SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Chapter 28 - Fall Rain is Blood (1)

Chapter 28 – Fall Rain is Blood (1)

Bae Hu-ryeong muttered. But he didn’t say anything more. He just looked at the old man who was once his disciple with eyes mixed with regret.

Was he trying to say he could leave it up to me whether or not I should forget Sword Saint/


After hearing his silence, I decided.

“Sword Saint-nim.”

“Go ahead.”

“Teach me the sword.”


Sword Saint lifted his bent head to look at me.

“Teach…please accept my sparring request if I ever ask. I did get a teacher, but I don’t have a sparring partner. If you do it, that would be nice.’

And I had promised Bae Hu-ryeong on the 11th floor as well.

That before I cleared the 20th floor, I would officially start to train.

It would be appropriate if I had Sword Saint as my sparring partner.

I would gain growth and benefits for myself…



That wasn’t it.

That wasn’t how I wanted that to come out.

I shook my head.

“Sorry. Allow me to rephrase.”


“To be honest, I can just forgive you. But.”

I opened my mouth.

“It’s a bit embarrassing. I seem like a nicer person than you. I’m not that amazing a person. I’m just happy that I won’t be an enemy to a strong hunter like you.”


“But it seems a bit embarrassing to forgive you like nothing happened when we all lifted our blades. And it’s embarrassing to pretend to be nice as well. I just don’t like it. So teach me something that’s most useful out of what you have. A sword technique.”

For some reason, I was embarrassed.

No, my cheek was twitching.

“Then I won’t be embarrassed…and your reputation won’t be hurt.”




To think that it was this embarrassing to speak your mind!

Gosh. Sword Saint had asked to forgive him since his life was special to him, right? He looked pretty prideful. He was amazing. Dope. Could you really ask something sincerely to forgive you? Beg? I could never. Ever. I’d rather die.


Crusader muttered.

“Surprisingly…it’s all true.”

Silence descended on the reception room again.

It was heavy.

It was the same silence as before, but it felt completely different.


The Venomous Snake spoke first.

“Really? You can ask anything of Sword Saint but it’s embarrassing to act arrogant…? So you want him to be just your sparring partner?”

“It’s hard to believe but it’s true according to my skill at least.”

“What the heck. Is that newbie some kind of gift set?”

Shut up before I cook you into snake soup.

“…how fresh.”

The Witch spoke incredulously.

“How should I say this. After seeing children who do anything to get more…it’s been a while since I saw a hunter like Kim Gong-ja. I guess they were still living.

They were dead. Very.

Specifically, over 4000 times. Good?


For some reason, Heretic Questioner was tearing up.

“Someone who sincerely forgives and someone who is sincerely apologizing! How beautiful. Indeed. Humans endlessly fight. However, that is the reason why they can endlessly forgive! What a holy miracle this is! Ah, everyone. I-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Yes, sir.”

At a word from the Venemous Snake, the Heretic Questioner really shut up.

It was a surprising miracle.

“Excuse me. It’s nice to see that it ended nicely. Does this mean that my 10,000 Gold was wasted?”

No one listened to her.

I sighed. I was craving some soju right now.

“Anyways. Sword Saint-nim. I don’t need to train sword techniques now. You can help me when I ask. Please be my sparring partner.”


Sword Saint was quiet for a moment. He just stared at my face. Then, he slowly opened his mouth.


His mustache and his lips were shaking.

“I can’t believe I misunderstood such a kind youngster!”


“Oh! You wanted me to teach you the sword. You said you wanted me to be your sparring partner? Of course, of course! I’ll be your sparring partner!”

He grasped my hand.

“Uh, excuse me. Sword Saint-nim?”

“Call me grandpa Marcus!”


“How old is our Gong-ja? Hm. I think you’re not over 30 yet. In the outside world, I left a very kind granddaughter outside. She’s extremely kind. If she enters the Tower as well, I’ll appeal for your charm!”

“No. It’s really okay…”

I wasn’t interested in dating. My hand hurt more than anything. My hand.

His power was extremely powerful, as fitting of Rank 1.

“What? You’re not interested in my granddaughter?”

“Uh. Yes. Sorry, it’s not just your granddaughter but I don’t have interest in dating itse…”

“Oho! That’s not good!”

His grip on my hand leveled up.

“Youngsters should feel the love. You don’t have to marry. But dating is necessary! If you start dating, you see things that you didn’t before, and you learn new things! Yup. And you learn how pathetic you can become!”

“Oh. I see…”

“How important is it to know how pathetic you can become? I’ll tell you my case. When I was 16, I used to laugh at the world. But I met her, who was the same age as me…”


This old man suddenly became extremely annoying.

His face was too close as well. I could see the pores on his nose, and even the blackheads.

It was honestly burdensome.

I hoped he would get off of me quickly.

-I said he was a boomer.

Bae Hu-ryeong clicked his tongue.

