Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 13 - Explosive Potential

Chapter 13 - Explosive Potential

The red sun rose and the river flowed.

Su Bai opened his eyes to see the red sun outside the window transforming into a golden sun.


Purple Jade, who had already woken up a long time ago, howled and looked at him with purple eyes full of spirituality.

Looking at the time, he could not help but yawn. It was only 6:30 a.m. "Ah~ I'll sleep some more. Buddy, if you're bored, play a few games first…"


The cub called again and shook him. When he remained motionless, it glanced at the phone and finally clicked on a game interface.

"Howl? ⊙∀⊙"

After clicking it, Purple Jade was surprised to see that he had fallen to second place. Furthermore, the one in first place was only a point higher than it.


The cub decided to take back first place.


Half an hour later, when Su Bai opened his eyes and finally woke up completely, he saw his pet squatting beside him, watching him quietly. The phone screen was already dark.

That kind of game was really not a challenge for it. After taking back first place by one point, it refreshed the other's records and was now feeling bored.

"Let's go; I'll take you out to play after we have breakfast."

Su Bai put on his clothes and held up Purple Jade.

"Howl! Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ"

It instantly became excited at the mention of food. In fact, it had already been quite hungry.

"Dad and mom went to work?"

He looked at Su Yue, who was reading in the living room, and asked.

"Yeah. Breakfast is on the table. Mom specially prepared a luxurious set for Purple Jade."

His younger brother turned to face him.

"A luxurious breakfast?"

Approaching the table, Su Bai took off the cloth covering the dishes.

His breakfast was a bowl of porridge and a burrito. Meanwhile, his spirit's breakfast was extremely luxurious, comprising a Flower-scented Cow's milk with wood spirit potion, a spiritual plant, and a white pearl fruit.

One was worth three yuan, while the other was worth 3,000 yuan.

His heart hurt at this disparity.

It was too real. She was his birth mother, indeed.

"Buddy, you only need to drink a portion of the Flower-scented Cow milk in the morning. Its spiritual power is enough. You can drink the rest when you're hungry at noon."

Su Bai put away the other two things. Eating too much at one time was not good for the pet, and he was not doing it out of jealousy, not at all.

The rest could only be maximized when the cub's spiritual power was exhausted after training. As a Pet Tamer, he had to make adequate plans for his pet.


Purple Jade stared at him, feeling as though something was wrong, but it also felt that his words were reasonable, and coupled with its unconditional trust in him, it nodded in agreement and began feasting on the milk.

Su Bai also silently ate his three-yuan breakfast. The breakfast he originally liked now seemed very dull and uninteresting. Only when he remembered that Purple Jade was his pet did he feel that it was acceptable.

After eating and tidying up, he rode the scooter with the cub and his younger brother to the pet center.

Now that he was an apprentice Pet Tamer, he had to register at the pet center and apply for a Pet Tamer ID.

Although he did not want to go, he could not do anything about it, unless he wanted to confront the Spirit Alliance.

"Brother, have you checked Purple Jade's data with the illustration machine?"

Su Yue asked in the back seat of the scooter.


"Oh, I feel that your pet's data will be off the charts and definitely won't be anything inferior."


Amid their small talk, they arrived at the pet center in town.

The pet center was established by the Spirit Alliance and was directly under its jurisdiction. All relevant businesses, macro or micro, were handled here.

Su Bai's goal was to apply for a Pet Tamer ID here and then head directly to the main hall.

Few people were applying for Pet Tamer IDs, so it was his turn soon.

"Please show your identification." The female staff member looked at him. "Head over to the pet inspection for the related registration after."


Su Bai handed over his ID card and then walked with Purple Jade and Su Yue to the said inspection area. Any registrant would not get a special Pet Tamer ID; instead, the relevant information would be directly integrated into their previous ID card. This was because almost everyone in this world had at least one pet.

Only professional Pet Tamers would receive separate IDs.

When they reached the testing room, a lady in her twenties, who was in charge of the station, asked curiously upon seeing the cub on Su Bai's shoulder. "Little brother, this is a mutant pet, right? I've never heard of it before; it's so cute."

