Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

Chapter 28 - Animal Form

Chapter 28 Animal Form

Xiong Ye’s dodge left Xiong Qi a little perplexed, and he calmed down a lot from his initial excitement–had he done something wrong?

Xiong Ye also felt a little embarrassed, but he still said, “I have a mate and should keep some distance from others!”

Xiong Qi nodded, then put down his hands and said admiringly, “That’s right. You’re really a good man who cares about his mate!” It was very rare and difficult to find a person like Xiong Ye who was so devoted to his mate.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Xiong Qi was over a decade older than him, and they hadn’t interacted much before. He had never been so enthusiastic about him before…

Xiong Qi said, “Xiong Ye, my injuries are much better, and I feel great now! Thank you for healing me!” Xiong Ye’s healing ability appeared to be better than the priest’s. Xiong Ye was really too impressive!

Xiong Qi had been desperate after losing to Shi Li.

He had lost to a man who was over a decade younger than him. It was bad enough that he had lost all his dignity, but then his wounds grew worse, and he couldn’t even stand up straight.

The priest had given him some medicine and told him to have a good rest, but he had no way to rest at the time–his injuries had been too painful.

He thought that he wouldn’t be able to recover.

He had originally been the second strongest warrior in the tribe after Xiong He and had been an existence that everyone respected, but now? He could only lay in his cave and endure wave after wave of pain while the people in the tribe went hunting.

To the point where… He may never be able to hunt again.

He had felt that it was extremely humiliating for a strong warrior like him to have to join the gathering team.

At the time, he had even thought about dying.

In the end though, everything turned around just as he had sunk into despair!

Shi Li had fought with Xiong Ye and had been defeated by Xiong Ye. He hadn’t seen the fight, but people who had come by to see him later had told him about it.

The strong warriors of the younger generation had already grown up… He had forced himself out of his cave, intending to thank Xiong Ye.

He truly didn’t like Shi Li and was very happy that Xiong Ye had beaten Shi Li.

Afterwards, Xiong Ye had said that he had wanted to help him look at his injuries… Although he felt that it was useless, he had still agreed.

He was already in such a state. What did it matter if Xiong Ye also took a look?

As for the herbs that Xiong Ye had given him afterwards…

He was already in such a state. It didn’t matter if he ate some herbs.

Even if this grass was poisonous, it might count as a good thing for him if he was poisoned to death.

So Xiong Qi didn’t hesitate when he ate the medicine and went to sleep.

He had thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep like the past few days, but he actually managed to sleep really well!

Not only that, he discovered that he could stand up straight after waking up!

Although his injuries were still a little painful, they were much better than before. In his current state… he should be able to recover if he rested for a few more days?

Xiong Qi was truly incredibly grateful to Xiong Ye, which was why he had been waiting for Xiong Ye since early in the morning and had rushed over to give Xiong Ye a hug as soon as he saw him.

“Have you gotten a lot better?” Xiong Ye asked Xiong Qi in surprise.

“Yes, I’m much better. I should be able to hunt in a few days.” Xiong Qi couldn’t help but be a little choked up as he talked about the future, “Those herbs were really effective, they must be very precious… Thank you.”

“No need for thanks… Would you like me to give you some more?” Xiong Ye asked. The herbs that Zhou Ji had given Xiong Qi to eat yesterday were all things he ate frequently, and the herbs that Zhou Ji had told Xiong Qi to put on his wound were all herbs that he frequently used. There didn’t seem to be anything surprising about these two herbs; why had they been so effective when Xiong Qi used them?

Perhaps Xiong Qi would’ve gotten better anyway, so that was why they had been so useful?

“No need. You don’t have to give me such precious herbs.” Xiong Qi felt that Xiong Ye was really too generous. It was such a magical herb, but he was actually willing to give him more.

“It’s alright. Wait a minute, I’ll be back soon.” Xiong Ye rushed back to the cave.

“How come you’re back?” Zhou Ji asked.

Xiong Ye said, “Zhou Ji, were the herbs that you gave to Xiong Qi yesterday very precious?”

“No.” Zhou Ji said, “What’s the matter?”

