Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 26

Chapter 26. Landsfall.

-Then will you have charge of the corpse? Another five-six days and it will begin to decompose! –Teacher Chu said, -I know what you feel, but now it isn’t the best way out!

-We agree with teacher Chu, it will begin to decompose!

Lan Y looked at Lan Zan’s corpse there is no any hint of sorrow on his face, before he had argued against E Xinghe with accusal in killing, then he looked such suffering as his tribesman had died but actually he didn’t take his death to heart.

Teacher Chu buried Lan Zan’s corpse.

Apprentices ran away to their mentors, not suspecting at all, that werewolf casts his greedy glance at.

Not knowing that this werewolf lives nearby teacher Chu ordered to reinstall the tents and remove the camp in one kilometer from this wasteland. Who knows when he can attack?

New camp settled on the wasteland surrounding mountain hills with beautiful view. This wasteland is rather wide here mountain’s river is passing.

Teacher Chu took some strong apprentices and sent to hunt on the fiery birds for food supply.

Those foods which they brought with them were ending, because they planned to be here only three days and return, but now they stuck here for rather long!

Guys fell into talk in tent.

-E Xinghe, how do you think who could do it? – Standing near Lin Hun wrinkled his brows looked at E Xinghe and asked gloomy.

-I also don’t know who could do it, and said that it was done by werewolf I also can’t, but if even so werewolf had killed Lan Zan, then why did he leave his corpse? E Xinghe a little thought said:

-I don’t know who can do it, but definitely he had done it to revenge!

-If for revenge then why did he destroy the bridge not giving chance to return in Academy? –An Sueun asked wonder.

-It is easy to understand if to destroy the bridge the corpse stays here and isn’t discovered and here it will be buried here! –Sa Y Nin said smiling.

Sa Y Nin’s words were worthwhile.

-Do you think that this man didn’t go out anymore? – Lin Hun asked wrinkled his brows.

E Xinghe noticed that E Xinghe pays much attention to Sa Y Nin, she is actually beautiful. Lin Hun all the time looked at her.

-This is scarcely, we know only that between this man and Lan Zan was feud, I don’t know whom else he could hate. –Sa Y Nin said thought.

She is north king’s daughter though she is arrogant, but it is not complicated to get with her.

E Xinghe silently thought about everything, who else could do it? If it repeats who will be the next one?

E Xinghe, An Sueun, Sa Y Nin, Lin Hun and Mo U the five of them lived in one tent, and leaders put up their tents in center. If something happens they will go to help at once. It is rather safely.

As night rolls around everything around was becoming silent.

E Xinghe begins to cultivate in the tent, keeping in hand two starlight stones which Lin Hun gift him. These stones suck up starlight body’s power.

Usually starlight stones suck up starlight body’s power of the third level of practicing martial technique during five-six days.

E Xinghe continuously practiced star martial technique, hardly stone had begun to suck up starlight body’s power with the naked eye could be seen how he began to suck up body’s power, it went up his energy situating bellow his belly-button and two stars began to continuously rotate and let out dazzling light.

Sometime E Xinghe felt below his belly-button as if something exploded and there power increased several times.

He is still at the third level, but it develops at a swift rate. E Xinghe felt that there is no much left to the fourth level.

More than an hour two star stones and E Xinghe sucked up starlight body’s power.

E Xinghe’s apple of eye more began to let out the gold light.

This gold light imparted the fogginess to the apples of eyes as the mystery conjuration.

E Xinghe noticed that power in his apples of eyes doubled.

-Aaa! –He felt that his eyes at any moment burst the gold light is going out paintfully to death. Before it wasn’t such as, this is price of magical transformation.

In this light appears the silhouette demonstrating the martial technique.

Starlight apple of eye sees the fighting in the welkin.

The level of power consists of elementary and physical power, but starlight body’s power differs, it is impossible to see it with the naked eye, it may be only felt.

It can be seen only when you reach the starlight apple of eye. After, you can discover it everywhere.

Fighting this power during the attack can break the enemy into pieces.

Firstly E Xinghe beat the Lan Zan’s fiery power using the base of martial technique and he can learn receptions of more high level.

This fighting is just like in reality. In attack he breaks his enemy into pieces, and also breaks with hands!

Not knowing how long E Xinghe had been cultivating but opened his eyes he smiled realized that this skill his ace of trumps in fighting.

His mystery trump helps him to survive in this world! E Xinghe thinks that the starlight apple of eye had important role.

He had just cultivated as suddenly all the earth trembled.

There was a terrible roar.

The earth trembled and mountain shook.

-What is going on? What’s happened? –E Xinghe scared run to the exit.

-Landsfall! Everybody, run away! –Screams were heard outside.

E Xinghe ran out of the tent, beyond from the top of mountain very quickly an enormous clump was rolling down, it approached closer and closer. Even warrior having the eighth-ninth level couldn’t hold it.

This enormous clump dartingly rushed on the camp to flatten it!

All apprentices in full abashment couldn’t get together and was running in all directions to the forest covert.

The situation is critical, if not to run away fast this enormous clump crushed everything!

The roar intensified.

E Xinghe is in the safety, but he didn’t find An Sueun, but she saw him and dashed to him.

-We all had already ran awae, E Xinghe let’s go faster! – An Sueun screamed.

-Yes! – E Xinghe ran for her.

They just had ran away as this clump with roar flashed where their camp was just standing, leaving the heap of rubbles from it.

Two apprentices hadn’t hide from enormous clump crushed them, everything around was covered with blood.

Their power was negligible against them!

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