Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 543 (END) - With You, Every Day Is A Good Day (The Final Chapter)

Chapter 543: With You, Every Day Is A Good Day (The Final Chapter)

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Most of the meat was eaten by Tang Xi. Why?

That was because she had a brother who doted on her. Xiao Sa kept putting meat slices into her bowl as he said to the others, “You should thank Rourou. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have prepared this for you. Don’t complain that there is too little meat left for you. I myself don’t have much to eat.”

Then Tang Xi happily glutted herself with these delicacies.

Qiao Liang kept asking her to eat slowly and not choke.

He Wanyi wanted to have some beer, and He Wanzhou hurriedly stopped her. “Don’t drink beer since you don’t feel well.”

“Who said I didn’t feel well?” He Wanyi shook his hand off, poured herself a glass of beer and took a mouthful of it, exclaiming, “It tastes so good”

He Wanzhou was speechless. The corners of his eyes twitched. “A pig said that!”

They didn’t finish the hot pot until two in the morning. Before they left, Qiao Liang forced them to clean up the house. The men had to put away the tableware, cleaned up the room, wash the dishes and put them into the cupboard before they then left…

And Tang Xi was dragged back home by Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa. The two threatened Qiao Liang before they left, “Our mom and dad hate unmarried cohabitation. If you do this, they won’t hesitate to drive you away from Rourou.”

In the end, Qiao Liang could only watch them take his girlfriend away.

Tang Xi couldn’t help laughing when she saw the disappointed look of Qiao Liang.

The next morning, Tang Xi woke up and went to work out in the yard, when she happened to see Qiao Liang come out. However, he didn’t even look at her and just got into his car.

Tang Xi, “…” Why did he ignore her?

Was it because he had something urgent to tend to?

With this in mind, Tang Xi couldn’t help worrying for him, but it seemed that Qiao Liang didn’t want to tell her what happened. Hesitating for several seconds, she decided she’d better go to her company.

She had attended The Queen’s new product release event. A lot of celebrities attended it and many ladies of note even endorsed The Queen for free. The Queen received so many orders that their factory almost couldn’t handle it…

One hour later, Qiao Liang stood at the gate of the Xiao Family’s mansion. He frowned, took a deep breath and walked into it.

In the living room.

Xiao Zhihe silently looked at the young man in front of them up and down. Tang Zhenhua was not surprised because he had known long ago about the relationship between Xixi and Qiao Liang.

At this time, Tang Ya, Xiao Hongyi, Yang Jingxian and Xiao Hongli also came. They looked at Qiao Liang who was standing there respectfully in surprise. Yang Jingxian greeted him, “Hello, Ah Liang.”

“Aunt Yang.” Qiao Liang greeted her and said hello to everyone else.

Sure, he had already greeted the two grandpas before the others came.

Tang Ya looked at Qiao Liang’s handsome face and wondered whether she was dreaming or not. Prince Charming Qiao was her daughter’s boyfriend?!

“I’m sorry for coming to visit you so late.” Qiao Liang smiled politely. “I chose to come here before Uncle Hongyi and Uncle Hongli went to work, I hope I don’t disturb you.”

After receiving a call from the Xiao Family’s mansion, Tang Xi dashed back home. She felt as if she was in a dream when she saw Qiao Liang was learning to cook from her two mothers!

She remembered that Qiao Liang could cook!

Why did he still learn cooking from her mothers?

She sneaked out of the kitchen and asked Xiao Hongli with a lowered voice. “Daddy, why is Qiao Liang learning cooking from Mom and Mommy?”

“How can we let him marry you if he doesn’t know how to take care of you?” Xiao Hongli blinked at her. “Your two mothers are too easy to persuade. That lad had no trouble convincing them to marry you to him.”

After the morning, except for Xiao Hongli, Qiao Liang had successfully convinced everyone that he could be a good husband for Xiao Rou.

After the lunch, Tang Xi left the Xiao Family with Qiao Liang. She looked at Qiao Liang affectionately. “In fact, you didn’t have to do this.”

“Yes, I do.” Qiao Liang took a look at Tang Xi. “I can’t marry you unless I gain your family’s approval. I can’t wait to marry you. Rourou, will you marry me?”

“Rourou?” Tang Xi looked up at Qiao Liang, smiled sweetly and finally nodded. “Yes, I will.”

One month later, Qiao Yuxin formally visited the Xiao Family. Both families had agreed to their marriage.

Tang Xi went to visit Lu Li. Although his memory still hadn’t recovered, he could speak now. Even Luo Feng said it was a miracle. That was thanks to Wen Ning’s good care of Lu Li.

