Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1093: Phoenix Goddess

Chapter 1093: Phoenix Goddess

The prince was only an avatar made from a drop of blood earlier, not the true body. Nonetheless, it contained his power and will. Only a grand paragon could have fought it evenly.

This meant that Feng Feiyun possessed the power of a grand paragon, at the very least. No half-demon had reached this level before in history.

The prince from the market laughed and said: “I really have underestimated you, looks like you are truly a descendant of the phoenix. Who is your mother? Speak!”

“Quite nosy, aren’t you? Who is your mother then?” Feiyun calmed down and said.

“Haha, what’s the point of this? Cultivation is all about power, your talent and bloodline are useless because you’re still a half-demon, just a frog under the well incapable of reaching Heaven’s Emergence.” The prince said with disdain.

“It appears to me that you’re the frog. Have you not read the World’s End Tablet? It says that the heavenly dao is emotionless and flawed. Since it is flawed, there is no absolute and half-demons will be able to break the curse.” Feiyun retorted.

“What a joke. Only the immemorial saints are capable of fixing these flaws. A half-demon like you is not qualified to comment on the heavenly dao.” The prince said.

“That is why your future is limited, not daring to go against the heavenly dao.” Feiyun said.f𝔯𝒆𝑒we𝚋𝓃૦ν𝙚Ɩ. c૦m

“Hmph, talk about my future once you survive past today.”

A fiery star flew out of the market and headed for Spirit Lotus Mountain.

“This is Prince Tyrant’s immemorial weapon, Golden Crow’s Heart!”

“It has the power of a meteor, no man can stop it.”

The artifact shot through the air like a rainbow, crossing millions of miles.

Suddenly, a red phoenix feather appeared out of the void and became eight thousand miles long.

It swung once and sent the meteor back before becoming small again and landing on Phoenix Goddess’ palm.

She spoke from the void: “If you wish to fight, I will entertain you.”

Many saw that massive feather earlier and knew that it came from her.

Few dared to provoke Prince Tyrant but she was one of them. Many believed that she would be a queen in the future.

“I knew that the phoenixes would get involved.”

“I heard that she’s the reincarnation of a big shot from Time Immemorial. This person left behind a life jewel after death, it has been in their Rebirth Pond all this time. Five hundred years ago, the jewel suddenly activated and turned into the goddess.”

“She only required five hundred years to reach a terrifying level, absolutely one of the top cultivators in this generation.”

“Don’t underestimate Prince Tyrant, he’s the successor of that tribe for a reason and has his own fortune. Rumor has it that he relied on his weapon to travel to hell and even took a full set of armor back. This armor allows him to roam between the two worlds freely but of course, these are just rumors, don’t take my word for it.”

The prince answered from the market: “This won’t be our first fight and it’ll take too long. You best not get involved. He had insulted a prince of my tribe so I must punish him.”

“This half-demon is connected to our race. I am under orders of a queen to bring him back.” She appeared with an ethereal body.

“Haha, just say that he’s an illegitimate son, I won’t laugh at your queen.” Prince Tyrant didn’t hold back.

“He is not one of us, if you dare to keep on being disrespectful, a tribulation will come to destroy your soul.”

“If the queen uses something like that to kill me, it only proves my point.” He said.

The goddess stopped arguing and sent her sleeve toward Feng Feiyun.

“We’ll see about that!” The prince unleashed a massive palm strike to stop her.

“Boom!” The sleeve and the strike smashed each other, destroying the regional terrain.

Feiyun couldn’t help but laugh while watching this whole thing.

‘Would be best if both of them get injured.’ He thought.

It became rather difficult since this current life had discrepancies compared to the previous. He didn’t wish to go to Aquamoon or Phoenix Mountain until he was strong enough to not be afraid of Shui Yueting and the queens.

The two geniuses didn’t end up fighting seriously. The two came to an agreement and stopped trying to capture Feng Feiyun as well.

Those suppressed by Feiyun were taken back by their seniors after paying a considerable ransom.

There was nothing else they could do before confirming Feng Feiyun’s true identity. Offending a phoenix queen was potentially catastrophic.

The fourth prince of the golden crow required 800,000 worm-hole stones. This made the senior vomit blood before paying the ransom.

Peace returned to the mountain after everyone was gone.

Leaves fell down in the bamboo forest as Feiyun was still meditating in front of the grave. Another day has gone by and he was one step closer to death.

Nonetheless, he remained calm and continued to learn the dao of the late saint.

“Your mother is really a phoenix queen?” The blood dragon asked Feng Feiyun.

It has been released from the bamboo basket, albeit still sealed up entirely. The turtle wrapped the dragon around its neck just like a scarf.

“Little cutey, don’t ask because he won’t tell you anyway.” The turtle tapped its head.

“Fuck you! Address me as dragon monarch!”

“Okay, cutey.” The turtle tapped its head again.

“Goddamn you, turtle! Release the seal and fight me like a man!” The blood dragon roared.

“Fine, let’s fight then.” The turtle actually released the seal.

The blood dragon didn’t expect this to actually work. Its vitality and cultivation returned at a rapid rate as he laughed: “Haha! Free at last, I will return the humiliation suffered in the last several days tenfold… ahhh!”

It fainted again with a huge welt on its head.

The fruit landed back on the turtle’s shell and said: “Grandpa, it’s not very nice.”

“It’s fine, we’ll get used to it.” The turtle’s eyes flashed deviously. It ran over to the dragon and spat some saliva on its claws before drawing ancient runes. Even grand paragons might not be able to recognize them.

After it finished the task, it told the fruit to wake the dragon up.

“Turtle, let’s go! No help this time!” The dragon looked around before challenging.

The turtle posed with both hands behind its back and said: “I can beat you easily without any help.”

“Hahaha, I am a demon monarch that has ravaged the four seas, you are just a country-bumpkin turtle who can’t even possibly fathom my power!” The dragon grew larger and the air became filled with a bloody stench.

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