Stellar Transformations

Book 2 Chapter 4

B2C4: Secrets (2)

Qin Yu’s mind is in turmoil uncontrollably.

In the mind of every person on the Qian Long continent, Qin Shi Huang represents supremacy. Not only did he unify all the lands, his personal power also reached a very high level. In both controlling power and personal power, Qin Shi Huang reached his limits and no one could even remotely compare with him. Now Qin Yu has just discovered that he himself is actually a descendant of Qin Shi Huang, how can he not be shaken up?

‘’Yu’er, as a descendant of Shi Huang, you mustn’t forget the glories of the Qin dynasty. Yu’er, do you know how Shi Huang died?’’ asks Qin De while staring at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu recalls what he has read in books and says: ‘’Qin Shi Huang’s internal energy was extremely profound. It is said that he reached the Shangxian level. In theory he would’ve lived more than 1000 years but later he was killed by Xiang Yu, the West Chu Conqueror and a peerlessly powerful man. He was also the 1st emperor Xiang Yu of our Chu dynasty.’’

‘’Yes, it was Xiang Yu, the Conqueror of West Chu.’’ Qin De’s eyes radiate dazzling rays of light. “The 4 Western region counties were all strongholds of the Xiang clan. It had been running them for more than 1000 years. It got rich thanks to the 4 Western region counties and started to fight for the control of all the lands. Among Shangxian-level experts at that time, Xiang Yu was known as the number one. The West Chu Conqueror Xiang Yu killed our ancestor. If Shi Huang had not died, how would our Qin dynasty have possibly been destroyed? But…”

Qin De says with a cold laugh: ‘’But 1 year later, that West Chu Conqueror was also killed by the combined effort of 2 great Shangxian experts of the Qin dynasty. His jindan was destroyed and he died after falling into a river.’’

Even though the Chu dynasty was founded by the West Chu Conqueror Xiang Yu, Xiang Yu himself could not enjoy the high position and great wealth of a peacetime emperor.

‘’As descendants of Shi Huang, the few of us must restore Shi Huang’s glory. But we can’t rush things. We must select a target. At that time the number one culprit in the Qin dynasty’s destruction was the Xiang clan. Therefore the 1st thing we must do is exterminate the Xiang clan to take control of the whole Chu kingdom.’’ Qin De’s eyes radiate terrifying rays of light.

To exterminate the Xiang clan to take control of the entire Chu kingdom,

At this moment, Qin Yu is trying hard to calm down. What Qin De has said to day is really too shocking to Qin Yu.

Xiang Yu killed Qin Shi Huang and destroyed the Qin dynasty. Then top experts of the Qin dynasty joined forces and killed the West Chu Conqueror Xiang Yu. Otherwise, with Xiang Yu’s terrifying might and the real power of the Xiang clan’s great army, he would have possibly eliminated the other 2 powers and unified the entire Qian Long continent. Because of this, today the Qian Long continent is divided into 3 kingdoms.

Qin Zheng puts a hand on Qin Yu’s shoulder. Qin Yu turns his head and looks at his 2nd brother. Qin Zheng says cordially while staring at Qin Yu: ‘’3rd brother, big brother and I, and father as well, have always been trying hard for so many years because of this goal. Third brother, remember that we are descendants of Qin Shi Huang and we must restore Shi Huang’s glory.’’

Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Xu Yuan beside them all look at Qin Yu.

Seeing the look in his father’s eyes, Qin Yu thinks for a while then finally nods.

‘’In 5 years, everything will be ready. At that time our Qin clan will spring into action. We’ll definitely eliminate the Xiang clan and unify the whole Chu kingdom in due course.’’ At this moment, Qin De’s body automatically radiates killing intent. His eyes also radiate very astonishing rays of light.

After hearing, Qin Yu raises his eyebrows because he too knows the situation in the entire Chu kingdom.

The Chu kingdom is mostly divided up between 4 big clans. First is the Xiang royal clan. It totally controls the 4 Western region counties and has charge of 800,000 troops. The 200,000 strong armored cavalry of the Xiang clan is very well-known.

Second is the Qin clan of the 3 Eastern region counties, which has charge of 600,000 troops. The 50,000 strong Fierce Tiger Corps in its army is held in awe by every entity of power. However, because the Qin clan has 200,000 troops stationed at the Black Water mountain range to keep the number one bandit headquarters under threat, it actually has only 400,000 troops to deploy.