“Can we give Xiong Qi a bit more? He feels that they’re very useful.” Xiong Ye said.

Zhou Ji had no objections. Xiong Ye no longer needed the calming herbs, so he might as well give them all to Xiong Qi… Zhou Ji took out all the calming herbs and gave them to Xiong Ye, “Give these to him and tell him to split it into six bundles. He should eat each portion with meat, and then go to sleep after eating.”

For beastmen with such amazing resilience, eating and sleeping well was already enough for them to recover!

Xiong Ye agreed, then took the herbs with him and went back down to give them to Xiong Qi.

Xiong Qi became even more grateful, “Thank you!” Xiong Ye was such a great person. In the past, he actually hadn’t known that he should interact more with Xiong Ye!

Xiong Qi made up his mind. He must properly repay Xiong Ye in the future.

Xiong Qi used to be one of the strongest warriors in the hunting team. Although he was now injured and unable to participate in the hunts, Xiong He still gave him a little more meat than the members of the gathering team, and he still had some meat stored up from before.

Now that Xiong Ye had told him to eat the meat and herbs before going back to sleep, he did so without hesitation.

Therefore, while the hunting team was out hunting that day, Xiong Qi was sleeping at home.

After Xiong Ye gave the herbs to Xiong Qi, he joined the hunting team and waited for the hunt to begin.

Xiong He saw that practically everyone had arrived and asked, “Is everyone here?”

“Shi Li isn’t here yet.” Someone spoke up.

“Go and call him.” Xiong He said.

The man went to call him and soon returned with Shi Li.

Shi Li had lost face the day before yesterday, so he hadn’t come out at all on the previous day and stayed in his cave to cultivate. He had originally not wanted to come out today either–If he didn’t have enough food, he could go out hunting alone instead of following the hunting team.

However, when someone came to call him over, he suddenly remembered something.

Those who were clearly capable of participating in the collective hunts but refused to work for the tribe would be expelled!

The world outside of the tribe wasn’t beautiful. In his past life, the entire tribe had been driven out of the valley, and life had been very, very hard when they were forced to wander outside. There was no need to even mention meat–it was difficult to even find enough grass to fill their bellies.

At that time, many people in the tribe had died because they had been too hungry and had eaten things they shouldn’t have.

When Shi Li went back to think about that kind of life, he really didn’t know how he had managed to persevere. Now, however, he didn’t want to have to live that kind of life at all.

Shi Li ultimately chose to leave his cave and join the hunting team.

The day before yesterday, Xiong Ye had been injured in the fierce battle with Shi Li, but he had Zhou Ji to take care of him, so the wounds on his body had already healed.

Shi Li had received no such treatment.

Shi Li’s injuries had been heavier than Xiong Ye’s, and they also hadn’t been treated. They currently looked quite serious, and his face, where he had been slapped by a bear paw, was still swollen.

Xiong He glanced at Shi Li. When he arranged the teams, he had Xiong Ye take over the team that had originally been led by Shi Li and assigned Shi Li to join his own team to hunt.

He considered the matter from many angles. First, Shi Li was now injured and might not be able to lead a team well. Secondly, he wanted to give Xiong Ye a chance to practice leading a team.

Also, he would be able to separate Shi Li from his daughter this way.

The people in the tribe didn’t find any problems with this arrangement, but Shi Li felt a little humiliated.

He used to have feelings for people in the tribe, but now… He suddenly felt that it would be pretty good to let this tribe be destroyed in the catastrophe that would arrive later on so that all the people who had seen him in such a messy state would die.

He was never going to alert these people to the upcoming trouble!

Shi Li narrowed his eyes as he followed Xiong He to leave the tribe.

Xiong Ye also led his own team and set out happily.

After the hunters had left, the gathering team would also depart.

The people in the gathering team hadn’t concerned themselves with Zhou Ji before, and nobody used to wait for him, but Zhou Ji had really been in the limelight and he had attracted attention over the past few days, so someone called out to him, “Zhou Ji, we’re going to go gathering!”

“I’m not going today.” Zhou Ji said.

“If you don’t go, you won’t be given anything later!” The leader of the gathering team was a little upset.

