Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 375 - A New Beginning (Last )

Chapter 375 - A New Beginning (Last )

Starry Omnivore Kraken devoured monster worlds one after another. As it continued on its onslaught, the destructive aura on its body became thicker and denser.

All of a sudden, a special apocalyptic aura suddenly erupted from its body.

The jet-black phantom of a Great Tao Master appeared. From it, an immortal divine light was born.

As more and more immortal divine lights were born, Starry Omnivore Kraken completely turned into an eternal existence.

The power in its body had also become a special destructive origin power.

Immediately afterwards, the power of time appeared out of thin air. Following that, a Giant Kraken swam out. Facing this Giant Kraken, the evolved Starry Omnivore Kraken opened its mouth and sucked it in. Even the power of time was swallowed into its stomach.

The scene stunned Su Bai and his other pets.

They had just been discussing Starry Omnivore Kraken's breakthrough and how to lure out the Long River of Time with the help of the former. But in the end, this fellow's breakthrough and evolution had actually reached such an unprecedented level. What's even more shocking was that the entire breakthrough lasted less than a minute.

Su Bai thought for a moment before he spread his hands and shrugged.

"To be honest, I think this is normal for Starry Omnivore Kraken. It should've been able to make this breakthrough long ago. Sadly, there weren't enough Destruction laws for it to use as a catalyst so its breakthrough was understandably delayed. Now that there are enough Destruction laws around. It makes more sense that its breakthrough didn't last for too long."

Despite saying these, Su Bai still didn't expect that Starry Omnivore Kraken's breakthrough would be so fast.

"Hasi, hasi, Ah Bai, I can't feel the Long River of Time anymore!"

Time Ghost flew to Su Bai's side in surprise. "I can't sense the aura of the Long River of Time anymore after Starry's breakthrough. It's like the entire river has been isolated and sealed off!"

"Yeah. I also can't feel it anymore."

Su Bai nodded.

His soul, which had already been transformed into the Soul of Time, could not sense any traces of the Long River of Time's aura.

The big orange cat took out a crystal ball and tested it before shaking its head.

"Meow! It looks like the river has gone through an unprecedented change!"

Su Bai thought about it for a moment before he said, "Prepare yourselves. Purple Jade, all of you should try to make a breakthrough too. Tell me if you really can't sense it anymore."

It seemed like this was the only way.

The big orange cat also nodded. "Great suggestion, meow! With my treasures, Purple Jade and the others will have no problem breaking through."

The treasures once owned by the big orange cat were all rare and priceless treasures throughout the entire endless void. It was naturally not a problem for them to use those treasures to ensure a successful breakthrough.

Soon, the catalyst potion that would serve as the aid for their breakthroughs was made.

After its evolution, Starry Omnivore Kraken kept an eye out on the void while Purple Jade, Mewling Fox, Little Tyrant, Planet Eye, and Time Ghost made their breakthroughs with all their might.

As the catalyst potion entered their stomachs, myriad laws appeared.

Resplendent lights and images filled the void as the phantom of a special Great Tao Tree appeared in the midst.

Immortal divine light condensed on it—the origin power of the Great Tao also coalesced—as yet again another immortal body was born.

As their breakthroughs reached near completion, the time fishes were necessary for them to complete their breakthroughs. However, just as they completed their breakthroughs, their time fishes flew into the air as if they were no longer bound by the Long River of Time.

The Long River of Time seemed to have disappeared as well.

It did not make an appearance from the beginning till the end of their breakthroughs.

The big orange cat noticed this abnormality as it immediately hurled a transparent crystal ball into the void.

"This is the last and only remaining origin-chasing magic ball in the endless void. I don't believe that we still can't force the Long River of Time to manifest with it!"

The big orange cat stared at the origin-chasing magic ball.

As the magic ball erupted with countless bolts of lightning, a space-time vortex that was like a human eye gradually opened.

The Long River of Time appeared in its wake.

There was a vast expanse of gray mist and darkness inside.