"Yes, Purple Jade is a mutant pet." He nodded. There was nothing to hide here.

"You're very lucky, little brother. Mutant pets are relatively rare. Bring it over, then lay it on the testing table, and place this above it."

The female inspector picked up a special detector.


After comforting his spirit, Su Bai hugged the cub and brought it over to the testing table. He placed the special detector above its head and four claws.


Feeling slightly uncomfortable, the cub shook its body, but seeing Su Bai beside it, it stopped its violent struggle eventually.

"Don't worry; this instrument isn't dangerous. It's mainly to detect a pet's potential."

The young lady turned on the instrument while speaking, and a wave of spiritual power was transmitted.

"What the heck! Is the instrument broken?"

Out of the blue, the young lady uttered a curse as she stared at the computer screen with widened eyes.

"Affinity of 92 points on two elements, wood and poison? Dual characteristic? 81 on physical strength?"

She rubbed her eyes and stared at the values displayed on the computer screen, speechless for a long time.

Having worked here for three years, this was the first time she was seeing a pet with such a terrifying potential based on its data.

The potential of a pet was judged mainly on spiritual affinity, characteristics, and physical strength.

The characteristic value was related to a pet's attack power, effect, et cetera, while spiritual affinity and physical strength were the keys to whether a pet could advance further or not. If spiritual affinity or physical strength was too low, a pet's potential would be greatly reduced.

Compared with these three cores, evolutionary types were more secondary and could only show that the pet had a good potential from one aspect.

The most powerful pet affinity she had seen got a score of 80, but that pet scored relatively poorly on other aspects.

Pets like this were probably only owned by aristocratic families or core disciples of the Pet Gymnasium.

Furthermore, the most incredible thing was that the relevant information could not be found even if one searched through the integrated Spirit Alliance's illustrated library, which meant that this was a new unknown pet species.

In addition, out of its two features, only Thorns Domain was detected, while the other one remained undetected.

Hearing the young lady curse in surprise, a colleague of hers came over. When she saw the data displayed on the computer, she, too, looked frozen in shock.

Looking at this pair of brothers, they wondered if both were from an aristocratic family who had come out to experience the world. However, there did not seem to be a big family surnamed Su.

"Howl? (′▽`〃)"

Purple Jade turned its head a little nervously. Why were they staring at it?

"Su Bai, right? Hello, your pet should be a complete mutant and apparently an unknown pet species. According to its potential, if you're willing to enter its illustrated book into the illustrated library and briefly explain its mutation process, you will receive a bonus of 30,000 yuan."

Regaining their composure, the two young ladies resumed their professional attitude.

"No problem. The beginner material I bought was the crystal nucleus of a Queen of Thorns at the warlord level. It took a full fifteen days to hatch from the incubator into how Purple Jade looks now. I'm unclear about the specific details."

Su Bai spread his hands and freely explained these things. He did not feel the need to hide such stuff. Mutation of a beginner pet egg often happened and was not rare, but it would seldom have such a high potential after mutation.

The most important thing was that the computer had already obtained his spirit's information, so what did it matter whether he agreed or not?

"Thank you; I understand. Do you know what its other feature is then?"

The young lady clicked on a picture book editing page and quickly typed in what Su Bai said.

"I'm not sure, either; I have yet to experiment with it."

He did not know why the detector could not detect his pet's Hidden Poison characteristic. It might be because this characteristic had been mutated to a certain extent. Since it was not detected, he did not want to say it, or bad people might harbor ill intentions.

"Okay, then. I will just record it as such first. You can come back again after you have it figured out." The young lady did not ask further and just recorded the given information directly.

The lady worker next requested for him to show his contract book before she finished recording his identity information as a Pet Tamer.

After transferring the 30,000-yuan bonus to him, the young lady asked, "Do you want to leave your phone number? Your pet has such a good potential; the Pet Gymnasium may want to recruit you."

"Thank you." He thought for a while and left his contact information behind. After all, he lacked money.

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