Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 10 - Contract Book

Chapter 10 - Contract Book

At the thought of this, the cyan contract book, which was quietly hovering in his sea of consciousness, was summoned.

The pure-bronze contract book floated in front of him while exuding a faint breath of life.

As Su Bai focused his attention on the contract book, he saw the relevant information about it: [Bronze one-star contract book, the law of life contract book, a variation of the wood contract book, after the contract pet has the opportunity to obtain vitality to return a favor. The opportunity to live is universal across all pets. At present, it is possible to contract servant-level to warlord-level subordinate pets.]

Su Bai knew that 'bronze one-star' represented the level of his contract book. A contract book could be advanced, and a bronze one-star book could reach three-stars, then silver one-star, and gold one-star…

The level of a contract book was related to the number of contracted pets under a Pet Tamer, and it indirectly represented the strength of that Pet Tamer. For example, Su Bai's current contract book was only bronze one-star and just had a single page. This meant that he only had one contracted pet at the moment.

His first page was now occupied by Little Wood Spirit, Purple Jade. This meant that he could not contract a new spirit or monster unless he was promoted to bronze two-star. By then, there would be an extra page so that he could contract other pets.

The higher the level of his contract book, the more pets he could contract. Bronze and silver contract books could only release one blank contract page every upgrade. Two pages could be released once it reached gold level. A contract book would gradually become stronger, which would let its owner, a Pet Tamer, obtain some powerful skills.

It could be said that the contract book was every Pet Tamer's foundation and could not be done without.

Su Bai had already understood all these points. Advancing a contract book was not difficult, but it was not exactly easy, either. A contract book's level would increase alongside the spiritual power of a Pet Tamer and the strength of a contracted pet. Furthermore, some treasures and materials with unique laws could help advance a contract book further.

The simplest way, which was strictly forbidden by the Spirit Alliance, was to devour other contract books. Devouring other contract books would not only allow a Pet Tamer to advance their contract book quickly but also provide them with additional contract pages, special pet skills, and summoner skills.

However, this was strictly forbidden by the Spirit Alliance, and the laws governing various countries were merciless in their punishments. Anyone who dared devour the contract book of someone else would be the public enemy of the entire alliance. The alliance would pursue them to the ends of the world, and they would be left with no foothold on this planet.

This was because to devour a contract book, its owner must first be killed. If it was not forbidden, the order of this world would surely collapse. Such a dark age had already occurred a hundred years ago.

Absolute freedom would inevitably lead to absolute exploitation. The force of individuals in this society was inherently terrifying, and if it was not restricted, the destruction of this world was inevitable.

As for the book of law, it referred to Su Bai's contract book, which relied on the law of life to contract pets. However, this did not have any effects on him, and no matter the law, as long as it was a contract book, he could still contract pets.

Su Bai thoughtfully opened his contract book while looking at it. The first page was filled with the image of Little Wood Spirit. It also recorded various information about the pet that only he could see as this book's owner.

"Bonding skill: life-sharing?"

Su Bai suddenly discovered that there was a special bonding skill between him and Purple Jade called life-sharing.

This skill allowed him to share his vitality with Purple Jade, which meant that if he was attacked suddenly to the point of dying, Purple Jade could transfer a part of its vitality to him through the life-sharing skill, thereby saving him from death.

Conversely, although he could also help Purple Jade, the effect was minimal. In a way, he had taken a big advantage here.

This was more or less a magical skill that could well guard against the situation if he had only one or two pets in the early stages and was attacked.

Su Bai felt that this skill was comparable to the space exchange skill, which was sold on the market. Space exchange was an excellent life-saving skill of a Pet Tamer that could prevent them from being injured.

This skill, which was sold for as high as fifty million on the market, was considered priceless.

In a Pet Tamer's early stages, they only owned a few pets and were also very weak. Hence, they would be an easy target for others. Life-saving skills were outrageously expensive, and most people could not afford them.

After taking a sip of water to calm himself down, Su Bai decided to hide this life-saving skill temporarily.

He returned the contract book to his consciousness and started thinking about what he should do next.

At last, he was considered an apprentice Pet Tamer.

Su Bai thought for a while and decided that his next primary goal would be to cultivate Purple Jade and to try and obtain a professional Pet Tamer qualification certificate before the college entrance examination. He then would enter an excellent Pet Tamer university.

Only formal professional Pet Tamers were qualified to enter the space cracks guarded by the Spirit Alliance and obtain some precious materials, pets, skills, et cetera. Pet Tamers, who truly wanted to be powerful, would want to venture into the space cracks. Although the Earth had experienced aura rejuvenation, various treasures and spiritual plants were still limited in power. Most importantly, skill jades could be produced in the space cracks, and only by going there could a Pet Tamer have the opportunity to obtain some precious out-of-print skills.

He was now in the last half of his school's second semester, which meant that he would be promoted to third year in September this year.

He reckoned that he would conduct a division of subjects at the end of this semester. Besides the original liberal arts and sciences, there would be an additional pet branch. Liberal arts and sciences would remain in the original model, while the pet-related subject would be in a different model. The college entrance examination mainly tested one's theoretical knowledge about pets, performance during actual combat, and level of pet training. The original liberal arts knowledge only occupied a small part of the examination.

The same pet subject was only intended for a pet university, which was the path toward becoming a professional Pet Tamer.

The reason why Su Bai was preparing to take a professional Pet Tamer license before the college entrance examination was that the certificate not only added points but also was required in some strict pet universities. One of the prerequisites for applying to some universities was the qualification of a professional Pet Tamer, so that certificate was very important. Only it could help him enter the circle of Pet Tamers and enjoy the same benefits and treatment.

The official selection and assessment of Pet Tamers took place in April and mid-December each year. In April, Su Bai could not participate, nor was he eligible to.

Moreover, there was a very big problem blocking his path—he had no money. Out of the 600,000 yuan his parents had given him, only 20,000 yuan was left; the others had been spent on Purple Jade.

With the remaining money, he could barely buy Purple Jade a week of rations, let alone buy things to cultivate it.

"Sigh… It's too difficult."

Su Bai shook his head sadly.

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