Stellar Transformations

Book 1 Chapter 8

B1C8: Zhao Yunxing

Qin Yu however does not know that any of the 8 people who came this time has reached the great-master level of an external technique school. They are all frighteningly powerful and can win against any other experts who have also reached the peak of the Houtian level. Perhaps only Xiantian experts can restrain them.

By this level of external techniques, the limbs have already become as hard as steel and are even sharper than weapons, so to smash a blue rock is also very ordinary. But to reach this level of external techniques, not only does it take great effort, it also takes talent. After all, there are more than a billion people in the 3 Eastern region counties, but no more than 10-odd people have practiced external techniques to that level.

Qin Yu looks carefully with eyes popping. One after another, the external experts go up to demonstrate their own special skills.



The silver-haired old man grabs a piece of blue rock which is about the same size as a brick with one hand. He exerts the strength of those 5 fingers and immediately that piece of blue rock is pinched into powder. After that, the silver-haired old man haughtily returns to his original place. He says unenthusiastically: ‘Eagle Claw Art.’

This is the sixth external expert to demonstrate.

The next to walk out is the muscular bald man. His body’s naked top half looks like it is radiating threadlike golden light rays.

‘Iron Leg Art,’ says the bald man with a smile. Then he does a lash of his leg in a relaxed manner.

‘Phew!’ The air is cut through in an instant, creating an urgent shrill whistle. A visible gust of air lashes out in a straight line and hits a stone broken from the blue rock precisely. That blue stone is immediately struck and rolls away a good length.

Merely depending on the terrifying speed of his leg, he created a gust of air that rolled a blue rock fragment far away. If that leg is really used to kick people, what will result from that?

‘Awesome,’ praises Qin Yu secretly. Then he casts his eyes on the last external expert -- that black-clad cold man. Since the beginning, the black-clad cold man has only been standing and watching the other external experts’ demonstrations. His eyes have always been very calm.

‘Why aren’t you demonstrating?’ Qin Yu waits for a while but he still does not see this cold man perform, so he cannot help asking curiously.

Zhao Yunxing shakes his head and says indifferently: ‘My claw technique is inferior to the Eagle Claw King’s, my strength is inferior to Man Dong’s, my leg technique is inferior to this brother’s, so why should I make a monkey of myself?’

Qin Yu is taken aback.

‘But then you should have some special skills, shouldn’t you?’ Qin Yu looks carefully at the black-clad cold man before him. He wants to figure out his special skills by judging from his body. But Qin Yu is defeated. He basically cannot see anything special about this black-clad man.

‘Special skills?’ Zhao Yunxing gives a laugh then looks at Qin Yu seriously. A hint of chilliness flashes in his eyes. He says coldly: ‘My special skills are only carried out when I have to kill someone. But … even if I become your master, I won’t teach you my fatal special skills.’

Qin Yu nevertheless is not frightened by Zhao Yunxing’s imposing manner. Instead, he asks doubtfully: ‘You won’t teach me your special skills then what will you teach me?’

‘Body training,’ says Zhao Yunxing in a flat voice.

Qin Yu suddenly laughs: ‘All right, I choose you.’

A hint of amazement appears on Zhao Yunxing’s face, which has been grim all along. Even the other 7 external experts all look at Qin Yu in surprise. They cannot understand why Qin Yu did not choose them and chose a man who only teaches ‘Body Training’ instead.

‘All right, Third Prince already made his choice. From now on Zhao Yunxing is Third Prince’s master.’ Vice-Manager Li immediately declares aloud.

The other 7 external masters all walk up to Qin Yu in surprise. That rough large man Man Dong says loudly: ‘Third Prince, why didn’t you choose me? I can definitely teach you to become strong like a bull. If you hold a broad ax, you will kill a bunch in a hack.’

Seeing the 7 curious great external experts before him, Qin Yu says with a smile: ‘He-he, this is a secret.’

At this moment, Zhao Yunxing has also come. As he looks at Qin Yu, a faint smiling expression appears on his face. He also asks: ‘I’m very curious too. Why did you choose me to be your master? Third Prince, can you say your reason?’

Qin Yu slightly raises his head and says proudly: ‘Foolish. Does this even need to be explained? You’re really a bunch of fools.’ As he is saying, he turns around to leave. Lian Yan, who has been standing aside, also walks to him. He goes beside Qin Yu and asks: ‘Xiao Yu, why did you choose Zhao Yunxing?’

