Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 21

Chapter 21. Afar from her.

An Sueun noticed that two girls molested E Xinghe, she doesn’t know what they talk about, especially Czhao Niner she took his hand she is a quite shameless!

She a little fell apart once again glanced at girls and broke down went to E Xinghe.

“E Xinghe, come to me”, - An Sueun whipped out she was a little angry and it felt in her tone.

Herd her voice she frightened and thought to get rid of Czhao Niner’s arms and come to An Sueun.

“Wait for, sister-mentor An, now we ask brother to teach us!” – Czhao Niner discontentedly looked at An Sueun. They are talking to E Xinghe, where does she come in general?

Czhao Niner has not such marital status as An Sueun has all the same she was since the childhood pampered. For a long time she hates An Sueun and can’t so easy release E Xinghe her.

Although he is pleb’s son, but he demonstrated incredible talent who knows how strong he can become in future. Czhao Niner is self-assured she can bring him to her feet. If he actually becomes stronger it is real treasure, and if doesn’t become it may always to get rid of him, it is such trifle.

Czhao Niner in comparison with her classmates is very beautiful, but she doesn’t beat An Sueun!

“Your teaching doesn’t relate to me, he promised to help me you should later to search him!” – An Sueun pronounced coldly.

Did you promise sister mentor An? E Xinghe stared wide-eyed in amazement, he was pop-eyed. But he owed her an apology, why he didn’t dare to say something.

Czhao Niner is very smart looked at E Xinghe’s facial impression, she at once understood that An Sueun talked nonsense. I am Czhao Niner found this guy how is it possible to take him off?

Czhao Niner laughing said: “I don’t know sister An with what case E Xinghe must to help? May we know?”

“I am not bound to tell you!” – An Suen said with still dead-pan face. She knew Czhao Niner and she was not interesting for her at all.

“Well, if sister An needs at E Xinghe’s help, we can’t argue with her. I think she can’t like E Xinghe. I heard that she was promised in marriage to one family in the capital, I don’t know what case she had?” – Czhao Niner saucily smiled.

An Sueun isn’t competitor for her, she doesn’t get E Xinghe!

Heard what Czhao Niner said An Sueun squeezed her fist from what her fingers turned white. She least wanted somebody talked about her marriage, she many cultivates to cast marital chains off.

E Xinghe looked at sad An Sueun actually she was promised in wife long ago, nobody knew are they plighted. Generally it doesn’t any concern to E Xinghe, but he fell apart.

“You shouldn’t interest my case!” – An Sueun turned her head: “E Xinghe, come on!”

E Xinghe quickly got rid of Czhao Niner and In Lu’s arms, said: “Excuse me, but I must go”. Finished talking he came to An Sueun by fast pace.

Seeing how quickly he was going and didn’t tirn back Czhao Noner got angry, how she hates An Sueun.

“Niner, we…”, - standing near In Lu looked at E Xinghe. She knows that Czhao Niner gets him at all hazards.

“She is already plighted!” – Czhao Niner sniffed a little standing.

E Xinghe in silent was standing near An Sueun, apprentices surprised looked, certainly, not thinking at all that something is between them.

An Sueun is not such simple can get what she wants.

Being afar Czhao Niner now is full of the sharp words.

“Even could even resist them! I think it is Czhao Niner’s style”.

“Hm”, - E Xinghe nodded his head.

“Do you doubt in my words?” – An Sueun asked.

“I think that sister thought about everything, if she said to”, - E Xinghe said nodded his head he felt awkward with Czhao Niner. Heard An Sueun he was a little surprised: “I don’t know what sister An wanted?”

“My wound on the ankle hasn’t been stored yet could you help me in treating?” – An Sueun said a little blushed. Actually she wanted to teach and understand his power and found such excuse.

“Wound on the ankle?” – E Xinghe was stupefied, hasn’t wound heal yet?

“Can’t you?” – sighed An Sueun pronounced.

“Of course, I can” – E Xinghe quickly said.

“Oh, well” – An Sueun heard that he had agreed pouted smiled.

Not far standing Sa Y Nin surprised looked at An Sueun though he didn’t understand what relation connected An Sueun and E Xinghe, but she definitely likes him.

Because of it Sa Y Nin more interested.

Teacher Chu waited for the leaders with everybody came over the first test area.

In the air from time to time the fiery bird under fiery guard flew past.

Teacher Chu looked at Mo U said: “Mo U, you go to fight with fiery bird!”

“Yes, I do”, - Mo U quickly answered and entered to the fiery bird.

Teacher Chu planned that one apprentice would be fight with fiery bird, for E Xinghe he also planned the exercise. After the fighting all apprentices tried to fight with the werewolf.

“We live in cities and towns in lower reaches, and werewolves usually live on the tops. This is only the first stage of werewolves, in the heart of the forest more powerful werewolves live. It’s even impossible to imagine them, why we firstly sharpen there our skills!” – Teacher Chu told apprentices.

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