Spirit Realm

Chapter 30: Bloody Battle

Chapter 30: Bloody Battle

“Shit! You made us wind round and round repeatedly, and now they have caught up to us. Are you satisfied now?”

Ling Xin, with a longblade in his hands, suddenly stood up and erupted. He glared at Qin Lie who was sitting cross legged on the ground with eyes full of rage.

Many of the Ling Family members who had been singing the same note as him also bitterly looked towards Qin Lie, believing that it was Qin Lie’s mistake which had wasted their time, thus allowing the members of the Feng Family to catch up.

Qin Lie’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression becoming colder. He didn’t respond to Ling Xin’s provocation.

“Shut up! Is this even the time for us to quarrel?”

Ling Feng rebuked and, in but a moment, took out his Firecloud Hammer spirit artifact. A current of fiery light ignited atop the hammer, bathing his arm in a crimson shade and causing the temperature around him to become extremely hot.

Ling Yushi bit her lower lip and, with a dignified expression, took out two silver hoops which were inscribed with exquisite designs from her waist. She stood in front of Qin Lie, quietly whispering to him, “Feng Yi is at the eighth level of Refinement, and many of his Feng Family members are at the sixth and seventh levels. Although they have less people than us, their power is indeed much greater. Ling Ying doesn’t have any battle experience, and you… I don’t know much about you. You must be careful, do not try to do anything to show off.”

She stopped speaking and raised her head to look up towards Feng Yi. Frowning, she sadly asked, “I never thought that it would really be you guys. Why are you doing this?”

Ling Xin, Ling Ying, and the others all grouped together with one another, their expressions solemn as they took out their weapons and prepared to face off against the Feng Family’s fierce offensive.

“To tell you the truth, the Feng Family aligned itself with Shattered Ice Manor two years ago, we just never announced it because we hoped to redeem great merits at a critical juncture.” Atop Feng Yi’s extraordinarily handsome face, a sunny smile emerged, “Fiery Solar Jade is just too valuable. An entire mine of it is definitely worth us exposing ourselves. However, in order to make sure this information doesn’t leak out, we can only be ruthless.”

Feng Lun and Feng Jie both grinned, laughing strangely as their eyes clearly swept across Ling Ying’s body. It went without saying what their intentions were.

“Feng Yi, in the past we have fought together before, must we shed blood?” Ling Feng deeply shouted.

“There is no other way. If I don’t get rid of you guys, then I will have to bear responsibilities in front of Shattered Ice Manor. Because you guys were able to leave the canyon beforehand, I have already messed up. I really can’t make a single mistake now.”

Feng Yi was also frustrated. After a moment, he seriously said, “Yushi, although it isn’t appropriate to say these words at this time, I still want to say them… from the first moment I saw you, I wanted to have you. After today, I will truly be able to have you. Be at ease, you will be left alive. I will bring you back to the Feng Family, lock you up, and never let you leave.

“Either you kill me, or I kill you. There are no other possibilities,” responded Ling Yushi coldly.

Feng Yi laughed, not saying another word. He waved his hand, signaling Feng Lun and the others to move out.

“Kill!” Feng Lun began to laugh maniacally.

The Feng Family’s martial practitioners immediately surged over, took out their weapons, and began circulating the spirit energy within their bodies. It caused their auras to be like vicious tigers charging down a mountain, extraordinarily ferocious.

There were a total of nine Feng Family practitioners. Aside from Feng Yi, there were two others who had the radiance of spirit energy emission from their hands when they rushed over. Clearly, they had cultivated to the seventh level of the Refinement Realm.

On the other hand, amongst the Ling Family, other than Ling Yushi who had cultivated to the eighth level of the Refinement Realm and Ling Feng who was at the seventh level, the rest were all at the fifth and sixth levels. Although they had more people than the Feng Family, their overall strength was quite a bit weaker. Thus, it was no wonder that Feng Yi dared to come and kill the Ling Family clansmen with only the Feng Family’s martial practitioners.

