Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 19: The Girl At The Door Of The Classroom

Chapter 19: The Girl At The Door Of The Classroom

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“Qingxue, I really don’t know what to say about you, but the Song Family is such a big family, and they will want to keep their image, so if you marry Ye Mo and something happens to him, anyone would relate that to the Song Family. I don’t think the Song Family would do something that doesn’t really benefit them,” Li Mumei seemed to analyze the situation with experience.

Ning Qingxue remained silent for a moment before nodding her head: “Okay, I will have to owe him one more time.”

However, Li Mumei shook her head: “Qingxue, you’re wrong. This time you won’t owe him, he will owe you. I can guarantee that Ye Mo’s thoughts are different than yours. He would be glad to do so. How about this… Tomorrow is Jingwen’s birthday, and we’ll use this excuse to go to Ning Hai. After Jingwen’s birthday party, I’ll go with you to Ye Mo and reveal our plan?”

Ning Qingxue was familiar with Su Jingwen. When she was still going to school, Su Jingwen was famously beautiful in Beijing; however, a few years before, something had happened to her mother and therefore had gone to Ning Hai. However, Li Mumei was still very close friends with Su Jingwen.


Ye Mo finally came to class after a long while. And now, he had already self-taught himself with nearly all the content of these few years of university. He only came today because Shi Xiu invited him for food which was mainly because Shi Xiu got a few free vouchers for the school’s restaurant. Since there was free food, he wanted Ye Mo to come as well.

If Ye Mo had only one friend in Ning Hai University, that would have been Shi Xiu. Normally, when Ye Mo went to class, Shi Xiu would sit next to him as he got along well with Ye Mo. It had been like this ever since Ye Mo went to Ning Hai University, and didn’t change just because Ye Mo was kicked out of the Ye Family.

When Ye Mo recovered his consciousness the first time, he was awakened by Shi Xiu who also warned him not to make contact with Yan Yan. Later on, when Ye Mo was kicked out of the Ye Family and had financial difficulties, he would try his best to help Ye Mo as much as he could. It could be said that, in Ning Hai University, the only people who helped Ye Mo in the end were Wang Ying and Shi Xiu. Wang Ying’s help might be due to Ye Ling, but Shi Xiu was Ye Mo’s real friend.

“Ye Mo, this is Heartless Bing’s class again. You are already on her bad side, and if you didn’t come, it would have been okay, so when she teaches, don’t say a word. If she sees you, she might want to trouble you again,” Shi Xiu said to Ye Mo carefully.

Ye Mo smiled and patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder: “I won’t care about these narrow-hearted women. Don’t worry, it won’t affect you. I can stay quiet for a whole month, much less during a lesson in class.”

Shi Xiu also smiled as he obviously didn’t believe that Ye Mo could remain silent for a month.

“Who did you call narrow-hearted, Ye Mo? Someone paralyzed like you could not possibly have the face to talk about others and even have the face to come to class?” a very crisp girl voice interrupted Ye Mo’s words.

“Yan Yan, what do you mean? Ye Mo wasn’t talking about you, what right do you have to talk? Is it because you think Ye Mo can be bullied?” Shi Xiu was not happy about Yan Yan’s behavior.

“Aiyoh, Shi Xiu, you seem to have enough guts to yell.” Yan Yan saw the “goodie goodie” Shi Xiu dared to yell at her, and immediately went on the defensive. However, Ye Mo pulled Shi Xiu aside and said: “Why taking her seriously, just pretend as if it was a harmless dog barking.”

“Ye Mo—” Yan Yan pointed at Ye Mo and was about to swear. Ye Mo sneered, and before Yan Yan could respond, he said: “Being ugly isn’t your fault, but showing off your ugliness is your bad. Oh right, didn’t you say last time I couldn’t go in bed with you? I’m sorry, I’m not interested in a dinosaur like you.”

Ye Mo was avenging the former soul of the body. Yan Yan was too cocky. Yan Yan was originally going to start swearing, but she suddenly laughed. Ye Mo actually called her ugly! Although she wasn’t the prettiest in the school, she was easily the most beautiful in the class, and she immediately fought back: “I’m ugly?! Ye Mo, you’re blind! Open your eyes and look! Do you know someone prettier than me? Do you? If you do, then I’ll admit that I’m ugly, if not—”

At this moment, a soft voice at the door of the classroom interrupted her: “Ye Mo, come out, I’ve come looking for you a few times already, but I couldn’t find you.”

Almost everyone looked towards the doorway, and all the male student’s eyes immediately stared dead straight. A stunningly beautiful girl stood at the doorway. This girl at the door was like a flower that rose from the water; there were no signs of makeup. With shapely eyebrows and her faint smile and beautiful face, you didn’t even need to look at her curvaceous body to know that she was a rare beauty. If this girl were a Ning Hai University’s student, then the prettiest girl in the university wouldn’t be Su Mei, but the girl in front of their eyes.

Yan Yan was like a chicken grabbed by its neck. Her rambling suddenly stopped. She was just saying that Ye Mo didn’t know a woman prettier than her and then immediately came a woman that was far above her league. Even worse, this woman was calling out to Ye Mo! Ye Mo stared coldly once at Yan Yan. He didn’t need to take this woman seriously and didn’t want to be affiliated with her in the future.

“Jingwen, is there something up?” Ye Mo didn’t think that Su Jingwen actually came to the classroom to find him. From her words, it sounded like this wasn’t the first or second time she was doing this.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t call her Sister Jingwen but just called her Jingwen, Su Jingwen rolled her eyes but didn’t say a word. Due to her father, Su Jingwen had a skewed view towards men. However, she was a lot less guarded around Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo wasn’t the person she was looking for, he resembled that person. On top of that, Ye Mo looked at her with clear eyes and didn’t have any vulgar intents; he was easy to read, just like an open book. Plus, Ye Mo was a student, and all these factors combined made Su Jingwen have a good impression of Ye Mo.

“Can’t I come looking for you when nothing is up? Do you have time? How about we talk outside,” Su Jingwen smiled and said.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly. He knew that free food wasn’t to be earned so easily. He needed to be careful accepting offers next time. Eating one meal meant that he had to take a shift for someone till midnight, and now Su Jingwen came looking for him. He thought about it and just stood at the doorway, telling Shi Xiu not to wait for him tonight.

“Let’s go,” just when Ye Mo said that to Su Jingwen, he saw the English teacher Yun Bing walk in with a few textbooks. Her face was full of disgust when she saw Ye Mo leave the classroom, but when she looked at Su Jingwen, her face had a sliver of surprise which turned into pity.

Of course, Ye Mo also saw Yun Bin, but he didn’t care about his grades so he couldn’t care less what this woman did. It didn’t matter even if she failed him.

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