The endless river had disappeared. The water of time had dried up. The time fishes had disappeared.

Even the sinister devils and the ancient time monsters that resided in the Long River of Time had vanished.

The doomsday monsters sent by the will of Chaos were also nowhere to be found.

"This is the Long River of Time? It has been destroyed?"

Su Bai was stunned.

Such a scene was unprecedented for Su Bai, especially when it was about the Long River of Time.

Time was one of the most fundamental laws. The Long River of Time represented time and it was an eternal existence.

Even if the endless void was destroyed, it would still flow endlessly and would never cease to exist.

But the fact was that the Long River of Time was destroyed for some reason. How could this happen?

"No! When Purple Jade and the others broke through, they could still sense their own time fishes. This means that the river is still hanging on."

"But something incredible must have happened and it caused the river to lose its grip on all life forms!"

The big orange cat knew that Su Bai had many questions in his mind. Shaking its head, it looked at the upper reaches of the Long River of Time. The scene there was filled with nothing but darkness. The view was vague and unclear. However, there were clear traces of a powerful force, strong enough to annihilate doomsday monsters.

Su Bai naturally noticed this as well, but the residual power was far too terrifying for him to comprehend.

It was even more terrifying than when the Dragon God of Corpses made its breakthrough.

The residual force made it obvious that it came from an even higher level lifeform born from the union of many major Tao laws.

It was a power that belonged to the origin—maybe even genesis grade—or perhaps even higher.

Such strength was not something he could understand at the moment.

The universe was too big. There was simply no end to it.

However, this was also a good opportunity. During this period of time, the Long River of Time's restrictions on the time fishes had become meager and weak. Breaking through to the eternal grade had become easier. Thus, the seniors on Blue Planet would find this discovery beneficial for them in their efforts to reach the mythical level.

Su Bai had no other choice but to be optimistic.

"It's just a hypothesis for now, but we can go and take a look at the situation up close. We can then see what kind of changes are happening to the river."

The big orange cat looked at the upper reaches of the Long River of Time with a solemn gaze.

It had existed for many years, but this was the first time it had seen the Long River of Time become like this.

The devil tribe's existence itself was truly terrifying.

But Su Bai shook his head. "Let's not do that. We can't explore the Long River of Time with our current strength."

"It's useless to keep staring at it here. Let's go."

The big orange cat thought about it for a moment before it relented. "All right, but before we leave, we can try to cut off a branch of the river. This will make it easier for us to observe it in the future."

The Long River of Time seemed like an endless river, but it actually had countless tributaries.

Every world actually had its own tributary of time.

"Can you do it?" Su Bai turned his head and asked.

"Of course, I wouldn't dare to say suggest it if it weren't for you and Time Ghost. Thankfully, both you and Time Ghost have inherited the vestiges of the Time Clan's karmic luck. It's definitely possible to cut off a small portion of the tributary, we won't completely cut off its connection with the Long River of Time after all. Thus, it's a very simple procedure."

The big orange cat continued. "Let's intercept the time branch on Planet Eye. Planet Eye is considered an independent world so, it has its own time branch."

Under the guidance of the big orange cat, Time Ghost learned a skill that could condense time.

As it executed the skill, a small stream of time appeared in the void. The stream was the time branch of Planet Eye.

Su Bai then used his spiritual power to condense a special spiritual cage.

Under the effect of his Soul of Time, this time tributary was successfully isolated and sealed.

"All right, now we can observe the changes in the river through this small time tributary."

"It's a good thing that this is a time tributary on Planet Eye, if anything happened to the mainstream of time, we can immediately cut off the connection between the tributary and the mainstream. This would allow it to become independent without being affected by the changes on the mainstream."

The big orange cat looked at the time tributary on Planet Eye before it nodded in satisfaction.

After this was done, Su Bai looked at the endless monster world in front of him and shook his head. "Let's go back!"

After retracting the Kraken into his contract book, he directly teleported to where Blue Planet was located in the void.

