Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1095: The First Of His Kind

Chapter 1095: The First Of His Kind

“Another intruder?” Feiyun looked down and saw an old man with messy hair ascending the mountain.

This old man was dressed in a dirty manner with messy hair and some dirt on his face. His eyes were large with brown light shining in his pupils. Two whiskers grew on the corners of his mouth like fish whiskers.

He was not wearing shoes and ran barefoot like a crazy monkey.

‘Wait a minute…’ Feiyun found him familiar.

“Feng Feiyun, why are you here? What happened to you?” He saw Feng Feiyun and excitedly grabbed his hands. The fast movement made some of his hair fall down.

“Grandpa Yu, how do you still recognize me?” Feiyun smiled wryly.

This old man was none other than the crazy half-demon he met back in the alliance. He didn’t expect to see him again here out of all places.

Moreover, his memory was a mess yet he still remembered Feiyun? That was rather strange.

The old man stared at him and said: “I cultivate the Celestial Tiger Gaze, I can recognize you even if you’re a pile of ashes.”

“That’s a technique is for the white tigers only, how do you know it?” Feiyun responded.

“I have the bloodline of a kun on top of the soul of a white tiger, it’s not difficult at all.” The old man felt slighted by the perceived disrespect.

“Haha, okay, okay, you’re the best.” Feiyun knew that there was something wrong with the old man’s mind and didn’t take him seriously.

A half-demon with the bloodline of a kun and the soul of a white tiger? What a joke.

Feiyun only felt bad for him due to his mental stability, not wanting to be in the same pitiful position once he grew older.

Wait a minute…

What about me?! I have the bloodline of a dragon and the soul of a phoenix!

This isn’t complete bullshit.

Feiyun thought that this was no coincidence and wanted to inquire further.

“Lil’ Feng, let’s talk later, I have something important I need to do, it’s been so delayed.” The old man suddenly said.

Though Feiyun was in a hurry, he understood and didn’t press the issue.

The old man tidied his robe and came over to the black-dressed woman. He slightly lowered his head and asked: “Miss, excuse me, where is Spirit Lotus Saintess right now?”

The woman pointed at the grave while feeling slightly confused.

He then finally noticed the grave in front of the bamboo forest and trembled emotionally. He then rushed over and got on his knees, smashing his head onto the tablet while weeping: “Damn it, damn it all! I’m too late… it’s all my fault… how could I forget something so important…”

“Bam! Bam!” His forehead became bloodied; his eyes filled with regrets: “I deserve death, let me die…”

Feiyun grimaced - Grandpa Yu is that bastard?

He wasn’t the only one confused. The others got closer and stared at the weeping old man.

He walked forward and pulled the old man back: “Grandpa Yu, it is all in the past, please don’t be too hard on yourself…”

“I can’t forgive myself! I can’t forgive myself…” His tears and saliva wetted Feiyun’s sleeve as he cried like a baby: “Your father gave me this letter twelve thousand years ago to give it to the saintess, but, but that’s when my illness started and I forgot everything… until now…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay… wait, what did you just say?” Feiyun reacted and pushed the old man away.

The old man took out a wrinkly letter. His hand trembled as he held it: “Your parents came to see me twelve thousand years ago and asked me for a method to help a half-demon reach Heaven’s Emergence. I took them in and told them my knowledge regarding this matter and cultivation. During our break, your father gave me this letter on your mom’s behalf to give to Spirit Lotus Saintess.”

“What? My father is only forty, you must be talking about someone else.” Feiyun laughed, realizing that there was a misunderstanding.

“I’m talking about your previous father.” The old man said.

“Grandpa, are you messing with me?” Feiyun paused for a moment before asking.

“Does it look like I am? Lil’ Feng, you won’t understand even if I explain it to you right now, just know that I am speaking the truth.” He said seriously.

Feiyun stood there in a daze.Please visit 𝑓𝗿𝐞e𝑤𝚎𝗯n𝗼ν𝙚l. 𝑐𝒐𝓶

“Keke, so the one who betrayed Spirit Lotus Saintess was his father? Haha, this is fate.” The blood dragon laughed.

The turtle sighed and said: “Like father, like son. This family is shameless and can’t repay their romantic debts.”

“Is that true? Uncle did something like that?” The fruit asked curiously.

“Go away, children shouldn’t listen to this. Just remember to not be like your uncle when you grow up.” The turtle came over and acted friendly: “Old Yu, since the saintess has unfortunately passed away, we can open the letter now to see the content.”

“No, I must give it to the saintess, I can’t be an untrustworthy person.” Grandpa Yu put the letter away.

“Fuck, how stubborn…” The turtle complained.

“The truth is that her soul is still imprisoned at the first gate of hell.” The black-dressed woman suddenly spoke.

The old man’s expression darkened as he shouted: “Ridiculous, who dares imprison her soul?! I will bring her back and give her the letter then.”

“There will be a lunar eclipse three days later and that is when Feng Feiyun wishes to reach Heaven’s Emergence. I will be preparing a few things for him so I won’t be able to guide you until afterward.” She said.

Grandpa Yu’s eyes suddenly became as bright as the stars with two white tigers inside. They shot out two rays in order to scan Feiyun.

“Celestial Tiger Gaze! Does he really have the soul of a white tiger in him?” The turtle staggered backward from astonishment and fell into a small stream.

He deactivated them and said: “Child, you are actually doing this. Your path is different as well… hmm, more dangerous and harder than mine.”

Feiyun couldn’t believe it. After needing a second to calm down, he got on one knee and lowered his head: “Senior, please tell me how you broke through to Heaven’s Emergence.”

This half-demon was far stronger than a regular Heaven’s Emergence. He must be the first half-demon to break the curse. Such a magnificent character was worthy of respect.

The old man lifted Feiyun up and said: “Child, I would have told you anyway, there is no need to ask. The truth is that I have chosen a different path. I’m not quite at the Heaven’s Emergence realm either.”

“But…” Feiyun said.

He waved his hand and interrupted him: “Answer this first, what is the sign of a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator?”

“Opening the lower dantian and changing spirit energy into something purer, an emergence of a greater form.”

“I have not done either.” The old man said.

“But your power…”

“Power is separate from cultivation.” He answered: “I’ve walked a different path. I cultivate the soul.”

“The soul?” Feiyun said.

The others contemplated this cultivation method.

“How do specters grow?” He asked.

“By absorbing other specters.” Feiyun answered.

“My method is similar to that, I absorb souls to grow stronger. The difference is that I use the spirit platform in my head to store the souls. On the other hand, humans use the dantian. They absorb spirit energy, I absorb souls.”

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