Stealing The Heavens

Chapter 3 – The Priest

Book 1, Chapter 3 – The Priest

Everything happened so suddenly, the three had yet to see exactly what the green light was, as the three green lights had already departed.

The heads that were severed by the green lights were still rolling in midair. Before the heads touched the ground, a bright light blinked from behind the passage, followed by a loud thunder bang that struck one’s ears. All three of them trembled, their clothes were torn apart by a huge force. The force pushed them down and made them roll into the huge stone room at the end of the passage, making them spit out blood along the way.

Wu Wang’s vision was sharp, he could barely see that what had just attacked them was a lightning bolt the size of an arm. The lightning bolt was both green and red, and about two to three meters long, but its power was equal to that of a small bomb. The three of them who were hit by the lightning, without any chance of resisting, they were sent rolling into the room.

Supporting himself with great effort as he stood up, Wu Wang shouted out fiercely and asked, “Who is that?!”

A chuck was heard from afar, then an appealing and silvery voice sounded out to them.

“All mortals envy the immortals, Green Lotus Root and Fiery Jujube is treated as food. The jade liquid nourishes the white tea, the success of the Water and Fire Pill shines upon the purple clouds.”

Following the reading of the Daoist poem, a young Dao priest wearing a purple robe walked in arrogantly. On both his chest and his back the eight trigrams stitched with silver lining, and a gorgeous pattern filled his robe. Behind this young Daoist priest was eight middle aged priests dressed in green who followed closely. Each of them had their eyes pointing towards the skies, portraying an unparalleled arrogance.

It was as if in their minds, Wu Wang, Le Xiaobai and Wu Qi were just some ants the could simply kill with a squeeze, they’re not really worth their attention.

Wu Qi focused his vision, he jumped up from where he laid and drew the Dragon Abyss sword out from its sheath, sending out a sword light and stabbing towards the heart of the priest in the purple robe.

“A rice sized pearl like you, still trying to shine!”

The purple robe priest had a scornful expression and a teasing smile. He casually pointed his finger, sending a bright white beam out from his sleeve. The white beam directly collided with the sword light that was unleashed with Wu Qi’s full strength. A crystal clear impact sounded out, the Dragon Abyss sword was blown into pieces. Wu Qi felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His body trembled and he was sent flying far away by the white beam, hitting the ground with his head so that he lost all ability to move.

Wu Qi immediately felt half his body becoming numb. The white beam was only about one meter long, but it was covered with an extreme cold. When the Dragon Abyss sword collided with the white beam, it was like hitting a huge mountain. The white beam didn’t suffer any damage, but Wu Qi almost broke all his bones.

His inner vital energy was shattered by the white beam. His body felt like had broken into several pieces. Wu Qi laid on the floor without even the ability to move his toe.

Shangguan Ye came into the room while leading a group of Underhand Sect disciples behind him with a villainous smile on his face. Looking at Shangguan Ye and his arms that were moving without any problems, it was obvious that the inner vital energy and cultivation base that was destroyed by Wu Qi had now fully recovered, and the nerves that were cut were now fully recovered as well.

Wu Qi was startled, he was the one who personally carried out the sentence on Shangguan Ye, so of course he knew how serious the wound he caused was. Shangguan Ye who was supposed to lay on a sickbed had now fully recovered. Impossibly enough, the wounds on his nerves had been cured as well.

Shangguan Ye fiercely gazed at Wu Qi, he pointed his finger at him while grinding his teeth and said, “Little bastard, I told you, you would all soon die!”

Few of Shangguan Ye’s trusted disciples walked over to Wu Qi’s side with evil smiles on their faces, they started kicking and punching Wu Qi.

Wu Qi who was now able to move again protected his head with his hands, he stretched himself and let these men attack him. Without anyone noticing, he had quietly taken out the Underhand Sect’s Sect Elder token from the secret pocket on his belt. He used the muscles on his waist, thigh and leg like water and quietly hid the Sect Elder token in his boot, at the bottom of his feet.

This was almost an instinct to him.

When Wu Qi saw Shangguan Ye started walking towards the stone chamber, he started this action. When Shangguan Ye’s trusted disciples started hitting him, he had managed to carefully hide the Sect Elder token inside his boot.

Sure enough, after Shangguan Ye shouted and scolded at Wu Qi, he immediately walked over to Wu Wang and started searching his body.