"Huh? Where's Blue Planet?"

When Planet Eye returned to where Blue Planet was located, Su Bai suddenly realized that Blue Planet had disappeared.

All the pets were stunned. How could such a big planet disappear just like that?

However, a special dragon-shaped beacon quickly flew out from where Blue Planet was.

Su Bai used his mental power to receive a message.

An illusory divine dragon phantom appeared in his sea of spirit.

"My appearance means that the token of the Lord of Infinite Matter and the Eternally Miraculous Beauty has fallen into the hands of others. It means that our first plan has failed."

"According to our agreement, the force I left on Blue Planet would cut off every space tunnel between the planet and all the worlds outside before the former would be transported to an unknown, special place."

"As the reincarnation of the Recorder of All Things, you should understand the seriousness of this matter. We have already fallen into a deep sleep that we cannot wake up from. Only you—have the chance to save us."

"We'll take back the tokens and use the origin we left behind to annex the entire monster void. We'll rely on you to build a brand new great world. If we fail, Blue Planet can only hide in that unknown special place forever and wait for the right time."

As the message was delivered, the dragon-shaped phantom vanished.

Su Bai looked at Blue Planet in silence.

The dragon-shaped phantom from earlier was naturally from one of the four Great Creation Gods, the Infinite Shuttle Dragon.

The four Great Creation Gods had ties to the monster void. For some reason, they had stored their four fundamental origins on Blue Planet. The origins of these four Great Creation Gods were powerful to the point that they could develop into their very own endless void.

After storing the four origins, the four existences fell into an eternal slumber before they succumbed to Chaos.

Only the mermaid Recorder of All Things had abandoned its soul and was unwilling to fall into eternal slumber.

His soul came from the Recorder of All Things, but he did not have any of its memories.

He was a brand-new person—a brand-new existence—Su Bai.

The mermaid was a woman and he had reincarnated into a man.

Those things were all in the past. The past had too many secrets for him to get involved with.

Back in the Ruins of Chaos, he chose the Book of Knowledge. Despite that, he deliberately kept the seal in the Book of Knowledge.

He did not want to investigate the secrets left behind by the Recorder of All Things.

First, it was because he felt that he was not strong enough and was afraid that he would no longer be himself if the seal was broken.

He did not want to become an existence similar to the mermaid's consciousness and personality.

At the very least, he wanted to wait until he was strong enough to break the seal.

However, he did not expect that the Infinite Shuttle Dragon still existed on Blue Planet.

"Is there a way for us to sense Blue Planet's location?" Su Bai looked at his pets.

"I can vaguely sense something, but I can't figure it out exactly."

Purple Jade shook its head.

"Me too! I can still sense the planet, but it's too far away. I can't pinpoint its location."

Mewling Fox shook its head.

"I have a way to find Blue Planet." The big orange cat spoke up. But it immediately shook its head and added. "But I can't tell you."

"I can't tell you because I know that you will be restrained by Blue Planet! We are only at the edge of the endless void. We should explore the larger worlds in the center of this endless void so we can continuously improve ourselves!"

"If you're not strong enough, you won't be able to protect everything that you want to protect even if you returned to Blue Planet!"

"This is all for the best…" The big orange cat looked up at Su Bai and solemnly stated. "Blue Planet is temporarily safe, and we can start exploring the endless void. When you are already a genesis Pet Tamer or an even higher existence, you can then stay on Blue Planet without fear of other existences coming at you."

Su Bai was silent for a moment.

The big orange cat was right, but a farewell that he couldn't even say goodbye was something that he didn't expect.

Sighing, Su Bai nodded. "You're right. In that case, let's explore the endless void!"

He looked at the endless void around him.

"The voyage begins. Target: The endless void's core. Space dimension is expansion is in progress…"

In the void, Planet Eye headed toward unknown worlds.

Su Bai and his pets temporarily set aside the bitter aftertaste of their sudden departure and looked forward to a new adventure!

[The End]

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