Qin Yu immediately whispers mysteriously to Lian Yan: ‘Grandpa Lian, isn’t that obvious? Just take a look at their manner and you will know. Among the 8 people, that Zhao Yunxing stood last but no one dared to approach him. Moreover, Zhao Yunxing looked at the other people’s demonstrations as if he didn’t care at all. This decided the matter, didn’t it? Moreover … Grandpa Lian, you see, Zhao Yunxing’s eyes are also different from other people’s ~~~ he-he!’

As he is saying, he leaves the west garden. The 8 great external experts all have an astonished look in their eyes. They are experts so their hearing is very good and they all heard what Qin Yu just said.

‘Sure enough, Third Prince has an attentive mind. Perhaps I can still really accept a right disciple. But … I don’t know how his willpower is.’ There is a hint of amusement in Zhao Yunxing’s eyes.

The other 7 great experts all understand and praise Third Prince’s intelligence.

‘General Zhao, we’re returning to the camp now.’ The 3 great external experts of the Fierce Tiger Corps including Man Dong immediately fold their hands in salute and say. Their expressions are very respectful and sincere. When it comes to this General Zhao, in the eyes of these few experts of the army, even Xiantian experts cannot compare to him.

‘Brother Zhao, congratulations on getting such a good disciple. We also take out leave.’ The Eagle Claw King and the other people also fold their hands and say in a slightly respectful manner.

Internal experts are a circle, and external experts also have a circle of their own. On the whole Qian Long continent, there are so many external experts, but in this circle, Zhao Yunxing is classified as a royal-class figure and is respected by the other external experts. Furthermore, Zhao Yunxing is also very formidable in military arts. The fact that East Vanquishing Prince Qin De is willing to let Zhao Yunxing go to teach Qin Yu for a year originally amazed Xu Yuan for a long time.


The second day, on the huge training ground of Misty Villa, Zhao Yunxing, dressed in black training clothes, is standing still aloof.

‘Master!’ Dressed in a training suit, Qin Yu runs up to Zhao Yunxing’s face with excitement and says respectfully.

Zhao Yunxing slightly nods and says: ‘In the future you’ll have to be on the training ground by 6 am. It’s 8 o’clock now already. You’re late by exactly 2 hours. First, as a punishment, I’m going to ask you to run from Misty Villa to the foot of the mountain then run from the mountain’s foot to Misty Villa.’

Qin Yu is slightly startled. He says indignantly at once: ‘Master, this is the first day. You didn’t tell me I have to be here by 6 o’clock before.’

‘As far as my orders are concerned, they are beyond question. The only thing you have to do is … obey.’ Zhao Yunxing coldly stares at Qin Yu. He has absolutely no intention of compromising. Qin Yu nips his lips and immediately says: ‘Yes, Master!’ After that, he starts to run down.

Misty Villa is located on the side of Mount Donglan. The distance between the villa and the mountain’s foot is about 2000 m. Moreover, returning is much harder than running down the mountain and is not something that an 8 year old kid can endure.

As he sees Qin Yu starting to run, Zhao Yunxing smiles faintly to himself and slightly nods. Then he resumes his cold look. Zhao Yunxing also starts to run after Qin Yu. He runs in a relaxed manner as if he is taking a walk. His whole body is like the wind and each step covers several meters. Zhao Yunxing conveniently runs behind Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. He closes his mouth tightly and starts to run.

In the past he often climbed the mountain. Since he came to Misty Villa, he has also often run -- 1000 m every time. This has given Qin Yu a very good endurance. In addition, he has frequently soaked in the hot spring of Misty Villa. As a result, his body is far stronger than those of other children of the same age.

During the 2000 m down the mountain, because it is a downward journey, Qin Yu is not very tired. After finishing 2000 m, he is only short of breath. Then he runs upwards.

It is easy to descent from the mountain, but to ascend it is hard.

After running only several hundred meters, Qin Yu finds it extremely painful to breathe. In order to take a step he has to strain every nerve. But Qin Yu can feel that Zhao Yunxing is running beside him.

Qin Yu’s essential characteristics are persistence and pride. Therefore he immediately clenches his teeth and perseveres.

He has reached his limits … Breathing has become arduous. His whole chest is taking in fresh air very quickly like a pair of bellows.

