Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1453 - Fly across abyssal river

Chapter 1453: Fly across abyssal river

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“brother Ye…” these people were all silent, but LI Changtian said “demon lands is the most terrifying place in West Extreme State. never has a cultivator gone in and come back out. Brother Ye came out from there. I really want to ask about the situation. If we go in, would there be danger?”

So this was it, it was fine telling them about it so Ye Mo nodded “there’s a lot of evil spirits and demonic spirits inside. Ordinary cultivators will die for sure inside. I have mist lotus heart fire and it’s very high level so I’m not afraid of them. If you don’t have high level heaven flame, it’s very dangerous to go inside.”

“pill king Ye, may I ask where the demon lands lead to?” Mu Feihuan asked the question everyone wanted to know.

Ye Mo nodded “it leads directly to South Peace State demon prison forbidden grounds. It takes me half a month to get to South Peace State from here, maybe even faster. This distance is so much shorter than going by the Heartless Sea. there’s a river near this entrancve. I guess it might be the abyssal river. I don’t know where that leads to.”

Ye Mo estimated with his own time. He didn’t use the full speed of Blue Moon the whole journey. But if he went back at full speed, he would reach South Peace State in less than ten days.

“abyssal river is indeed below…” Wei Lanfeng blurted out.

Quan Lan suddenly said “I have a guess but I’m not sure. I’ll have to know after going down and seeing.”

Quan Lan then said politely to Ye Mo “pill king Ye, I thought I was top grade power in the cultivation realm but now I realise I’m a frog at the bottom of a well. In terms of power I’m far weaker than you. However, the demon lands concerns the future of our West Extreme State. we’re all about to immortal ascension, after we do and something happens at the demon lands, there would be nothing West Extreme State can do. so, I want to ask pill king Ye to take us down there to see the danger there and if it would threaten West Extreme State.”

All the other cultivators clearly thought the same too.

Ye Mo didn’t mind “of course, but after I reach the Abyssal river crossroads, I’m going to South Peace State. so I won’t be coming back with you guys.”

Ye Mo’s intention was clear, when you guys went back whether you live or die has nothing to do with me.

Wei Lanfeng long heard Ye Mo was level nine pill king and wanted to connect to him. He quickly went up and saluted with his fists “of course, pill king Ye. You’re level nine pill king so ordinary spirit herbs are useless to you. The endless forest has plentiful of spirit herbs. Here’s some high level spirit herbs, this is our gratitude to you for leading the way.”

He immediately gave a storage ring to Ye Mo. He saw Ye Mo could give up blue sword for spirit herb, he immediately knew that spirit herb were very important to him.

Ye Mo took it since it was given of course. After he scanned with spirit sense, he was shook.

Clearly, Wei Lanfeng selected them meticulously. There were level nine spirit herb Sha fruit and truth spirit grass. These were the main ingredients for disaster life pill and truth spirit pill and there were quite a lot of them.

This was a huge gift. Ye Mo took the storage ring and thought for a moment and gave him two jade bottles “thanks, your spirit herbs is very useful to me, I have some pills for you too.”

Mo Yue City lacks spirit herbs for development, these high level spirit herbs were very rare how could Ye Mo not take them.

“disaster life pill, truth realization pill…” Wei Lanfeng called out in shock. Spirit herbs didn’t equal to pills. Without a level nine pill king, these level nine spirit herbs could only be eaten raw. The effects would be greatly diminished. Pills were much more precious than spirit herbs. He really didn’t to receive such return after giving out some spirit herbs.

Li Changtian and Quan Lan couldn’t bear to watch anymore. They quickly took out the spirit herbs they had on them and traded with Ye Mo. Ye Mo accepted all.

The pills could increase the power of West Extreme State while the spirit herb would also be able to increase the power of South Peace State.

After this round of exchange, everyone was happy. Ye Mo got large sums of level nine spirit herbs while the West Extreme State people got the pills they wanted.

After Quan Lan and them followed Ye Mo into the demon lands, they realized why Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of the evil spirits in here at all.

With Ye Mo’s Heaven Flame Nine Suns, evil spirits couldn’t even get close. All they did was run away.

Due to this, everyone saw just how much evil spirits there was. They were like a black mist.

Wei Lanfeng immediately stopped and saluted with his fists “I won’t go, without a doubt, there would only be more of those things the further inside we go. I don’t have pill king Ye’s rare flame cultivation method, on the way back I won’t be able to get away.”

Everyone realized this too. Ye Mo could dominate here because he had Heaven Flame Nine Suns, if Ye Mo left what would they rely on staying alive?

Seeing everyone look at him, Ye Mo understood what they wanted. He nodded “okay in that case, I’ll send you guys out.”

One was because they didn’t go very far and second was because Ye Mo got large sums of high level spirit herbs from them.

When they were back at the entrance again, Quan Lan said “pill king Ye, thank you for sending us out despite the past conflicts. I suspect that the two sides of the abyssal river leads to East Black State and North Far State. but I’m too weak to go inside, if pill king Ye has spare time, you can go in and try. Perhaps it would be just as quick to go to the other states as South Peace State.”

Quan Lan really wanted to go to East Black State once before she ascended but flying across the Heartless Sea wasted too much time.

This was the second time Ye Mo stood at the Abyssal river.

It was calm just like when he came before and the countless evil spirits were gone.

He hesitated if he should go along here to visit North Far State. his arrangement with silver moon pill king was half a year or longer. Now was still very early.

Ye Mo thought for a while and couldn’t resist going north along the Abyssal river. If it was similar distance as here to South Peace State, then he should arrive in five or six days if he went full speed.

The main thing was that Yimo was in North Far State and he hadnt’ been able to find her.

The abyssal river water was calm but it was very dark. Even Ye Mo’s spirit sense couldn’t scan very deep.

Ye Mo was desperate to go back to North Far State and so despite knowing that the abyssal river wasn’t simple. So, Ye Mo flew faster and faster above the abyssal river.

At the started, there were some fine sands and black rocks on the two sides but after flying for a day, it was just mist. It was very obscure even scanning with spirit sense. the only thing was that this river got wider and wider. From the initial 100 meters to now almost one kilometer wide.

Ye Mo had the premonition that he would reach North Far State in three to five days.

It’s only been half of the third day and Blue Moon suddenly sunk. There was a huge suction force from the abyssal river. Blue Moon was sucked to the surface and suddenly, there was a huge 100 meter tall black wave that wanted to drown Blue Moon.

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