Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 6 - My Pet Was Born, Though Still An Unformed Egg

Chapter 6 - My Pet Was Born, Though Still An Unformed Egg

Today was March 8, Su Bai's sixteenth birthday. It was also the day that he awakened as a Pet Tamer.

Not surprisingly, a soul stone would be born from his Mud Pill Palace today, which he would put into the Queen of Thorns' crystal nucleus to incubate a spirit egg.

This was the first and most crucial step toward becoming an actual Pet Tamer.

Precisely because of this, Su Bai deliberately cleaned the bedroom as early as last night, and his mother had also tasked Water Ripples to clean up the entire house.

Su Bai exerted himself in the shower and rubbed his back until it turned red. He was not actually dirty; this was just to ensure that he had no other breath on his body and was in an absolutely clean state.

This was the first step toward becoming a Pet Tamer: Purification.

He had to clean his body and the place he lived so that no other breath could be found on him.

This was because if another breath was mixed with the owner's, the pet egg born could mistakenly record that person's breath instead of its owner.

Although the chances were slim, it was not all impossible.

Another reason was that the essence of a soul stone could be integrated into many things. If the owner was unclean, and if they had even a bit of mud in their hand, the essence of their soul stone might directly integrate into the mud to create a pet egg.

Thus, even if he ate on this day, he could not eat anything with too many flavors.

After everything was ready, Su Bai still could not go to sleep. His mother had told him that he was born at 4 a.m. sixteen years ago, so his soul stone would be born at around that time.

He waited and waited, enduring his sleepiness. Looking at the stars and moon outside the window, he waited for that moment of fate.

It was not until 4:04 a.m. that he felt it coming. He immediately took a mirror and placed it in front of him so that he could see the formation process of his soul stone.

Through the mirror, he saw countless starlights condensing at the center of his eyebrows and then slowly forming a blue, starry-sky jewel. At first, the sapphire was only the size of a rice grain, shimmering and glowing, but it slowly grew in size overtime.

Following his gaze, a line of fireflies appeared in front of him again:

[An essence soul stone will be born on every person in this world who reaches sixteen years of age. It is the product of the combination of soul will and the world's origin. When it is integrated into something else, it will give birth to a spirit egg unique to its owner. Upon hatching, the owner will obtain a contract book. It is the blessing of heaven and earth to be able to walk on the road of Pet Tamers.]

Glancing at this information, Su Bai inevitably felt a little disappointed. He originally thought that he would get some useful tips, such as how to get an impressive pet by fusion, but it seemed that he had thought too much.

He turned his attention to the soul stone again.

After a period of time, while staring at the blue jewel, the size of a quail egg, floating between his brows, he suddenly felt an inexplicable wave of emotions.

Intuition told him that the essence soul stone process was completed, and without hesitation, he took out the Queen of Thorns' crystal nucleus to prepare for the next step: Fusion.

He directly picked up the crystal nucleus and pressed it hard against the center of his eyebrows.

The newly born soul stone naturally blended in after touching the Queen of Thorns' crystal nucleus.

Following that, the crystal nucleus in his hand emitted a starry blue light, and a green pet egg with a lavender pattern was soon born.

The light slowly dissipated, and Su Bai hugged the egg with both hands. The egg was a bit heavy, at least twenty catties, thirty centimeters tall, and entirely light green. On the upper and middle portion of the egg was a two-centimeter wide lavender ring-shaped design.

In addition, this egg was not as smooth as chicken eggs. Its shell had a hexagonal pattern, which looked relatively slender, and its entire body had a texture similar to fish scales.

Su Bai put the egg in the incubator he had prepared early this morning. The incubation egg was entirely composed of wood and poison spirit crystals and materials. The beginner spirit's egg did not need any special incubation method and required only the most basic spiritual power. It would absorb the spiritual power and slowly grow to a certain extent, usually hatching within seven days to half a month.

He put the spirit egg into a base full of spirit crystals and materials so that he could watch it draw and absorb the spiritual power.

However, this incubation step was not the last one; he still had to deepen the bond.

Since the beginner spirit was formed by the fusion of his soul stone, it was reasonable to assume that the bond was deep enough, but the deeper the bond, the better. When it was deep to a certain extent, it would give birth to surprises and special bond skills.

Su Bai thought about it and took out a small knife to cut his middle finger, wincing at the pain.

Splat, splat…

Fresh red blood dripped onto the green and purple spirit egg. The spirit egg emitted a bright-red light as the blood was slowly absorbed by it completely.

When it was almost done, Su Bai quickly put a band-aid on his finger. Unfortunately, he would have to perform this once a day until the egg hatched.

After resting, he looked at his precious spirit egg again. He stared at it and tried to see its information.

Brief introduction: [The essence soul stone has fused with the Queen of Thorns' crystal nucleus. It has dual elements of wood and poison attributes. It is in its incubation state and is not completely formed yet.]

Fine, he could not see more.

Shaking his head, he closed the transparent lid of the incubator, isolating the spirit egg from the outside world.

He then opened the door with a wide smile and rushed to his parents and brother, shouting, "Mom, dad, brother, I've succeeded! Come and take a look!"

He knew that, just like him, the three of them had not gone to sleep yet and were still wide awake outside the door.

Upon hearing this, they grinned and hurried over to surround the spirit egg.

"Brother, according to my judgment, the appearance of your spirit egg is already in the top rungs. Congrats! You're about to obtain your first pet.

"You're so impressive. Brother, you will have to cover for me in the future."

Su Yue grinned cheekily.

"Yes, you did a good job. The wood-poison dual element is very popular in the early stages. Stay at home before the egg hatches and don't run around outside."

Father Su laughed and patted his older son on the shoulder.

"You can do it; I believe that you will become the first professional Pet Tamer in our family."

Mother Su also encouraged him. She took out a small book on wood and poison attributes and handed it to him.

She had obviously prepared this gift a while ago.

"I will."

Su Bai nodded immediately.

After a few words, his parents went to bed. Su Yue remained in the room to look at the pet egg and take a few pictures. Finally, he retired to his room, too, with a face full of satisfaction.

Su Bai thought for a while and also took a lot of pictures. He decided to take some photos of each stage as it might be useful in the future.

That night, he did not sleep well. Perhaps he was too excited to fall asleep, for he would wake up from time to time to look at the pet egg. He wrote a diary entry before he could finally fall asleep utterly.

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