‘I’m already finished?’

Having reached his physical limits, Qin Yu is in extreme pain: ‘Father.’ As soon as he thinks of his father, Qin Yu clenches his teeth and persists. The pain becomes greater and greater. Qin Yu even feels as if he is dying. But suddenly … as if he has passed the top of a mountain, his breathing becomes a bit easier.

After getting through his physical limits this time, Qin Yu keeps running in a state that is close to his new limits.

When he has been running over 1000 meters and can see the main entrance of Misty Villa, Qin Yu has reached his physical limits the second time.

‘I’ve arrived at Misty Villa.’ Qin Yu relaxes his concentration and wants to stop to have a rest. But --

‘Run to the training ground.’ Zhao Yunxing says behind him in an ice-cold voice. Zhao Yunxing is breathing comfortably. Even his voice has not changed a bit. Every ordinary person will be short of breath after walking up a mountain. But Zhao Yunxing’s breath is absolutely still the same.

‘Phew phew ~~~’ Qin Yu does not say anything. He is gasping for breath. He clenches his teeth and finally reaches the training ground. As soon as he gets to the training ground, he feels his legs become weak. He is so tired that he wants to sit down.

‘Keep standing. You’re not allowed to sit down.’ Zhao Yunxing arrives at Qin Yu’s face like a flash. He looks at Qin Yu indifferently. His expression is still the same as it was before he went down the mountain.

Relying on his distinctive pride, Qin Yu keeps himself standing then looks at Zhao Yunxing.

Zhao Yunxing nods and says: ‘As you was able to run till the end, you must’ve felt your physical limits. Very well, having finished the run on your first try, you are my disciple from today onwards.’ Zhao Yunxing’s meaning is very clear -- if Qin Yu had not finished the run, perhaps he would have left right away and would have taught Qin Yu no more.

Qin Yu only looks at Zhao Yunxing. It is not that he does not want to say anything, but at this moment he is simply speechless. Who could have thought that the first run would be so severe?

‘Every external technique, whether the Iron Sand Palm, the Iron Leg Art, or something else, is about training a single part of the human body, making it as hard as steel and giving it terrifying offensive force. They are nothing but attacking methods. It doesn’t matter what external technique it is, the body is the basis; the body is the cornerstone. If a person who is quick like lightning and can lift 1000 jin practices any external techniques, whether the Conqueror’s Divine Fist or the Iron Leg Art, he will definitely be much more formidable than a tubercular patient will,’ says Zhao Yunxing boldly.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s breathing has slowed down. Hearing Zhao Yunxing’s words, he immediately says: ‘Master, I understand that the body is the basis. A good body is like uncut jade, it can be cut into many good things. And a weak body is like impure jade, even with excellent craftsmanship, nothing good can come from it.’

A faint, rare smile appears on Zhao Yunxing’s face. He says: ‘Very well. You understand very well. I can only teach you for a year. In this year, I’m going to train you in every aspect of the body, strength, agility, explosiveness, defensive ability, and so on. I’m going to make your body undergo transformations nonstop. As for attacking methods, I’m not going to teach you. I can only teach you the method to train your body to perfection. As for how to attack or kill with this body, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.’

‘My training method is … the Limit Training Art. While you were running just now, you must’ve felt the existence of the physical limits. But compared to my training, it was just child’s play. Of course, you can choose to give up. I won’t mind that. Those soldiers of mine should be much more strong-willed than the little kid that you are.’ Zhao Yunxing looks at Qin Yu and says coldly.

There is determination in Qin Yu’s eyes.


Qin Yu finds he himself likes that kind of feeling when he transcended his limits. He really likes it.

‘Master, let’s get started.’ Qin Yu looks squarely at Zhao Yunxing. Zhao Yunxing raises his eyebrows. He is amazed that this boy is so strong-minded. There is a faint pleased, smiling expression on his face.

But Qin Yu suddenly puts on a painful face and looks at Zhao Yunxing while blinking. He says pitifully: ‘Master, can you let me rest for a while? After all that running I’m really very tired. First I’ll have a drink of water, then soak in the hot spring, then let Grandpa Weng give me a short massage. My muscles are very tired.’

Zhao Yunxing is startled. His face stiffens. At this moment the expression on his face is very splendid. It can be said that he finds Qin Yu’s request … both funny and annoying.


End of b1c8

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