Stellar Transformations

Book 1 Chapter 10

B1C10: Limit training (1)

After discussing for nearly 2 hours, Qin Yu has fully understood the principles of his master’s training method. At the same time, he admires him even more. He can totally judge that, if he practices according to Zhao Yunxing’s method, he will definitely have a perfect body.

Strength, agility, sensitivity, flexibility, toughness and so on will work together perfectly.

If a craftsman is to do a good job, he shall need good tools.

Qin Yu is going to train until he has a perfect body then he is going to practice offensive skills, fatal skills and the likes. Having good steel, why worry that a good knife cannot be made of it?

Afterwards, the training begins…


On Mount Donglan, there is a beautiful round lake 100 m from Misty Villa. Zhao Yunxing is standing at the side of the lake. There is a mechanical pendulum clock beside him. This pendulum clock was made by a great mechanics expert. Because the making of the clock is loaded down with trivial matters, only noble families can afford it.

The pendulum clock is a 24 hour one. There are 60 minutes in an hour.

‘Quick, swim faster!’ Zhao Yunxing coldly says.

A silhouette is swimming nonstop in the round lake. It is Qin Yu. According to Zhao Yunxing, even though swimming is common, it is an extraordinarily good method for training the body’s coordination, flexibility and toughness. Therefore Qin Yu was ordered to swim nonstop in the lake.

‘I so wish to stop.’ Qin Yu clenches his teeth and continues to throw his arms forward. His legs also flap against the water in coordination. He has been swimming 10 round trips. A round trip in this lake is about 200 m in length. 10 round trips amount to 2000 m.

In the past Qin Yu often soaked in the hot spring in the west garden. The middle of the hot spring is also very deep and Qin Yu often swam in it. His swimming technique is very good but this is nonstop swimming. Moreover, he has to finish within a predetermined limit of time. To Qin Yu, this is really painful.

His arms and legs are aching. His head is pounding.

‘Father!’ As soon as he thinks about his father’s smile, Qin Yu clenches his teeth and persists. Even though he has reached his limits, he still does not give up.

‘Hurry up. A bit faster,’ urges Zhao Yunxing coldly in an unsentimental manner.

There is a hint of firmness in Qin Yu’s eyes. He stares rigidly ahead. Hearing Zhao Yunxing’s voice, Qin Yu constantly asks himself in his mind to speed up. Right at this moment, his pounding headache suddenly eases a bit, and his arms and legs seem to have strength again.

Qin Yu feels clearly that a stream of power suddenly comes into being in his body. He does not know where this stream of power comes from but it is generated automatically. Qin Yu’s eyes have a hint of excitement.

He has overcome his limits.

He enjoys this kind of feeling. Every time he transcended his physical limits, a stream of strength was generated again from the deepest part of his already exhausted body. He even felt his body’s transformations. That was due to the potential stored up in the deepest part of his body.

‘All right, you’re 3 minutes late.’ Zhao Yunxing looks at the pendulum clock and says indifferently.

Qin Yu comes ashore with a lot of difficulty. At this moment he can no longer move. His arms, in particular, are basically unable to move. His legs are aching severely. In this state, Qin Yu gasps for breath, trying his best to take in fresh air and to make himself recover a bit faster.

‘You’re 3 minutes late. As a punishment, now you’re going to run to the west garden from here then squat down deeply empty-handed 100 times on the training ground of the garden.’ Zhao Yunxing immediately dictates.

‘Run to the west garden from here? But …’ Qin Yu is breathless and speechless. He looks at Zhao Yunxing in disbelief. At this moment his legs basically cannot run. But Zhao Yunxing just really told him to run and then do 100 deep squats.

‘You have something to say?’ asks Zhao Yunxing flatly in reply.

‘Yes, I have. Surpassing the body’s limits can train the body. But if surpassing them too much, my body will collapse. I feel that I already surpassed my limits. At the moment I can’t continue training anymore. Master, when I was swimming just now, I experienced those limits 2 times in a row. I don’t feel I can go through the limits once more.’ Qin Yu looks straight at Zhao Yunxing and says directly.

Zhao Yunxing says indifferently: ‘I’m the master. My orders must be obeyed. If you think that my training has any problems and don’t like to train, I can leave immediately. I don’t care about lazy disciples like you.’

Qin Yu’s expression slightly changes.

Then he casts a look at Zhao Yunxing. He takes a deep breath and tries hard to urge his legs into running. When he takes the first step, his legs swell up and ache terribly. But after running for a while, the legs get stronger and stronger instead.

‘Oh, what is this?’ Qin Yu is astonished.