Third is the Mu clan of the 3 Southern region counties with 500,000 troops. Fourth is the Shangguan clan of the 2 Northern region counties with 400,000 troops in total.

This is because in the beginning the Xiang royal clan made a regulation that every county can only recruit 200,000 troops. The whole Chu kingdom is made up of 12 counties, which are divided up between the 4 big clans. However, the other 2 big clans border the Xiang clan and they both have satisfactory relations with the Xiang clan.

‘’Father, if we are to eliminate the Xiang clan won’t the other 2 big clans hinder us? Moreover, even if they don’t hinder us, if after we have eliminated the Xiang clan, they take advantage of our forces’ heavy losses to eliminate us, what should we do?’’ In a short while, Qin Yu sees the problem.

Qin De slightly smiles.

However Qin Zheng says to Qin Yu: ‘’3rd brother, don’t worry about this matter. Of those 2 big clans, the Mu clan is very loyal to the Xiang clan. But the Shangguan clan of the 2 Northern region counties is a fence-sitter. It should be easy to draw it in. Moreover… on the surface our Qin clan has 600,000 troops, but we’ve been around for so many years, how can we only have that many?’’

Qin Yu shakes his head and says: ‘’No, 2nd brother, as the Xiang royal clan is ruling, it must have an intelligence agency to supervise the kingdom. Our Qin clan has 600,000 soldiers, if we want to recruit more troops, say, only 100,000 more, we’ll have to prepare an awful lot of food, armor, weapons, and so on for them, and it will really be too hard for us to hide this from the investigation of the Xiang clan’s intelligence agency. Also, the Mu clan is loyal to the Xiang clan, so they’ll have 7 counties together. That Shangguan clan is a fence-sitter, but it definitely won’t depend on us. After all, our power is still inferior to the Xiang clan’s.’’

Qin Yu is somewhat unconvinced by his own family’s plan to unify the Chu kingdom.

‘’Moreover, the Black Water mountain range is the number 1 bandit headquarters. On the surface those bandits claim there are 200,000 of them but no outsider knows how many bandits they actually have. 200,000 troops of our forces must be deployed to deter them. Otherwise, the 3 Eastern region counties will be in chaos once so many bandits rush every place of the region like locusts. Therefore, we’ll be able to use only 400,000 troops. Even if we have 100,000 troops in secret, there’ll be merely 500,000 troops in total. How are we going to fight the Xiang clan? Our Fierce Tiger Corps is formidable, but the 50,000 Fierce Tiger soldiers are equivalent to 230,000 troops at best. The 200,000 armored cavalrymen of the Xiang clan are really no pushover,’’ says Qin Yu again.

In a short while, he has found many problems.

‘’Moreover, if there is a civil war in the Chu kingdom, the Han and the Ming dynasties definitely won’t cause any trouble? If these 2 big dynasties come on the scene, there’ll be real chaos,’ says Qin Yu again. Having said this, it is obvious he cannot imagine how his own clan will unify the entire Chu kingdom.

Qin De, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng all looks at Qin Yu with a smile.

‘’Not bad, Yu’er, I couldn’t have imagined that you had a pretty good view of the overall situation and would think about so many matters in such a short time. But war is not as simple as you think at all. It’s definitely not just to compare who has more power. Such matters as army provisions, military operations and so on are all very complicated. Moreover, the 4 big clans of the Chu kingdom are not what they look like. Don’t worry, our Qin clan has been preparing for several hundred years. Various plans specified early on what to do. Wait till 5 years later, you’ll see how we’ll destroy the Xiang clan,’’ says Qin De resolutely.

But Qin Yu looks at his father doubtfully.

He cannot understand how his father can be so confident when of the 4 big clans, the Mu clan and the Xiang clan are on the same side, and the Shangguan clan will definitely not rely on the Qin clan. So what if they have been preparing for several hundred years? Could it be several hundred years of preparation would turn 600,000 troops into 800,000 troops? Moreover, the troops stationed at the Black Water mountain range cannot be mobilized. Otherwise, the 3 Eastern region counties will be plunged into chaos, which will really be terrible. After all, this region is the base of the Qin clan.

‘’Don’t worry, your father has taken everything into consideration,’’ says Qin De with a smile.

Qin Yu does not know what his father is thinking, but in his view, it will be very difficult for the Qin clan to unify the entire Chu kingdom. After all, the Han and Ming dynasties both are not incompetent. However, seeing the look in his father’s eyes puts Qin Yu’s mind at ease a lot.


End of b2c4.

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