Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 17: Got The Wrong Person

Chapter 17: Got The Wrong Person

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Initially, Su Jingwen thought that Ye Mo would suffer a great deal being locked up; however, what made her astonished was that when they opened the retention center, Ye Mo was lazily laying on the bed and didn’t even bother to take his shoes off. Meanwhile, a few robust men were standing carefully beside him. It was so quiet that it didn’t seem like a temporary prison, but instead a classroom during night study.

The metal door opened and Ye Mo immediately understood what had happened after he saw Su Jingwen. It looked like that Su Jingwen saw him somewhere and possibly realized that he was the person who sold the charms to her, and therefore, came to save him. Perhaps even the police call was made by her. However, if that was really her, then she was causing more trouble instead of helping him.

“Hello, you might know me, I’m Su Jingwen. When I saw you being taken away by some people at the entrance to Ning Hai University, I called the police,” when Su Jingwen saw that Ye Mo was all right, she immediately felt relieved in her heart. It wouldn’t be surprising if it were really him since his charms were so powerful, how could he be afraid of a few hoodlums in here?

Ye Mo thought to himself that things were exactly as he had thought. Su Jingwen was acting out of goodwill so he wouldn’t blame her. However, her words sounded like she wasn’t too sure if he was the person who sold the charms to her or not. Since she wasn’t sure, Ye Mo would definitely not admit it as he knew how much ruckus it would cause if he did.

But now, he didn’t even have the means to leave the police station and had even thought about killing and escaping. If someone with greater powers came down on him, there would be no good result for him since his powers were still too low… Ye Mo sighed in his heart.

Seeing how Ye Mo was hesitating to say something, Su Jingwen hurried to say: “This isn’t a place to talk, let’s go!” Geng Wenbin personally helped write down Ye Mo’s released paper before sending Ye Mo and Su Jingwen to the front gate.

Su Jingwen’s car was a red Mercedes. When Ye Mo entered the car, he immediately felt that the smell was very pure; it was a faint woman’s aroma. Ye Mo immediately knew that she rarely ever took people into her car or possibly never brought anyone in, but since Su Jingwen told him to get on, he wouldn’t refuse.

“Could we enjoy a dinner together tonight?” Su Jingwen already took Ye Mo as the master who sold her the charms, so her words were rather hospitable. After leaving school, Ye Mo still didn’t eat anything, so when Su Jingwen invited him to dinner, he agreed casually.

The restaurant Su Jingwen took Ye Mo to was called West Lake Family. This restaurant was relatively tranquil, and the decorations were very elegant. There weren’t many people in the restaurant, making it very serene. When Ye Mo first stepped in, he immediately felt this place was a good place to eat. Usually, he ate from fast food restaurants on the side of the road and wasn’t fussed about what he ate.

“Jingwen, long time no see,” a plump yet elegant woman saw Su Jingwen come in and immediately came up with a smile.

“Sister Fang, I had some things recently and were not able to come over. Today I brought a friend over for dinner, is there a private room available?” Su Jingwen smiled. She spoke casually, and it was clear that she was quite familiar with this Sister Fang.

Hearing Su Jingwen’s words, this lady with an elegant temperament glanced at Ye Mo once curiously, but then immediately pretended that it was nothing as she said: “Yes, the Good Friend Room is still available.”

Sister Fang wasn’t very pretty, but the mass in front of her chest was quite huge, and she had a pair of peach flower eyes. Usually, this type of women gave people a sense of flirtatiousness, but Sister Fang’s elegant manner showed people that she was a well-educated woman, and the element of flirtatiousness was not there. However, when Su Jingwen said Ye Mo was her friend, Ye Mo still caught the changes in Sister Fang’s eyes.

The Good Friend Room was dimly lighted and honestly didn’t seem like a place to eat. It was more like a place for two lovers to have meaningful conversations. Ye Mo didn’t really like this environment and immediately pulled the curtains open. The dusk sunlight shone in, and the room instantly became clearer.