At his back, Zhao Yunxing smiles faintly: ‘This brat. How can’t I determine your true limits? When you were swimming, you used your arms much more than your legs. The muscles of the legs are basically more developed than those of the arms. Since your arms could persist, your legs can at least undergo another round of training.’

As soon as he remember that Qin Yu just criticized his method, Zhao Yunxing is even more amused.

‘This brat,’ he laughs, shakes his head and keeps following Qin Yu.


In the evening, in the hot spring of the west garden,

After going through a day of limit training, Qin Yu is lying in the hot spring. He feels that his muscles are aching and tingling. He can even feel that the muscles are slowly transforming. There is an expression of enjoyment on his face. Very emotionally, he spreads his arms and yells: ‘Ah, my goodness, this is real enjoyment, ah!’

Xiao Hei also flaps its wings nonstop on the side as if it is very excited.

Zhao Yunxing comes with a cold face, stands on the side of the hot spring and says: ‘This Misty Villa’s hot spring is very effective in healing. It is very good for your body. Also, after soaking for 6 hours, you’re going to see Old Dr. Weng and apply some medicinal wine. If you can absorb a little of the wine’s medicines, it will do your body good.’

‘Yes, I know…’ At this moment Qin Yu is very happy. He waves his hands at will as he is saying.

Zhao Yunxing does not mind that. He turns around and leaves.


On the training ground, Zhao Yunxing is standing upright. Qin Yu also came some time ago. This time he was not late. Strangely enough, even though he reached his limits in training yesterday, thanks to the curative effects of the hot spring, and add to that the effects of the medicinal wine, he is actually full of vim and vigor today.

‘No wonder most of the people who could reach the peak of external techniques were children of rich or powerful families.’ Zhao Yunxing sighs with emotion and thinks.

In practicing external techniques, the practitioner surpasses his limits unceasingly, but his body simply does not only generate strength, it also needs to absorb energy. Children of rich families can eat very nutritious foods and special medicinal meals, combined with precious medicinal wines. Moreover, they can ask medical experts to rid their bodies of fatigue through massage.

Having such conditions makes practicing external techniques automatically different than usual.

‘Now, we’re going to carry out strength training. Grasp that iron stick and do 100 deep squats first.’ Zhao Yunxing points to an iron stick at will. That stick cannot be considered very thick. It perhaps weighs about 10 jin. It is, of course, light to adults, but to 8 year old Qin Yu it is a different world.


Qin Yu exerts the strength of his arms and lifts the iron stick to his chest in a breath. He even says laughingly: ‘Master, it’s very light.’

‘Finish 100 squats before saying so,’ says Zhao Yunxing coldly.

Qin Yu immediately starts to squat down deeply. At first he finds it very easy. Is it not just squat down and stand up repeatedly? But after doing 30 squats, he feels his legs start to ache. After 10 more squats, his feet get cramp.

Doing 100 squats?

Qin Yu is already feeling unwell at the time of the fortieth.

‘Phew!’ He takes a deep breath and stops for a short time. When the muscles of his feet have recovered, he continues to squat down. But it gets more and more painful to do so. Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. He continuously clenches his teeth and perseveres.

After going on to the seventieth squat without a break, he even feels that his legs can no longer stand up.


Suddenly, he utters a low shout and exerts the strength of his back. And unexpectedly, he manages to stand up. Qin Yu’s eyes are blazing with rays of light -- rays of excitement.


With another shout, Qin Yu stands up again.

Every time that he shouts is every time that he strives to squeeze out a bit of strength hidden deeply in his legs. His legs gradually heat up. One after another, streams of strength emerge from the depths of his muscles. What is happening is almost a miracle. When Qin Yu utters his last shout, he unexpectedly has finished the hundredth squat!

Even though his legs are shaky as if he can fall down anytime, his eyes are blazing with excitement and madness.

Zhao Yunxing secretly nods from one side.

‘Now it’s time for finger strength training.’ Zhao Yunxing’s expression is as cold as ever. He basically does not allow Qin Yu any time to rest and immediately gives the order. In fact, Zhao Yunxing created a good training plan for Qin Yu. At this moment, his legs feel the most tired but his hands have not reached their limits, therefore Zhao Yunxing goes on with the finger strength training.

‘How can I train the finger strength, Master?’ Even though Qin Yu has almost no strength left in his legs, he asks Zhao Yunxing laughingly as usual.

Qin Yu increasingly loves that exquisite feeling when he transcended his limits. The instant that he transcended his limits, he felt a passion of life. Yes, it was a passion. A blaze of this passion was that madness he showed at his limits. That kind of feeling was very exquisite.


End of b1c10.

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