Wu Wang glared at the purple robed priest and said with a grin, “Shangguan Ye, are you blind?! Look, your father is only wearing boxers, why the fuck are you still touching me? What could I possibly hide on my body as I am now?!”

Shangguan Ye squeezed Wu Wang’s neck, he roared out loud asking, “Sect Elder token?! Where is the token?!”

Wu Wang laughed out loud, he shook his head and said, “Sect Elder token? I hid it in Swiss Bank’s safety vault!”

Shangguan Ye was obviously stunned by this. He stared at Wu Wang and shouted, “The Underhand Sect’s rules states that the Sect Elder token must be with the Sect Elder at all time! This is the rule set down by the founding grandmaster, why would you hide it in a safety vault?!”

Wu Wang rolled his eyes, he glared at Shangguan Ye while laughing, “Your father can do whatever he wants! Not happy then you can kiss my ass!”

The purple robed priest swung his sleeve, and a clear ‘slap!’ sound appeared, he had slapped Wu Wang’s face from afar. Blood spilled out from Wu Wang’s face, the purple robed priests slap had almost crushed Wu Wang’s cheek bone. A big chunk of flesh was ripped off, and fresh blood poured out.

“Unruly mortal, unbelievable!”

The purple robed priest stared at Wu Wang sideways, coldly teasing him, “You’re going to die, how dare you be so stubborn and arrogant?! Hmph!”

Wu Wang spat out some blood, he stared at the purple robed priest with a grin, “Sir, what immortal are you? Unruly mortal? Hehe, we’re all mortals here, what kind of superior being do you think you are?”

The purple robed priest showed a face that was too lazy to respond to Wu Wang. He turned his head towards Shangguan Ye and ordered him with a stiff expression, “Since they put so much effort into finding this Dimensional Portal, there’s no need to torture them too much. Just let them die in peace.”

Shangguan Ye answered in a respectful manner, he threw Wu Wang down onto the floor and forcefully stepped on his stomach, destroyed all inner vital energy Wu Wang had cultivated for many years. Then he pointed towards the purple robed priest and said with a sneer smile, “I’ll let you know this before you die, this is Little Priest Miao Yuan from the Green Mountain City, the last disciple of Elder Priest Zhiji Zi of the Green Mountain City!”

The purple robed priest put both his hands behind his back in a reserved manner, portraying a look of a man from another world. His eyes expressed extreme joy as he stared at the illogical item in the huge stone chamber beneath this mountain.

Wu Wang, Le Xiaobai and Wu Qi also looked at the illogical stuff in the chamber at the same time.

Right after the metal door was opened, the three of them discovered that the items in the chamber couldn’t be explained with common knowledge. From their experience and knowledge, they knew that they had discovered something really extraordinary.

Too bad things changed too fast. Shangguan Ye unexpectedly brought Priest Miao Yuan here, so Wu Qi and the rest didn’t have the time to study what exactly was in there, and now they were facing their doom. Faced with the miraculous abilities of Miao Yuan and the rest of the priests, they didn’t stand a chance at resisting.

It was unknown whether it was the nature or some human who made this. Underneath the mountain of Machu Picchu, someone excavated this sphere chamber that spanned almost a kilometer in diameter. This huge space stood on its own, its walls was smooth as mirrors, and it was hard to imagine that this sphere space was man-made. It is something that only technology that doesn’t yet exist could accomplish.

One the smooth and bright surface of the wall, hundreds of thousands thumb size pearls and gemstones were paved in. A variety of colors were shining brightly, forming a complicated star map on the wall of the mountain. When staring at this star map, as time goes by, the gem stones would shine brightly and make one feel as if this star map was quietly circulating. It was both amazing and unbelievable.

Under the colorful shine of the star map, an item that couldn’t be explained nor understood was floating in midair.

360 pieces of fine white tallow jade was floating on top of it, forming a sphere shaped formation with approximately 300 meters in diameter. These jades with the length of about 4 meters and a width of about 2 meters, and about 50 centimeters thick were carved with numerous complicated symbols. In between these symbols, thousands of shining fist sized objects filled the gaps.

These huge tallow jades were floating in midair without any movement, occasionally some arm sized streams of light would shoot out from these jades and zap into other nearby jades.

