transformations created an ever-changing spectacle, eventually turning into a madly-spinning whirlpool. One could clearly see billions of purple crystals flashing inside, as well as eight Nether Rivers slithering under the effects of Infinite Soul Sea’s soul fluctuations.


The rapidly-spinning soul whirlpool produced an unstoppable power that pulled in Thamur's soul threads, memories, consciousness, intelligence, and comprehension of universal laws.

Once Thamur’s imprints entered the whirlpool, they were instantly grinded into nothing.

Qin Lie could clearly feel his consciousness awakening in the Soul Altar.

After a moment, his soul presence grew extremely clear.

He was no longer lost, his feeling of helplessness in the face of Thamur's attempt to take him over gone.

Forming the mysterious soul whirlpool from his comprehension of the soul, the Infinite Soul Sea, the eight Nether Rivers, and the Origin Sea caused his confidence to soar.

He felt as if his understanding of the power of souls became a one complete whole.

"Dead souls, living souls, knowledge of life, comprehension of countless powers, all in one!"

"Pew pew!"

Thamur's fragmented memories and consciousness had been forcefully dragged out of the corners of the Soul Altar when the soul whirlpool formed.

He seemed to hear Thamur's wild throes. He was still struggling, wanting to use different laws of different universes to at least destroy Qin Lie’s Soul Altar.

But because his original plan was to refine Qin Lie and take his body over, his soul power was in too big of a mess.

When Qin Lie's mysterious soul whirlpool took form, Thamur's truths of power were scattered all around.

In this split state, Thamur was unable to remake his body or gather his soul together.

As much as he wanted to explode with power, it proved to be impossible.

He could feel Thamur's unwillingness, but remained ruthless. He continued to absorb the constant flow of soul energy coming from the seven purgatories and urged the whirlpool to spin even faster.

The fragments of Thamur’s consciousness turned into dots, specks of light, lines, smokes, broken pieces that were sucked into the whirlpool and eventually merged together.

The process felt as if he was refining Thamur...

All of Thamur's experiences, intelligence, and comprehension of laws of the universe had not actually turned to nothing.

They had merged into the soul whirlpool and become a part of his power and soul. He… had completely refined Thamur.

During the entire process he had maintained his sense of self and thus completely erased Thamur’s consciousness.

As time went on, Thamur's presence had finally disappeared. Despite that, the whirlpool was still spinning and digesting the Saint God's knowledge.

It was then that he could be sure that in this battle, he had come out victorious.

Thamur's lifetimes of experience and his vast knowledge of many laws of different universes were imprinted in his soul, becoming an eternal part of him.

The man's consciousness however, was completely gone.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The Dark Shadow Worlds scattered around the universe suddenly streaked through the stars through spatial passageways.

They gathered around Qin Lie's body as though to protect him.

Feeling the many unknown powers flowing through the Dark Shadow World, Qin Lie realized that the Shadow Being Race had been exterminated.

Having refined Thamur, he became the new master of the Dark Shadow World.

"It is over."

Qin Lie murmured lowly. He completely recovered his sense of self and opened his eyes.

The first thing to enter his eyes was the sight of six Spirits of Void and Chaos in the Sea of Annihilation and rays of Light of Destruction flashing by.

He looked into the distance. He saw Qin Shan, Qin Hao, Ling Yushi, Tian Qi, the seven great Devil Monarchs, and the five patriarchs of the God Race.

Behind them stood all peak experts of his universe.

He turned to the nearby rays of Light of Destruction. “Your race is no more, and your universe has been destroyed. From now on, you will follow me.”

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The many rays of destructive light flew over to merge into his bloodline.

He looked towards the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

"Yiya, yiyaya!"

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos gave intimate soul voices. They considered him their father.

He grinned. With a step, he flew out of the Sea of Annihilation and left the chaotic border of the universe.

"Is it done?" Tian Qi asked nervously.

Qin Lie nodded with a smile.

"Then you..." Tian Qi's voice was hoarse. He paused and said, "Who are you?"

"I am Qin Lie, of course."

At these words, the experts gathered here clearly sighed in relief.

"The thirty five returnees died because of me. However, I’ve preserved tiny parts of their soul origins.” Qin Lie looked at the experts of the strongest races and said, “Once I digest all the knowledge I’ve gained from Thamur, I’ll give them to you. One day, they might wake up again."

"Thank you!" On behalf of everyone, the patriarch of the Winged Race, Kermit, expressed his gratitude.

They’ve all been informed of the circumstances of the peak experts’ return and how Qin Lie had no other way to resolve the issue.

"Everyone, return home." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "I need to spend some time at the borders of the universe and analyze the outside lights to understand their laws. Once I completely digest Thamur’s wealth of knowledge…”

He looked deeply at the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, the seven Devil Monarchs, the God Race’s patriarchs and peak experts of different races.

"At that time, if you want to enter the ultimate realm, I will find a way."

After merging with Thamur's memories and intelligence, he understood the power of the universe was limited and could not support the ascension of many of the ultimate experts.

Otherwise, the universe would die, and the realms would be destroyed.

If they wanted to grow stronger, there was only one viable path.

"What way do you have in mind?" Tian Qi said.

Qin Lie turned and looked towards the borders of the universe. He said, "To venture outside and explore other universes."

"Won’t we become just like the shadow beings then?" Tian Qi was shocked.

"All creation will step onto this path when they reach the apex. This is inevitable." Qin Lie sighed. "The Saint God of the shadow beings, the Spirit of Annihilation Race, the Destruction Race… they all chose this path."

"In the future, we can only follow their path if we want to advance."

Hearing the words, all the experts became silent.

"Go back. Give me some time. When you are prepared, I will open a passageway towards the other universes," Qin Lie said.

"Then... alright." Tian Qi slowly nodded.

Under his leadership, the rank ten bloodline warriors left in succession.

Qin Lie looked at the seven Devil Monarchs and said, "When I completely refine Thamur's knowledge, I will return the energy I’ve taken from your Origin Seas."


Nine Hells Monarch Auston nodded and was the first to leave without a word.

The other six Devil Monarchs bowed respectfully and left the chaotic streams of space.

Only Qin Shan, Qin Hao, and Ling Yushi remained in front of Qin Lie.

"Grandpa, Father, I am still myself. This will never change," Qin Lie whispered.

Qin Shan, who had been waiting for these words, smiled in gratification. "You little rascal..."

"I will wait for you to be ready. When you open the passage out of the universe, I will travel outside and take that last step.” With these words, Qin Hao and Qin Shan left.

Only one person remained. Ling Yushi looked deeply at him. A moment later, she smiled and said, "You and I..."

"I will forever be the Qin Lie of Ling Town."

"Mn. Then I will wait for your return in Spirit Realm."

Ling Yushi's eyes lit up. She was reassured. Her figure blurred as she also left the area.

Qin Lie turned around to face the borders of the universe. He silently sat in the Sea of Annihilation and prepared for the dawn of a new era.

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