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Chapter 366 - Myriad Spirit Blood, Eternal Grade

Chapter 366 - Myriad Spirit Blood, Eternal Grade

The sudden appearance of the blood-colored dragon which was as huge as Blue Planet stunned everyone. The terrifying aura it emanated made every dragon-type pet prostrate on the ground. Some of the other monsters were even suppressed to the point that they could not move.

Even the eternal pets of Du Qiankun and the others did not dare to come close to it.

Everyone was shocked when they sensed the Ancestor Blood Dragon's aura.

"It's… It's the Ancestor Blood Dragon at the peak of the immortal grade! What a horrifying aura!"

He Yu's jaw dropped when she saw the divine dragon flying out.

The terrifying aura it carried seemed to be even stronger than the eternal monsters.

Han Wei, Ouyang Du, and the others were all rendered speechless. Before Su Bai returned, they had made all sorts of guesses as to how strong he currently was, but this situation never popped up even in their wildest imaginations.

Eldest Senior Brother Su Bai's divine dragon had already evolved to such a level…

This was simply shocking.

Not far away, Su Yuan looked at the girl beside him, whose jaw had dropped in shock.

He smiled and said, "How is it? Did I say anything wrong? The Ancestor Blood Dragon is already at the peak of the immortal grade! Since it has matured this much already, I cannot even fathom how close he is to becoming a mythical Pet Tamer!"

Su Yuan was envious.

He might already be a legendary Pet Tamer, but he knew how difficult it was to become a mythical Pet Tamer.

Su Bai's Ancestor Blood Dragon was only at the peak immortal grade, but its aura was even stronger than some eternal monsters. Even his third-generation Frost Dragon would be suffocated by this Ancestor Blood Dragon's aura.

Furthermore, he could vaguely sense two other auras appearing on the dragon.

Perhaps only the first-generation Frost Dragon could compete with this Ancestor Blood Dragon.

Upon hearing Su Yuan's words, the young girl remained stubborn. "So what if that's the case? He's only at the peak of the immortal grade. He's not at the eternal grade after all. He won't be of much help to our current situation…"

"As for him being a mythical Pet Tamer? How laughable. He doesn't even have an eternal pet!"

"We don't know how close he is to becoming a mythical Pet Tamer. Do you think that he could achieve the realm that no one could reach in more than a hundred years?"

"If he becomes a mythical Pet Tamer, then I'll shout to the entire human race that I am a stupid pig. I'll ride a pig in the future."

The girl said disdainfully.

Su Yuan shook his head helplessly.

This sister of his was just too stubborn for him to convince in a few words.

On the floating island further away, Du Qiankun and the others looked in the direction of Su Bai with disbelief on their faces.

Yin Yang Gymnasium's curator Qiu Yue also looked at the others in disbelief. "None of you can sense Su Bai's existence as well? He doesn't seem to have leaked any aura of fate?"

The other seven people were collectively silent as well.

This represented a terrifying truth.

It meant that Su Bai had jumped out of time and space. His fate was already completely restrained, and he was no longer affected by the outside world's influence.

This meant that he had taken back his time fish and had become a bonafide mythical Pet Tamer.

For a moment, everyone could not believe such a terrifying fact.

"Keep watching. We'll know in a while."

Du Qiankun spoke, his deep gaze seemingly observing Su Bai from afar.

The shock on the faces of Du Qiankun and the others didn't last that long. After the Ancestor Blood Dragon let out a dragon roar, an endless blood-colored domain spread out. Every monster in the void, including the Spirit Devouring Black Locusts, was enveloped by this endless sea of blood.

Not only that, but the Sea of Blood also spread out and seeped into the space cracks where the various monsters were. It was like an endless flood.

Most of the space cracks in the Sea Abyss were inundated by the endless blood.

Hundreds of millions of monsters were drowned by the Sea of Blood. In the boundless Sea of Blood, they were first transformed into blood-type monsters before being emulsified into blood-type essences that the Ancestor Blood Dragon absorbed.

After it absorbed the essence of the Myriad Spirit Bloodline, the blood attribute Tao Seed in its body began to grow and germinate. In an instant, it turned into a towering tree.

After absorbing the blood essence of billions of monsters, Little Blood Dragon directly made up for its perfected blood attribute Great Tao.

The Great Tao Tree began to turn transparent as its body became like pure blood jade.

At some point, a blood-colored divine light bloomed from the Great Tao Tree. Then, the entire tree seemed to be on fire as it emitted an endless blood-colored divine light.

"My God, this is the legendary blood-colored divine light that only appears when an eternal monster is born! Such a monster has transcended time and space! It is eternal, undying, and free. Even if everything in the world is destroyed, it will exist forever…"

"I'm actually lucky enough to see such an existence?! My life thus far has been worth it!"

"An impressive genius has appeared in Imperial Dragon Gymnasium. You remember how old he is, right? Is he about to become a legendary half-step mythical Pet Tamer?"

"Once the Ancestor Blood Dragon advances to the eternal grade, I'm afraid we'll see the birth of a legend. Its power alone is out of our imaginations. This is the first time humans have an Ancestor Blood Dragon pet that has become an eternal existence, am I wrong or not?!"

"Look, the Long River of Time is out. It's about to transcend the most important step. With an eternal-grade Ancestor Blood Dragon and such a young half-step mythical human Pet Tamer, will he really be able to save our human race?!"

Someone exclaimed…

For a moment, the entire crowd was in an uproar.

Nothing could be more encouraging than the sight of these.

Aside from these, nothing could bolster the morale of these humans that had already fallen into despair.

The Ancestor Blood Dragon had instantly wiped out trillions of monsters and evolved into an eternal existence on the spot. Even in legends, there were not many such existences, right?

Amidst the cheers of tens of millions of people, the blood-colored Great Tao Tree at the center of the endless Sea of Blood once again emitted endless divine light. The phantom of the river of time that should have appeared did not appear. Instead, a blood-colored divine dragon that contained the aura of time flew over and fused with the Ancestor Blood Dragon.

Du Qiankun and the others were confused when they saw this.

How come the river of time did not appear? It should've appeared!

There were also no special monsters that could devour the time fish.

Could there be a problem with the Long River of Time?

Everyone shook their heads again, not daring to think in this direction.

How could there be a problem with the Long River of Time? It should be because the Ancestor Blood Dragon was more special, or Su Bai had a way to avoid the detection of the monsters outside the Long River of Time.

"Oh no, it's not good. An immortal and eternal grade monster sensed the Ancestor Blood Dragon's advancement! They want to come over and stop it!"

Du Qiankun's expression suddenly changed as he quickly commanded the monsters hidden in the void to attack and prepare to help Su Bai.

The advancement of the Ancestor Blood Dragon could not be interrupted.

The others quickly made preparations to help.

From the depths of the abyss, nine powerful auras swept past. They looked at the Ancestor Blood Dragon greedily. If anyone of these powerful auras could devour it, they would obtain unimaginable benefits, especially since it was an Ancestor Blood Dragon.

Deeper in the forest, there were also some powerful auras that were secretly observing the situation. It was as if they would attack immediately if anything went wrong.

"I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to find immortal and eternal monsters for me to test my strength on!"

Su Bai and Chen Ruoxue naturally sensed the auras of these eternal monsters.

Not only were they not afraid, but they were very happy. After a thousand years of boring cultivation, the two of them had nothing else to do except dual cultivation.

Their hands had long been itching for a battle.

"Don't kill them all, leave two of them to me!" Chen Ruoxue said to Su Bai.

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