Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1835 - Challenge Title Status Tower Rules

Chapter 1835: Challenge Title Status Tower Rules

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Lu Feng was at the 39th floor, she knew this was her maximum limit.

But there were 30 or so people here, Lu Feng knew that even if she could go up a level she wouldn’t be able to find a room so she might as well fight for one here.

The nine rooms were wide open. If you got here first and no one was fighting over it, you can press your hand and go in. but if there were multiple people fighting over a room, you had to stand at the door waiting to accept the challenge.

There were two hand prints at the two sides of a door. If you press your hand in one of them for three seconds without anyone else pressing the other, this room was yours. If someone else pressed it within three seconds then you would have to accept the challenge.

When two people were fighting for the same room, no one else can enter the room. If there were too many people challenging you, you only had to win two times in a row and the room was yours.

Lu Feng benefited from Ye Mo’s cultivation experience and the dual spirit pill Ye Mo gave her which allowed her to climb the stairs faster than others.

She wasn’t the first to come to level 39, she was the ninth but luckily she put her hand on the room for three seconds before the tenth person came.

When Ye Mo reached 42nd floor, he finally saw someone familiar. Ren Fu was fighting an intense battle with another immortal king. Ye Mo didn’t keep going up, he wanted to help Ren Fu since he saw her.

Rumble. Ye Mo’s immortal king domain expanded and that immortal king fighting Ren Fu was immediately bound. Ren Fu was completely unaffected. Ren Fu’s Ring struck the immortal king’s chest, people nearby could hear the sound of ribs breaking.

When this immortal king was struck away, he yelled in the air “you dare to break the rules here… why weren’t you teleported away?”

Everyone else felt strange too. There was someone who dared to break the rules and not get teleported to level one. This was too strange.

Ye Mo didn’t speak, he felt an extremely powerful rule wanting to drag him away. he could even feel that his feet was about to leave the ground.

That pulling force was getting stronger and stronger. Ye Mo sighed, he wanted to speak to Ren Fu but he didn’t expect intervening here would teleport him out.

The other people saw Ye Mo was fine and kept fighting. Meanwhile for Ye Mo, he couldn’t handle that teleporting power anymore. Ye Mo forcefully used his immortal essence wanting to speak to Ren Fu first but when he found that the pulling power disappeared when he drew it into the golden page world.

The golden page world could mitigate this power. Ye Mo rejoiced. He sent all the pulling power into the golden page world.

The power was incessant but it wasn’t enough for the golden page world.

“Haha…” Ye Mo laughed, it was all immortal kings here, no one was stronger than him. He wasn’t scared of exposing the golden page world. Ye Mo was very confident in his power. No one of the same cultivation level could see through his sea of consciousness.

Seeing that Ye Mo was really fine and not teleported away, that immortal king didn’t dare to talk. He immediately went into the 43rd floor. He couldn’t mess with someone like Ye Mo. Only an idiot would act against him.

Seeing this, Ye Mo ignored that immortal king and walked up to Ren Fu.

Ren Fu said “Ren Fu greet immortal friend, if immortal friend want this room, Ren Fu is willing to go.”

Ren Fu felt strange why Ye Mo would fight over this room with her. According to Ye Mo’s power he could go to a higher level.

Ye Mo sound transmissioned to Ren Fu “I’m Ye Mo’s martial brother. I can’t expose my identity restriction. Ye Mo has finished building Mo Yue Immortal Sect in Gong Hua Heaven. If you go to Gong Hua heaven you can go to Mo Yue Immortal Sect. I already spoke with elder Lu Feng, you can go find her.”

Then Ye Mo gave Ren Fu a jade card.

Ren Fu was shook, she immediately guessed that this person might be Ye Mo himself but since he dind’t admit it there must be a reason.

Ren Fu took the jade card and saluted with her fists.

“Go in, I’m going up.” Ye Mo pointed at the room.

Ren Fu nodded and put her hand on the side of the room. A few seconds later the door disappeared, no one came to fight over this room during the process.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo had already gone on the golden stairs.

Ye Mo didn’t know if going in the room can really help one sense the immortal king dao wave and help with god art fusion and learning but he benefited quite a lot from the golden stairs. The pressure helped him find weakspots in his spirit sense.

Ye Mo would adjust this immediately. As for his body refinement, it was even more obvious. He hadn’t seen other body refinement cultivation methods, he derived his own body refinement cultivation method. This golden stairs immediately allowed Ye Mo to sense weak spots in his body so he can adjust the cultivation method and refine the weak spots.

This was only forty something level. Ye Mo believed if he could go higher he would benefit even more. at the 43rd floor, Ye Mo stealthed himself. No matter if people could see him or not, he would keep going up in steatlh.

He did this as he had the feeling that this tower couldn’t stop him from going higher. He didn’t want others to see him climbing the stairs so easily. More importantly, he didn’t want Lu Zhengqun to know which level he was at.

As Ye Mo went higher, he immersed into the enlightenment from the stairs. He had been cultivating in the time formation disk and although this could allow him to progress fast, there was a drawback, and that was learning and experience.

When he was abstruse immortal, dao seeking tower gave him a chance for enlightenment but he learned a few god arts. Now that he was immortal king, this tower gave him another chance.

Lu Zhengqun asked about Ye Mo whereever he could but after he reached 43rdfloor, the answers he got was ambiguous.

So he sped up to 44 and 45 but Lu Zhengqun was more disappointed. It meant that after Ye Mo reached 43rdfloor he disappeared.

“Kai Mi qian bei how could this person suddenly disappear?” Lu Zhengqun couldn’t help asking.

“I haven’t gone through this title status tower but it tests all aspects of an immortal king’s power. Perhaps that person is strong but his body isn’t very powerful. After all, using the time formation disk means you can’t be cultivating body refinement. The tower has a high requirement for body refinement. He might’ve gone into a room around 43 or 45.” The essence spirit said.

Lu Zhengqun felt this was correct. If Ye Mo really used time formation disk to forcefully bring up his power, his immortal essence and spirit sense might be powerful but his body can’t be strong by using the time formation disk.

When Ye Mo was at level 61 to 62 he finally felt some pressure. If he wasn’t immortal spirit body tertiary stage, he would face even greater pressure.

But when he came to level 62, he saw someone arrive here before him.

It was Miao Cheng heaven number one emperor sect Jiu Qian Emperor Sect’s Di Wencheng. Ye Mo knew his guy wasn’t simple on the immortal ship.

But Di Wencheng was struggling a lot now. he stood at a room and rested a moment before putting his hand on the door. Clearly, he doesn’t plan to climb any higher.

Ye Mo estimated that this guy probably climbed the highest other than him.

Ye Mo kept climbing, after 63 the pressure seemed much higher. But now, Ye Mo wasn’t in a rush, he was slowly meditating and perfecting his immortal king primary stage god art and spirit sense.

Ye Mo thought he would be the only one left after level 62 but what he didn’t expect was that he saw another masked female immortal at level 71.

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