At the center of all these jade there was a round golden platform. On the platform, numerous symbols were carved in as well, 360 shining gem stones the size of a human head were inlaid on the platform itself. An ancient aura was being emitted from this golden platform. When everyone looked at this golden platform, it felt like they were watching ancient history itself in front of them.

Wu Qi who was being beaten suddenly started laughing out loud and said, “Teacher, we’ve found something incredible!”

Shangguan Ye walked towards him and forcefully stepped on his head. With a grin he said, “It is I, your father, who found this thing, it has nothing to do with you!”

Before he finished his words, Miao Yuan snorted coldly.

Shangguan Ye hurriedly altered his statement and said, “It is because of Priest Miao Yuan’s crafty plan that we were able to find this Dimensional Portal. All of you were nothing but chess pieces in the Priest’s hands, he used you all as if you were just mere tools! You even helped the Priest clear all those traps before this door!”

Bowing and smiling as he tried to flatter Miao Yuan, Shangguan Ye said, “All of this was planned by the Priest! Now you can all die here in peace.”

After listening to Shangguan Ye’s flatter, Miao Yuan showed a small smile. He shook his head proudly and said, “They are just some mortals. Being calculative with them is not needed with my status and dignity. Shangguan Ye, just let them be ghosts who can understand it all!”

Only after another round flattering, Shangguan Ye started proudly explaining the reason for everything that had happened to Wu Wang, Le Xiaobai and Wu Qi.

In faction, before Shangguan Ye joined the Underhand Sect, he had always leaned towards Miao Yuan, he had become his henchman long ago. Previously when Shangguan Ye had continuously stolen dozens of rich families’ treasures and heirloom, he had actually been following Miao Yuan’s orders. Those rich families would never dream that their heirlooms, to a cultivator like Miao Yuan, were considered rare treasures.

That’s right, Miao Yuan is a legendary cultivator, one of the cultivators who are chasing immortality, aiming to break through this realm and become an immortal.

Shangguan Ye was fighting for the Sect Elder position with Wu Wang but failed miserably, after that he immediately activated the communication crane talisman that Miao Yuan had given him, then he requested help from Miao Yuan. He was given a great miraculous pill and recovered his cultivation, also curing his nerves.

After kicking Wu Wang forcefully a few time, Shangguan Ye said with a grin, “If it wasn’t for the priest’s mercy after discovering that the golden plate in your hand held the clue that he was searching for, who would have let you come to Machu Picchu? Your dog head would already have been severed several months ago by a flying sword if he didn’t show mercy!”

Miao Yuan was also searching for a clue on the golden plate?

Le Xiaobai who was being held hostage by some of Shangguan Ye’s trusted disciples turned his head with great difficulty and glanced at the huge metal door.

Shangguan Ye gazed at Le Xiaobai, suddenly he started laughing and walking towards him, he fiercely punched Le Xiaobai in his stomach.

Le Xiaobai opened his mouth and spat out some blood mixed with small pieces of his internal organs. His body was incredibly weak, there was no way he could resist Shangguan Ye’s fierce punch. This punch had taken away half of Le Xiaobai’s life.

Glaring at Shangguan Ye who was releasing his anger on Wu Wang and the rest, Miao Yuan after some time said, “Alright, Shangguan Ye. You’ll be the Sect Elder of the Underhand Sect after this.”

Laughing in satisfaction, Miao Yuan spoke once again, “Teacher sent all the disciples of our sect out to search for this Dimensional Portal, but I’m the one who found it first! Not only did I find the clue, I also witnessed the Dimensional Portal itself!”

An emotional sigh left Miao Yuan’s mouth, closed his eyes with a smile on his face, “The Green City Chief position is now in my hands!”

Pointing at Wu Wang and the other two, Miao Yuan said in a cold manner, “Just nice, the ‘Grand Heavenly Circulation Positioning Talisman’ requires the portal to be activated before it can provide a destination. Wouldn’t it just be boring if the portal isn’t activated?”

While instructing Shangguan Ye to place Wu Wang and the other two men onto the huge golden platform right in the middle of the portal, Miao Yuan started laughing out loud.

“Being able to die in this miraculous ancient portal, being killed by the nature’s scary forces… nobodies like you should all be considered lucky!”

Still laughing, Miao Yuan shot a golden beam out from his sleeve, hitting the golden platform.

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