“Jingwen, you can order first, I’ll go now to prepare some tea,” Sister Fang took out a menu and placed it on the table before turning to leave.

Ye Mo thought to himself: “They need the female owner of this place to make tea? Where are the waiters?”

Although seeing through Ye Mo’s confusion, Su Jingwen said: “Sister Fang is a master in the art of tea. Those who come to eat here are all regular customers, and usually, Sister Fang makes the tea herself. The menu is here, pick your dishes,” as Su Jingwen spoke, she passed the menu in her hands to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo flicked through the menu. There weren’t much variety, but the image of each dish was very attractive and exquisite.

“Why isn’t there a price?” Ye Mo found out that there was no price on his menu.

“Regardless of what dish it is, they are all 300 a dish, so there is no need for a price. Every regular customer knows about that,” Su Jingwen smiled sweetly.

Ye Mo fazed for a moment as he thought that a plate of celery cost 300 too? But he didn’t say this. He wasn’t wealthy, but that didn’t mean other people were not. Ye Mo didn’t know that the most expensive thing here wasn’t the dishes.

He wasn’t too fussy about food, but Ye Mo knew Su Jingwen was wealthy. Since the prices were all the same, he ordered a few randomly. Ye Mo wasn’t into tea, but this didn’t mean he didn’t understand tea. After drinking Sister Fang’s tea, the aroma remained on the lips and tongue, making people have the urge to drink a second time.

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to like the tea here, Su Jingwen smiled faintly and asked: “You are the master that sold me the charm last time, right?”

Su Jingwen’s unexpected way of questioning was very effective usually, but it was useless to Ye Mo. He didn’t expose anything in his mannerism and didn’t show a very calm face. Instead, he asked with surprise: “What charm master? I’m only a student, look this is my student ID.”

As he spoke, Ye Mo took out his student ID and showed Su Jingwen.

Ye Mo, Ning Hai University (05) Biology Specialisation. He was a fourth-year university student.

Su Jingwen returned the ID card to Ye Mo with disappointment. She didn’t think that she got the wrong person. She saw that he was taken away at the entrance to Ning Hai University, but she didn’t think he really was a university student.

“Um, Su Jingwen, did you get the wrong person? You took me to such a high-class restaurant for food, I’m quite embarrassed,” although Ye Mo knew Su Jingwen wouldn’t regret over a mere few thousand dollars, he still needed to say this.

“It doesn’t matter; you look very similar to my friend. Plus, even if I got the wrong person, it’s not that important. The first meeting might be unfamiliar, but during the second meeting, we will be familiar, and we will know each other in the future, won’t we? You’re younger than me so you can refer to me as Sister Jingwen. Calling me by my full name sounds a bit weird,” Su Jingwen smiled once again.

Ye Mo didn’t give her a bad impression because Ye Mo was a handsome young man, and the eyes he looked at her with were very clear and didn’t make her feel uncomfortable.

“Then Sister Jingwen, I’ll benefit from you and enjoy this meal,” Ye Mo wouldn’t be reserved for the dishes brought to him, and he didn’t feel bad for eating this without paying. He was sure that his spirit cleansing charm that he sold last time saved Su Jingwen’s mother, because, he was confident of his charms, and he could tell from Su Jingwen’s attitude towards him.

Su Jingwen took out a name card and gave it to Ye Mo: “This is my number, if those people still look for trouble with you, you can call me.”

Ye Mo took the card and thought inwardly: “If it wasn’t for you this time, there wouldn’t be that much trouble. I probably won’t be calling you after this meal; you are you, I am me. We wouldn’t have anything to do with each other.”

“Haha, then I’ll take it. However, there’s nothing I can help you with,” Ye Mo said casually.

“Perhaps not now but maybe sometimes, I’ll be needing your help.” Su Jingwen smiled charmingly as no one would know what she was thinking.

Ye Mo blamed himself for talking too much. He didn’t even have enough time to cultivate, the less the trivial things, the better. Su Jingwen suddenly felt that when she was with Ye Mo, things seemed peaceful and she didn’t have any pressure.

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