-Whether you say it nicely or rudely, he’s a boomer. Do you know what a boomer is? Someone who doesn’t listen to others. Grandpops Marcus doesn’t listen to others. Nicely said, it means he’s got a backbone. Or it means that he’s backbone is so stuck up that he’s got a stick up his you know what.

I didn’t know.

I didn’t even want to know.

“Anyways, don’t worry. Youngster Gong-ja! From now on, I’ll take care of you well. Ah, do you want an allowance? I stacked up so much money in Sangryun’s safe that I don’t even know where to use it.”

“Uh. I can earn my own money. And an allowance? I’m an adult now too…”

“Looking at your clothes, it’s too casual! Ahem. A person’s outfit should be neat for their mind to be clear. I know a good tailor. How about a suit!”


I should’ve been happy to be liked by the Rank 1. But I wasn’t. Rather, I was extremely embarrassed. It felt like I was listening to my actual grandfather brag about me.

Why was I feeling embarrassed?

‘What should I do? Should I just kill myself and start the day over?’

-Crazy bastard…

It was then.

[Welcome, hunter Kim Gong-ja.]

[You have cleared the 11th floor as the Rank 1.]

A voice rang in my head.

Like it had been waiting for the fight to end.



I automatically looked around me.

Most people were sighting in relief. They looked relieved that the Sword Saint had stopped fighting. It seemed like no one had heard the voice.

‘I’m first!’

I smiled.

‘I don’t know why but the information about the subjugation on the 12th floor to the 20th floor was extremely limited.’

Was it because the media was blocked? There wasn’t any information about the specifics. Before I regressed 4000 times, unlike the other floors, information of the 12th to the 20th floor wasn’t that well-known.

Like the large guilds had tried to hide the information on purpose.

[The 11th floor clear reward is being given.]

I was able to see the reason why soon enough.

[The Goddess of Protection is suggesting a reward to you.]

[The Devil King of Fall Rain is suggesting a reward to you.]

[Choose between the two rewards.]


I blinked my eyes.

‘Pick a reward?’

I heard a voice that I hadn’t heard on the stage before.

As if responding to my surprised reaction, a selection window popped up in front of me.


[Goddess of Protection]

Summary: The goddess who protects the Aegim Empire is touched at your dedication! The goddess has decided to appoint you to an important position.

You can be the chancellor, supreme general, or the grand master.

If you choose a position, you will also receive the powers that come along with it.

Warrior of the goddess! Work with your fellow warriors!

And destroy the core of the Devil King on the 20th floor!

※ However, if you choose the Devil King’s reward, you cannot choose the goddess’s reward.


I slowly read the reward, nodding my head.

‘It’s the same as I know already.’

Role playing!

Hunters would become members of the Aegim empire. Some could be the chancellor, and others could be the grand masters.

It wasn’t just a position. You would receive the authority and abilities that came with it.

[The special classes you can choose on the 12th floor are being marked.’

And rewards were given to the hunters that were ranked higher.

The authority to choose before others first!


[Chancellor of Aegim Empire]

[Supreme General of Aegim Empire]

[Director of Financial Affairs of Aegim Empire]

[Director of Foregin Affairs of Aegim Empire]

[Grand Master of Aegim Empire]

[Head Bodyguard of Aegim Empire]


Fancy positions were lined up.


I exclaimed to myself.

‘I was only able to choose a role like bodyguard A before…’

Even before I regressed, I climbed to the 12th floor. But in completely different circumstances. The higher rankers had taken all the good positions for themselves.

But how was the situation now?

‘The stage rewards are really good I guess.’

I was able to pick from the chancellor and the supreme general.

‘…but what’s the reward of the Devil King?’

I lifted my head.

Information that I was seeing for the first time was on there.


[Devil King of Fall Rain]

Summary: The Devil King is impressed by you. The Devil King suggests a secret alliance. The same things that the goddess offered, along with another present.

Kill the other top ten rankers!

If you do, you will be able to use the authority of the Devil King and go straight to the 99th floor.

※However, only 1 from the top 10 can receive this reward.

※. If the majority do not choose this reward, it is chosen randomly.

※ If no one chooses, the offer disappears.



I was left speechless.

When I reacted a moment later, two voices overlapped in my head.



It was Bae Hu-ryeong and me.

We blinked and read the reward of the devil king again.

But it was still the same.

[Kill the other top ten rankers!]

[If you do, you will be able to use the authority of the Devil King and go straight to the 99th floor.]

It definitely said that.

I looked around. Sword Saint. Witch. Heretic Questioner. Count. Venomous Snake. And Crusader. They were all accomplished rankers.

‘If I…”

Kill all these people.

‘I can go straight to the 99th floor?’

I swallowed.

For the last time, a voice rang in my head.

[Hunter Kim Gong-ja.]

[Choose from the two rewards.]

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