Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1182 - Cross the Heartless Sea

Chapter 1182: Cross the Heartless Sea

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A month later, a blue ray darted over tens of thousands of kilometers from Mo Yue City and disappeared into the Heartless Sea.

This was Ye Mo’s Blue Moon. Ye Mo met Ji Ling’s essence spirit and although it was about to dissipate, it could be saved for now with Ye Mo’s spirit cleansing bead. However, he knew that if he didn’t find the Immortal Curl Flower soon, he still wouldn’t be able to save Ji Ling.

The Immortal Curl Flower had only been said to appear in one place, although no one had seen it before, and that was the Heartless Sea. The Immortal Curl Flower could perfectly rebuild a cultivator’s body as well as essence spirit. If he found Immortal Curl Flower, Ji Ling would be saved, but without it, Ji Ling’s death was unavoidable.

Ye Mo strengthened Blue Moon’s formation by adding another stealth formation.

Ye Mo knew the hardest part about crossing Heartless Sea wasn’t time or distance, it was that there were too many powerful beings there. If one offended a powerful faction in the Heartless Sea, even truth realisation state cultivators couldn’t be saved, much less him.

So, Ye Mo tried to keep lowkey. If it weren’t for Ji Ling, he wouldn’t even plan on stopping at all.

Ji Ling’s essence spirit was weak and Ye Mo put the spirit cleansing bead on the herb king spirit range.

After doing all that, Ye Mo set up another surveillance formation on Blue Moon before attaching 8 extreme grade spirit stones and going into the Golden Page World to use the time formation disk to cultivate.

Using a split of his spirit sense to control Blue Moon would reduce his speed, but Ye Mo didn’t want to waste time.

After flying for another month, Ye Mo was in the deep sea. He was body condensation state level five now and although he gave all the spirit marrow ponds to Luo Ying and them, he had an extreme grade spirit range. This was no weaker than the spirit marrow pond and the spirit chi was even denser. The only thing was it wasn’t as easily devoured as the spirit marrow. But it didn’t affect Ye Mo as he had the Bitter Bamboo.

He didn’t encounter any obstacles in this month. Even if he met some spirit beasts, Blue Moon was too fast and had already passed before they could react.

The only pity was Blue Moon used 8 extreme grade spirit stones a month. Although Yue Qichao gave him some and he collected some himself, there were only about 100 now. this would only be enough to support Blue Moon for a year.

The second month was about to pass but Ye Mo had reached body condensation state level six. Just when he was about to reach body condensation state level seven, a flying magic artifact faster than Blue Moon chased up to him.

The target was clearly Blue Moon. Ye Mo was shook, he quickly left the Golden Page World and controlled Blue Moon to accelerate.

With his full power concentrated on this, Blue Moon was even faster.

The flying magic artifact behind also noticed this and sped up as well.

Ye Mo soon found that after the people behind accelerated too, their speed was on par with him. He had a bad feeling but when he saw that there were only three people behind and the strongest one was only cauldron filling state level three, he stopped Blue Moon. If the chase continued he would be exposed and noticed.

It was a chariot flying magic artifact and at the front stood a pretty young girl with milky white skin. Her wavy hair fell loosely on her shoulder and her face was a little red.

What shook Ye Mo were her chests, they were like two huge mountains. This made Ye Mo think of his teacher Yun Bing. Out of all the women he knew, Yun Bing’s chests were definitely big, but they weren’t enough compared to this girl. Thinking of Yun Bing, Ye Mo suddenly felt a little sad. Ever since he left Ning Hai, he never went to visit her nor Ting Ting. Perhaps they would never meet again.

“Hmph.” A sneer sounded and Ye Mo turned around.

She looked at most in her teens but was already hollow spirit state middle stage.

“Why are you running when you saw us coming? Did you do something bad? Who gave you the right to do what you want in this place?” the girl asked coldly.

Ye Mo frowned, this girl was either stupid or intentionally starting trouble. He didn’t care about the girl but the two people behind her – one cauldron filling state level two, one cauldron filling state level three. Either of them would be quite tough for him to handle. It seemed her status was quite high as the two were her guards.

“Are your ears deaf? Did you not hear me asking you?” the girl asked unhappily after seeing that Ye Mo didn’t reply.

Ye Mo said coldly, “What does anything I do have to do with you? Is the Heartless Sea your home? Am I not allowed to pass?”

“You’re asking to die!” the cauldron filling state level two heard this and immediately released a dark magic artifact. Ye Mo didn’t even see what it was but the cauldron filling state level three stopped the cauldron filling state level two.

He said to Ye Mo coldly, “You’re right, this place is our mistress’s home. Considering that it’s your first offense, leave your flying magic artifact and you can leave.”

Ye Mo immediately realized the girl’s dodgy eyes showed that she wanted his Blue Moon, but she could keep dreaming. Ye Mo also noticed that when the cauldron filling state cultivator spoke, there was a sliver of cruelty in his eyes. Clearly, as soon as he gave Blue Moon, he would kill him.

“A mere body condensation state cultivator dares to cross the Heartless Sea – insolent!” the cauldron filling state level two sneered.

Ye Mo could tell these people weren’t spirit beasts, but he didn’t understand why there were cultivators at the depth of the Heartless Sea.

“Sorry, I’m not going to play with you.” Ye Mo was about to activate Blue Moon.

“Since you don’t want to live, I’ll fulfill your dream,” that cauldron filling state level two said and waved a black ray over at Ye Mo’s head.

Ye Mo sneered. If he really wanted to run, he wouldn’t stop at all. This was the first time he fought with a cauldron filling state cultivator. He wasn’t careless at all and immediately released octagonal cauldron and Zi Xu.

When that dark magic artifact came above Ye Mo’s head, he immediately felt this space didn’t belong to him. Even the octagonal cauldron wasn’t able to spin, he was shook and thought of the strike he created at the spirit marrow palace and the words of that cultivator – domain.

Was this domain? This guy’s domain wasn’t even a little bit completed, but after that past experience and this little bit of domain, his knowledge of domains instantly cleared up. He felt that he could easily turn that binding into his. There was no reason, it was a type of confidence.

The next moment, Zi Xu hacked out and a long purple ray and his strong desire of binding space flew out.

“Nice cauldron…” the cauldron filling state saw Ye Mo’s octagonal cauldron and quite liked it.

“Good thing, Er Wu! I want that big cauldron as well,” the young girl said.

Ye Mo sneered and hacked out Zi Xu even faster. The space that bound Ye Mo quickly shattered.

“Domain…” the cauldron filling state level two felt he couldn’t restrict Ye Mo’s magic artifact and instead his magic artifact was restricted. He really didn’t understand how a body condensation state cultivator could understand domains. Even he, who was under the tutelage of the sect leader, only barely understood a little bit.

But he realized too late, his magic artifact completely stopped.



Zi Xu clashed with the dark magic artifact and purple rays splashed everywhere. That cauldron filling state spat blood and flew out, dragging a trail of blood behind him.

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