Before, he hadn’t cared that Zhou Ji was a slacker because he had pitied him. Now, however, Zhou Ji no longer made him feel sympathetic, and he just felt jealous instead.

“That’s fine.” Zhou Ji said.

“Hmph!” The people from the gathering team looked at Zhou Ji in displeasure and felt that Zhou Ji was a lost cause.

After picking up Xiong Ye, was he no longer willing to even do the simplest gathering task? A person like that would be done for sooner or later!

The leader of the collection team had already decided to find Xiong He later to lodge a complaint.

Zhou Ji didn’t care about those things. There were two things he needed to do today.

One of the things was to take a look at his own animal form and see exactly what kind of animal he was–He couldn’t go into a marriage without knowing his own race, cough!

The other thing was to find a couple of plants with a very high concentration of energy to give to Xiong Ye as a wedding gift.

For this marriage, Xiong Ye had already provided the house… No, the cave, and the furniture. He was also hunting hard to support the family. Zhou Ji couldn’t just go in empty handed.

But he didn’t want to hunt.

In his last life, after killing and fighting for so many years and killing countless zombies, he really didn’t want to kill anymore.

And… some bad things might happen if he really made a move.

Since he couldn’t support their family that way, he could only work hard and take better care of Xiong Ye.

He had already transmigrated here for two months and had gone out frequently during the day and occasionally at night. Other than determining that this world was full of energy, he had also ascertained two other things.

The first thing was that some plants contained more energy than others in this world, and some plants even contained a very powerful kind of energy, making them equivalent to a naturally grown heavenly treasure.

The second thing was that in this world, there were some animals that were more powerful than others. And they… should have mutated because something they had eaten had caused the change.

The plants that Zhou Ji had seen near the tribe didn’t contain much energy, but there might be such things in other places… He planned to go out and search for these plants.

Zhou Ji headed in the opposite direction from the gathering team.

He walked slowly at first but gradually began to pick up speed.

As a plant ability user, the forest was his home, not to mention that he had his powerful spiritual powers.

Zhou Ji’s pace was faster than Xiong Ye’s at full speed.

An hour later, he left the Big Bear Tribe’s hunting grounds.

The Big Bear tribe was situated within a forest. Zhou Ji had arrived at the outskirts of the forest where there was grassland.

He sent out his spiritual power and saw that there were many dinosaurs living in this grassland, most of which were huge in size.

In this world, there were many animals whose weight could be measured in tons. Even in their tribe… Their tribal chief, Xiong He’s animal form weighed about one ton.

It was said that Xiong Ye would be able to achieve this weight in a few years.

His mate’s size, was really very big.

Zhou Ji sighed over Xiong Ye’s size and began to look into how to transform into his animal form.

When people in the tribe wanted to change into their animal forms, it seemed like an easy matter that happened very quickly, but he had never done it before and didn’t really know how to initiate the process.

Zhou Ji was still mulling over the matter when he suddenly felt his body begin to swell.

It was a very wonderful feeling. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, and other than the feeling of his clothing becoming a little tight before it all tore apart, he didn’t feel anything else.

However, he had already become something else in the blink of an eye.

This world was truly miraculous.

What was even more incredible was… Zhou Ji looked at the trees beside him.

He had been studying how to turn into his animal form while under that tree just now. At the time, he had felt that this tree was very big, but now… This tree was so small!

What the hell had he become?

Zhou Ji had an ominous premonition. He wanted to raise his hands but in the end, he could only take a step forward. Not only that, the earth beneath his feet shook slightly with this step.

He could clearly see that some animals who hadn’t taken him seriously and had been idly foraging for food near him were now running for their lives.

Zhou Ji wanted to touch his nose in reaction, but as a result… A very, very long trunk appeared before his eyes.

This was… his nose.

No, it wasn’t only his nose. He also had two very long teeth in front of him. Those two long, curved tusks looked particularly fierce.

Well. The truth was out. He had turned into an elephant.

But… Were elephants this big?

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His mate’s size, was really very big.

Zhou Ji sighed over Xiong Ye’s size.

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