Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 19 - Subject Choice And Survey

Chapter 19 - Subject Choice And Survey

Lesson time.

"Hey, Rouxue, we're going to choose our subjects soon. Have you decided on it?"

After failing to hug Purple Jade, the group of girls gathered around their class monitor.

Chen Rouxue was the class monitor of Year 2 Class 4, in which Su Bai belonged. She had the highest grade in her year level, and in fact, her high school entrance examination results exceeded the scoreline by more than 100 points. She had only chosen Fourth High School because all the other schools were too far from Carp Town.

Chen Rouxue looked beautiful in her short hair and with her pair of tantalizing eyes.

She was kind, enthusiastic, and generous, and she never gave boring reports to the teacher. She got along well with her classmates, too, and was very popular in school, so many of her peers liked asking for her opinion on most things.

"I'm intending to become a professional Pet Tamer. I really like seeing the scenery of this world and the other worlds. It'll be amazing to travel with my pets." Chen Rouxue smiled lightly, without any sense of hesitation.

"What about you?"

"I also want to go to the pet department. Only pet-related professions have a future nowadays, but it's very difficult."

"I have yet to figure it out." Someone's eyes were full of confusion. The majority of students had average grades and pet potential, so they felt even more uncertain when it came to their upcoming choices.

"I should just do a simple course and just have a pet with me," said another with some reluctance.

The rest fell silent at once. All of them, in fact, wanted to choose the pet department, but everyone's condition differed from one another, so some people could not choose it even if they wanted to.

Choosing often made people sad and reluctant. Some people would feel sad because they had to separate from their best friends, while some would feel sad because they could not follow the same path as their crush; others were reluctant to separate from their classmates and teachers. This was a warm family of sorts, after all.

Just as everyone was in grief, someone quietly drew a pig on a sheet of paper and tried to stick it behind a certain girl.

"Wang Tao, you're dead. Stop right there!"

Alas, as soon as he stuck the paper, the girl discovered it and chased him with a book. Everyone else burst into laughter, and the atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became lively.

This was the second semester of their second year of high school. The subject placement of liberal arts and sciences had already ended as early as the first year. Su Bai was in the science class, and at the end of the semester, all students had to choose another subject placement, which was the choice of pet courses.

Be it to become a professional Pet Tamer, an educator, a pharmacist, an egg appraiser, or a job related to spirits and monsters, they had to obtain proper guidance, choose pet courses, and enter a spirit university or some secondary institution.

This was April, so only two months were left before this high school semester ended, then the placement of courses would begin. Almost all of these students were over sixteen years old and had their own pets. Whether or not they chose spirit subjects, their selection would determine their direction in life. This point in time was a critical fork in their road.

"Su Bai, are you also choosing the pet department?"

Chen Rouxue turned her head over and asked with a smile.

"Of course." He nodded. Having already passed the confusing age of youth, he was not hesitant about his decision at all.

"You're reading a Pet Tamer book, so you want to become a Pet Tamer!" The class monitor leaned over. Su Bai had a pretty good relationship with her, and the two of them would even often hang out, so they were, therefore, very familiar with each other.

"It's a secret. You can make a guess." He closed the book and smiled.

"I'm too lazy to guess. Anyway, can I cuddle your cub?" Chen Rouxue looked at Purple Jade with a grin. This was her real goal. "I allowed you to play with my Little Devil last time."

"It's not that I don't wanna let you hug it, but it's only a few days old, so my pet is a little afraid. If you can coax it over, then there's no problem." Su Bai spread his hands and touched the cub, which was squatting on his shoulder. "Do you want to go to her?"

The cub raised its head and looked warily at the girl, then it shook its head in rejection. At that moment, Chen Rouxue took out a cyan fruit, and Purple Jade's eyes lit up. "Woo~ Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ"

Glancing at its owner, the cub slowly walked over and hugged the fruit with its forelimbs. The cyan fruit spilled juice when Purple Jade chomped on it.

The cub itself was now being affectionately held by the class monitor.

Su Bai shook his head and continued reading.

Chen Rouxue's pet was also very special. It was a Little Devil of the ghost type, and it was purple-black and chubby. It had blood-colored flesh wings on its back and black horns on its head. The ghost-type spirit liked scaring people as it found their reaction very interesting.

Purple Jade finished eating the fruit after a while, and by then, all of Su Bai's other classmates had gathered around it. Seeing a dozen hands reaching out at once to touch it scared the cub into scurrying back to its owner's table.

Time flew quickly, and Wang Wenyi, the teacher of the afternoon class, walked in. A warlord Flower Fairy followed her in.

The warlord's aura immediately made the pets in the classroom behave, and even the naughty ones dared not to mess around.

Su Bai looked at his cub, which was sitting obediently on the table, and then at the Flower Fairy. This was a human-type pet, but it only had a height of thirty centimeters. The small and cute fairy was said to be a wood type born among flowers. Its body was all pink and the wings on its back were transparent.

"Today, our class will be on the following points…"


Once Teacher Wang finished talking about several regular security issues, she moved to another topic. "There's one more thing, and I think you all have known about it long ago.

"That's right. It's about the division of subjects. Please choose whether you want to be allocated to the spirit division or not. Here is the form; I'll give several copies of this to the class monitor later. You can each fill in your choice and hand it to me before Friday."

After giving them a brief overview of the offered pet courses, the teacher proceeded to say, "You'd better train your pets in the spare time you've got over the following days. Although a spirit's potential is a key factor in the division of spirit courses, its strength and a Pet Tamer's physical fitness are also among the key components.

"At the end of this month, there will be a bottom-line exam, which will focus on the classification and personal situation of each of you. I'll tell everyone in advance that there's still a month left, so I hope that you can grasp it and work hard."

The teacher left after saying that, and sounds of discussion erupted in the classroom about the division of classes and the cultivation of spirits.

"The spirits in our class are all low-level servants, aren't they?"

The oldest student in the class was still a few months away from reaching seventeen years of age. Most of them had only had their pets not long ago, so it was still relatively difficult for their spirits to reach the midđle level as servants.

"No, my Lava Dog has reached mid-level as a servant, hehe." Guo Dong smiled as he showed off.

Although his studies were not good, his pet was still more advanced than the others.

"Keep showing off, but you'll still have to cover for me; that's why I let you copy all my homework last time."

"Same here. My Water Ripples is at mid-level now." Liu Weiwei chipped in.

"Class monitor, your Little Devil has also become a mid-level servant, hasn't it?" asked Yang Zhou as he looked at the situation outside the window.

"Yeah, it has grown a lot." Chen Rouxue nodded.

As she spoke, a pale face with a tongue sticking out appeared from under the table to look at him with its bloody eyes. "Hee hee~"

"Sh*t, I'm so scared!" He shrank his neck, pretending to be scared.

"Repeat those words again and I'll kill you. Disgusting!" Su Bai could not stand it and kicked his chair.

If even the girls in this class were not afraid of Little Devil, what more of Yang Zhou, a brawny youth with a height of 1.8 meters? He liked pretending to be frail, and it was killing his friend.

Was this a macho? It was too ridiculous!

"Hahaha, don't you know that machos all babble?" This guy, who felt no shame at all, laughed very happily.

"Anyway, let's go home together after school." Yang Zhou looked at the other two. All three of them were not staying on campus, and though their homes were not in the same direction, they always walked the same path together.

"No problem. Su Bai, wait for us. You ride your bike all the time and it's too fast," said Chen Rouxue.

"Okay, let's go home together after school." Su Bai nodded.

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