“Feng Lun, your opponent is me!” shouted Ling Feng darkly.

He ignited the Firecloud Hammer and began to fight with Feng Lun, who was the stronger of the two from the Feng Family who had cultivated to the seventh level of the Refinement Realm. They were evenly matched, tangling with each other once they got close.

Feng Yi slightly smiled. Unsheathing his sharp sword with a bright yellow hilt, he flicked his wrist, and an extremely sharp yellow sword beam that was longer than a meter exploded out from it as a result.

“Yushi, I congratulate you for having cultivated to the eighth level of the Refinement Realm, but I reached this level a year and a half ago. My Rainbow Hilt Sword is Common Grade Five, something that my brother got for me. If I remember correctly, your Twin Heart Hoops are only Common Grade Four. Heheh, there is no way you are a worthy opponent for me.”

“Then come and try me!”

Ling Yushi’s face trembled as she shouted, her fine black hair suddenly beginning to flutter. Immediately afterwards, the two silver hoops she held in her hand released circle after circle of silver haloes of light.

“Cling cling!”

The two hoops collided, emitting a harsh, crisp sound. The sound wave entered straight into Feng Yi’s mind, rattling his psyche.

Taking advantage of this moment, Ling Yushi’s delicate body flashed, shooting towards Feng Yi like cold lightning. The silver hoop in her left hand suddenly flew out towards Feng Yi’s head, turning into a stream of silver light.

“It is much stronger than before.”

Feng Yi indifferently smiled and waved the Rainbow Hilt Sword in his hand. Immediately, three streams of golden rainbows appeared in front of him, blocking Ling Yushi’s stream of silver light.

Ling Yushi pursed her lips, not replying as she continued to condense spirit energy and use the Twin Heart Hoops to attack Feng Yi.

Feng Yi had a calm expression from start to finish, never initiating his own attack. It seemed as if he was waiting for Ling Yushi to run out of spirit energy so he could capture her alive.

On the other side, Ling Feng and Feng Yi were still evenly matched, but Feng Jie, the other seventh level practitioner, was unmatched against the rest of the Ling Family members.

Even when Ling Xin and Ling Ying combined their powers to fight Feng Jie, they were still badly battered by Feng Jie’s short spear.

At this moment, Ling Xin’s chest had already become bloody. Even if Feng Jie didn’t continue attacking, it was only a matter of time before Ling Xin bled to death.

The remaining Feng and Ling Family martial practitioners were fighting in a great mass. Looking at the situation, it was clear that the Feng Family had the advantage as the Ling Family members constantly received more and more wounds. From the looks of it, it was only a matter of time before they lost.

Across the entire battleground, only Qin Lie had yet to move, and no Feng Family member had moved to attack him.

In their eyes, Qin Lie was still but a fool, a fool who just stood there and didn’t move. Couldn’t they kill him whenever they pleased? Why would they waste their energy on a fool like him?

This was precisely what Qin Lie was hoping for!

To be ignored so that he could suddenly strike and gain the advantage, that was what he was waiting for! Waiting for the best opportunity, a moment where he could instantly kill someone!


A silver spear was suddenly disarmed from a Ling Family member’s hand. It landed directly within half a meter in front of Qin Lie.

The Ling Family member who had lost his weapon was immediately pierced in the abdomen. Miserably crying out, he desperately caught ahold of the Feng Family member’s neck, ignoring his injured abdomen as he tried to wring the person’s neck.

Unfortunately, his weapon was no longer in his hand and his body was too severely injured. He didn’t have enough strength to achieve his goal and was stabbed a few more times in the chest, resulting in him falling to the bloodstained ground like a pool of mud.

His eyes were still wide open, unwillingly looking at the skies as if failing to kill his opponent had resulted in him being unable to rest in peace.