And they finally got news from Xiao Yao who had captured William and took the traitors back with his men. Lin Yuan had executed the traitors. Qiao Liang wanted to give them to Wen Ning, but she refused to execute them.

She said with a smile, “I’ve decided to let the past be the past. It’s enough as long as Lu Li is by my side. Just give the traitors to Lin Yuan.”

Everything was going well. Tang Xi was very satisfied with the present. However… one day, Huo Yun came over and asked to talk with her.

Tang Xi looked at Huo Yun, pursed her lips and asked with a smile, “What do you want to see me about?”

“Let’s fight.” Huo Yun stared coldly at Tang Xi. “If I beat you, you’ll have to leave Young Master.”

Without answering her, Tang Xi jumped at her. Half an hour later, Tang Xi looked at Huo Yun who was lying on the ground and raised her eyebrows. “Now do you think I’m qualified to stay by his side?”

Huo Yun looked away and said coldly, “I apologize for what I said to you. Please, take care of Young Master.”

Tang Xi looked back at her and turned up the corners of her mouth. “This is not something you should care about.”

Three months later, as Tang Xi’s new movie was released, she immediately became a rising star in China. Soon she became one of the most famous stars in the country. And on the day that her first movie was released, she and Qiao Liang held their wedding.

At the wedding, as soon as Tang Xi said “I do,” to the minister, she suddenly jumped up and hugged Qiao Liang, exclaiming happily, “I did it! National goddess! I finally become the national goddess!”

Qiao Liang hugged her affectionately and gave her a loving smile. “My national goddess wife, you should wear the ring now.”

Tang Xi reached out towards Qiao Liang with a smile.

After they put on the ring respectively, Qiao Liang kissed Tang Xi between her eyebrows. Tang Xi smiled sweetly, turned around to take a look at Xiao Yao and Lu Li sitting below and asked Qiao Liang, “Who should I throw the bridal bouquet to?”

“Me! Me! I haven’t got a girlfriend!” Lin Yuan who acted as a groomsman immediately shouted excitedly.

Tang Xi laughed and shook her head. “No, I’m going to give the bridal bouquet to… Hey, Lin Yuan, give the bridal bouquet back to me!!!”

Lin Yuan held the bridal bouquet in his arms and ran towards the door. I’m going to gift the bouquet to the first girl I meet!

At this time, the gate of the church was pushed open and a beautiful Western girl showed up. Lin Yuan suddenly stopped and looked at that girl in shock. “Alice, why are you here?”

“Don’t you know why I am here?!” Alice glared at Lin Yuan hard, pulled out a little boy from behind her and said gently to the boy, “Baby, he is your irresponsible father.”

The boy had a perfect Eastern face, but his eyes were green just like Alice’s. He looked up at Lin Yuan and frowned. There was a gleam of doubt in his eyes and he asked coldly, “Are you my daddy?”

Everyone else enjoyed this show with relish.

The ignored bride and groom exchanged a glance, and Qiao Liang explained to Tang Xi, “She seems to be Lin Yuan’s hundredth girlfriend.”

Lin Yuan looked back at Tang Xi blankly and swallowed. “May I return the bouquet to you?”

Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang in shock. “The hundredth girlfriend?!”

“They were together for a week.” Lu Li whispered to Wen Ning who was sitting beside him.

Wen Ning gaped. “And then this girl gave birth to his child?”

“You should believe in Ah Yuan’s ability.” Lu Li smiled and poured Wen Ning a glass of juice. “I think there will still be surprises.”

Wen Ning raised her eyebrows and the next second, she saw Alice pulled a little girl out from behind her. This girl looked exactly the same as Alice but had the same black eyes as Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan felt his heart missed a beat and he jerked back a step. “Twins?”

Alice nodded. “Yes, they are five and a half years old. They are your children.”

“Hahaha…” Lin Yuan suddenly laughed out loud.

Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang. “Did he go mad in excitement?”

Qiao Liang shook his head. “No, he won’t.”

Then they heard Lin Yuan’s smug voice. “Qiao Liang, Lu Li, you losers! You spent so much time and energy on your lovers but one of you just got married and one hasn’t yet. Look at me, I have already had a son and a daughter! I’m way better than you guys! Hahaha!”

“Then marry her!” The onlookers shouted.

Lin Yuan, “…”

Keep quiet! You know nothing, idiots!

And the bride and groom looked at each other. Tang Xi smiled. “Today seems to be a very good day.”

Qiao Liang gently rubbed at her hair. “With you, every day is a good day.”

“Don’t be so honey-lipped.” Tang Xi cast a shy glance at Qiao Liang.

The ignored minister secretly rolled his eyes. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the other.”

It was the first time that he hosted such a dramatic wedding!

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