“Ling Yang!” Ling Xin’s eyes became extremely red. From the corners of his mouth, two streams of blood flowed down to his neck. He roared with rage, seeming to go out of control in an instant.

“Becoming anxious now? Hehe, I will also send you along the path now, so you can accompany your little cousin.”

Feng Jie grinned. The short spear in his hand, that was clearly a spirit artifact, suddenly shot out a dazzling bright light. The bright light shined upon Ling Ying and Ling Xin’s eyes, suddenly blinding them.

At this moment, he went so far as to lustily look at Ling Ying’s soft, rising mounds before piercing towards Ling Xin’s heart with his short spear.

This was the moment!

Qin Lie, who had yet to move from the start, suddenly pulled up the silver spear that was in front of him and madly infused the spirit energy of thunder and lightning hidden within his body into it.

Since the silver spear wasn’t a spirit artifact, it had no spirit diagram inscribed within it. Thus, it was unable to withstand such a violent infusion of spirit energy and suddenly began to emit sounds of fragmenting.

Qin Lie didn’t pay it much attention as he rotated his waist, throwing the silver spear with all of his might.

“Crackle crackle! Zzzt zzzt!”

The silver spear was like a world shocking lightning bolt. The spear’s electric current was frighteningly violent, and the inside of the spear was constantly emitting popping sounds as it pierced straight through Feng Jie’s heart.


The violent spirit energy within the silver spear exploded!

The spearhead burst outright, and the frightening explosive power, similar to that of a landslide’s outbreak, instantly injected itself into Feng Jie’s back, causing his back to explode and leaving behind an extremely terrifyingly gigantic hole. From the bloody wound, blood, flesh, and bone dripped out everywhere in one melded mess. It was an extremely appalling scene.

Feng Jie had been instantly killed, not able to even able to make a sound!

In the instant when Ling Ying and Ling Xin were blinded, they had both thought it would be hard to escape death; both of them despaired as they waited for the short spear to penetrate their hearts.

Afterwards, they heard the terrifying sound of an explosion. When their eyes recovered, they saw Feng Jie’s bloody, miserably torn apart corpse at their feet with a broken fragment of the spear still stuck in his heart.

The two of them were bewildered, unable to figure out what had just happened in that moment. When they recovered their senses, they realized that Qin Lie had suddenly come over and had quickly picked up Feng Jie’s short spear when they were still dazed.

“Brat! You’re still taking advantage of the moment at a time like this?!” Ling Xin suddenly snapped out of his daze, furiously roaring, “I really want to kill you, you shitty brat!”

Before he had finished swearing his outrage, Qin Lie had already picked up the short spear and turned, heading towards Ling Feng’s direction.

His sudden usage of lightning and thunder to attack and kill Feng Jie had all happened in an instant.

Not only had the blinded Ling Ying and Ling Xin not seen it, even the surrounding members of the Feng and Ling Families who were focused on fighting didn’t notice it. Thus, no one could explain to Ling Ying and Ling Xin what had happened.

“How did Feng Jie die?” muttered Ling Ying, her charming face filled with surprise.

“Only the devil knows!” The red-eyed Ling Xin breathed heavily, grinding his teeth. He continued, “Don’t worry about it too much, I must take revenge for my younger cousin. I’m going to cut that guy into ten thousand pieces!”

“Mn!” Ling Ying also did not give the matter any more thought. After a heavy nod of her head, she went with Ling Xin to help their clansmen combat the remaining Feng Family practitioners.

At this moment, Qin Lie was rushing towards Feng Lun, his hand holding Feng Jie’s short spear, which was a Common Grade Three spirit artifact. It was the first, true spirit artifact that he had ever touched in his life!

When he infused his spirit energy within the spear and then used a strand of his mind energy to slightly feel around the inner workings of this low grade spirit artifact, his mind suddenly rumbled as an extremely odd expression suddenly appeared within his eyes.


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